Beautiful Falls!! (Proxy Falls)

We have now lived in Oregon for about 18 monthes; and the waterfalls are my favorite.

We tried to go through McKenzy Pass in July, and met with a road block on the Sisters side of the road. We were told that it was usually open for about 3 weeks in August. So be sure to call ahead before trying to see these falls.

We went back in August, and it was well worth the wait. The Lava flows are interesting; and there is a lookout tower that will allow you to see and identify Oregon Mountain Peaks. On the way down, we saw the sign for Proxy Falls, and decided to check it out.

We were told that we probably would not be able to see the Lower Falls because the hike was to challenging for our young children.

While the hike is rugged, our children (ages 5-9) had no trouble. In fact, the ruggedness of the trail was one of our favorite parts. Here, you really feel like you are hiking in a natural setting. (No paved roads or handrails.) We really enjoyed the natural feel of the hike.

And then...The Falls!!! So far, Lower Proxy Falls is my favorite Oregon waterfall. The fact that you have a limited opportunity to see it, and that you have to work to get there, make it even more special!

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