Big three - in what sense?

Your website says Iguazu Falls, Victoria Falls, and Niagara Falls are the biggest legitimate waterfalls. What do you mean by "biggest"? There are plenty of waterfalls that are taller than those three (Angel Falls is over nine times taller than any of them). Those three are among the widest, but there are a few others that are wider (like the Chutes de Khone, Salto Pará, Kongou Falls, and Saltos del Mocona). Lots of websites seem to think those three are the most impressive, but they don't seem to have a lot of metrics. Are those the three widest waterfalls with tall vertical drops? Is that what makes them so impressive?

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Oct 02, 2013
Our Own Personal Opinions
by: World of Waterfalls

We called Iguazu, Victoria, and Niagara the big 3 because they were by far the largest waterfalls we had personally seen.

We also visited Angel Falls, but notice that just because a waterfall might be very tall, it doesn't necessarily mean it's "big" compared to what we dubbed the big three.

When you browse around the web, you have to be careful because there's a lot of websites that copy information or regurgitate what has already been written. That tends to create the illusion that a particular opinion was more popular or consensus than what might actually be the case. That's why you want to look for real opinions from original authors and not plagiarized sources.

Of course, there's no substitute for seeing these things for yourself, so perhaps you could come up with your own opinions once you've personally visited and evaluated these falls for yourself.

Don't just take our word for it (or anyone else's for that matter). All we did was document our experiences and gave our opinions. We recognize that it's not gospel.

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