Been there, live here

by Chuck
(Niagara Falls Canada)

I live in Niagara Falls, and head down for a peak two or three times a week. Try to go when the number of tourists is low like early morning.

A couple of comments in regard to others that have commented. I too would like it if the Falls were in a more natural state. But unlike the fall in Africa and South America (which so few in the world can see and enjoy because of their remoteness), Niagara Falls is located in the midst of nearly 170,000,000 people.

Pretty hard to keep it secluded. Many forget that the U.S. Eastern Seaboard and Ontario east in Canada are the most populated areas of North America. So instead it has been made easy to view.

Now with millions of people visiting here each year, they have to have a place to stay, thus hotels.

Someone stated that the Canadian-Horseshoe Falls was all in Canada. Not so. 1/3rd are in the U.S. But the Canadian view of the Falls is the popular one because you are looking at the Falls from in front of them.

The article states that "human intervention has also meant the flow of the Niagara River has been regulated in a way that actually slows down the erosion of the falls" which of course is true. But the rest of the statement is incorrect, "and keeps the flow constant nearly year round (except for the coldest of winters when the river and falls are frozen over)".

Approximately 60% of the river flow is diverted before it goes over the Falls. This is both for electric power generation and for erosion control. Thus only 40% makes up the water that flows over all three Falls in the Daytime of summer. At night and in the winter, the flow is dropped to 20%. Finally, the Falls has never frozen over. Moving water, especially at that speed, can't freeze.

But in the end, over 15,000,000 people visit here every year, and enjoy the view, the fun and appreciate the fact that the Canadian and American Governments have for nearly 150 years taken the time and spent the money to insure both a pleasant experience for visitors, but also to ensure that Niagara Falls and the Gorge that they run through remains as original and pristine as possible.

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Sep 14, 2011
Good Catch
by: World of Waterfalls

Yes, Chuck, you are correct in pointing out that the Niagara River does not have constant flow due to the regulation. Not sure why I put that in there, but it has been removed.

However regarding the river freezing over, I thought I recalled on a Science Channel show about Niagara Falls that they had once tried to build a bridge across the gorge as well as some structures (forgot if it was a hotel or a power facility or something else) right on the waterfront. But then one very hard winter, the river actually froze and destroyed those early structures because the moving ice actually took them with it!

Probably a rare occurrence, and the blurb probably made it seem like it's common. So I've corrected that as well.

Thanks for pointing these things out.

By the way, your post happened to be the 500th visitor comment since we've instituted visitor commenting through our host. Congratulations :)

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