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Juan Diego Falls

Juan Diego Falls (Cataratas Juan Diego) consists of an attractive lower waterfall as well as a semi-hidden, taller upper waterfall accessed by a short hike.

La Coca Falls

La Coca Falls is a popular, easy-to-visit, roadside waterfall with a 26m tall drop in the main part of the El Yunque Rainforest in northeastern Puerto Rico.

“Not So Foreign Lands” (Puerto Rico – April 13, 2022 to April 22, 2022)

It was probably one of the diciest things I’ve done, but we ultimately made it down to the bottom where we were in the confines of this “cave” while looking…

Bridge To Nowhere Waterfalls

The Bridge To Nowhere Waterfalls refer to the cascades and swimming holes beyond the famous bridge, which gave us the perfect excuse to do this popular hike.

“Getting The Word Out” (Bridge to Nowhere and Devils Gulch Falls – April 1, 2022)

This trail was actually surprisingly benign though I did at one moment jab my shoulder against a protruding branch, and it actually put a hole in my…

“Sudden Change Of Plans” (Switzer Falls, Cooper Canyon Falls, and Buckhorn Falls – March 27, 2022)

That really made me feel bad, and it was probably the last bit of reinforcement that I really pushed our luck with this bit of an adventure when so many…

“Technology Test Run” (Eaton Canyon Falls – March 19, 2022)

…I guess that just goes to show you just how urbanized the Eaton Canyon Falls hike has become that now I’m the outlier when I show up in proper gear…

What Is The Best Child Carrier For Hiking & Travel At Each Stage Of Child Development?

What is the best child carrier for hiking and for travel? It really depends on the stage of the child’s development. Here’s what we’ve used.

Why Have Travel Insurance? 7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Overlook

Why have travel insurance instead of taking chances that Murphy doesn’t strike? Here are 7 big reasons that you really shouldn’t overlook!

Belated Post-Valentines Yosemite and Sonoma Itinerary – February 24, 2022 to February 26, 2022

This Yosemite and Sonoma Itinerary was basically a long 3-day road trip that encompassed the firefall event and the scenic Sonoma Coast.

Ken Harth Waterfall

The Ken Harth Waterfall was basically a neighborhood waterfall within the Indian Valley Preserve easily accessed through the College of Marin in Novato.

Pacheco Creek Falls

Pacheco Creek Falls was really a series of small and seasonal waterfalls draining the limited catchment of Big Rock Ridge within the Pacheco Valle Preserve.

Buck Gulch Falls (Fairway Falls)

Buck Gulch Falls is a 15ft waterfall nestled behind a quiet neighborhood in the Ignacio Valley Preserve, which itself sat in the North Bay suburb of Novato.

“The Firefall Pilgrimage” (Yosemite and Sonoma, California – February 24, 2022 to February 26, 2022)

I was kind of hoping that we wouldn’t need them for this trip since the storm that blew by here two days ago should be long gone, but then I knew that the cold…

“Peak Of The Bell Curve” (Eaton Canyon Falls – February 20, 2022)

As we went through this part of Eaton Canyon, we noticed more infrastructure that I guess we hadn’t really noticed in our past visits (which goes to show you…

“Messy Productivity” (Lower Fox Canyon Falls and Fall Creek Falls – January 28, 2022)

Although this trail didn’t look all that steep from where we were standing, it became obvious that once we committed to the steep scramble, we pretty much…

Lower Fox Canyon Falls (Lower Falls Of The Fox)

Lower Fox Canyon Falls is the lowermost of the hidden waterfalls of Fox Canyon (a tributary of Big Tujunga Canyon), a place typically visited by canyoneers.

“Prioritizing The Waterfall” (Devils Gulch Falls and Trail Canyon Falls – January 21, 2022 to January 22, 2022)

…in one moment, Dad managed to trip and fall down on the trail, where he actually landed on a yucca plant as well as split his pinky, which was bleeding…

Devils Gulch Falls

Devils Gulch Falls is a waterfall near the Bridge to Nowhere in the Sheep Mountain Wilderness. Its hidden location means most people don’t know about it.

Upper Hot Spring Canyon Falls

The Upper Hot Spring Canyon Falls were a series of accessible seasonal waterfalls in perhaps Orange County’s most remote part of the Santa Ana Mountains…