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Top 10 Best Yosemite Waterfalls

This list of the Top 10 Best Yosemite Waterfalls is where we share our extensive experiences in Yosemite National Park and share our favorites…

Top 10 Best Japan Waterfalls

This Top 10 Best Japan Waterfalls List showcases our favorite waterfalls from the Land of the Rising Sun that we’ve personally visited.

Top 10 Best China Waterfalls

Our Top 10 Best China Waterfalls List consists of the waterfalls we liked the most that we’ve personally witnessed in China.

The German Language

One of the things that I learned when Julie and I turned our attention internationally to go waterfalling is that travel is all about building bridges between your own perception of the world and what actually happens in the real world…

California Highlights

Even though this is a waterfalls website, we recognize that there are many highlights in our home state of California (both involving and not involving waterfalls). So we’ve come up with this page to pay homage to some of the highlights that we…

Big Sur Quick Getaway Itinerary – November 16, 2018 to November 18, 2018

This was a quick weekend getaway trip to celebrate Julie’s birthday. Given that we needed some time off from Tahia and from all my troubles with the big website migration as well as the usual day job dramas, Julie and I did this trip alone…

Black Swift Falls (“Ragged Point Waterfall”)

Black Swift Falls (‘Ragged Point Waterfall’) is an ephemeral waterfall on Young Creek under the Ragged Point Inn in Big Sur reached by a rugged and steep hike.

“Collecting Data Points” (Big Sur, California – November 16, 2018 to November 18, 2018)

There were people…rowing just outside in the harbor in plain sight from the restaurant. Then, suddenly, we heard loud booms, which rattled the windows…The waiter said that they were from cannons.

Europe Highlights

Even though this is a waterfalls website, we recognize that there are many highlights in the European countries (both involving and not involving waterfalls). So we’ve come up with this page to pay homage to some of the highlights that we…

Big Tour of Germanic Europe Itinerary – June 13, 2018 to July 27, 2018

This epic trip was one of our more daring trips (which was saying something considering we were traveling independently in mostly developed countries), but it was one in which we had to rely more on our planning as well as rolling with the punches…

Mischbach Waterfall

Mischbach Waterfall (Mischbachfall) is a 100m waterfall on the Mischbach Brook easily seen from the road between Gasteig and Volderau in Stubaital, Austria.

Grawa Waterfall

Grawa Waterfall (Grawa Wasserfall) is a 100m tall 85m wide waterfall in the Sulzbach Creek seen by road or short hike near Neustift im Stubaital, Austria.

Zammer Lochputz Waterfall

Zammer Lochputz Waterfall (Lötzer Wasserfall) is a 30m falls on the Lötzbach at the mouth of a narrow limestone gorge by Tirol’s oldest hydroelectric plant.

Kaunertal Waterfalls

The Kaunertal Waterfalls were a series of waterfalls that we saw tumbling down into the Kaunertal Valley on our driving excursion up to the Kaunertal Glacier (actually the Wießseeferner…


Stuibenfall is a 159m waterfall on the Horlachbach seen on an adventurous hike involving bouncy bridges, natural bridges, and spiral steps in Umhausen, Austria.


Schleierfall is a 30m plunging waterfall high up in the hanging Weitental Valley, which is a side valley above the Hintertux Resort Area in Tuxertal, Austria.

Schraubenfall and Kesselfall

Kesselfall and Schraubenfall are the two most accessible waterfalls in the Hintertux Glacier Resort Area at the very head of the Tuxertal Valley in Austria.

Cascata Tervela

Cascata Tervela is a 50m two-tiered waterfall fronting Monte Pana visible from the SS242, but best seen on walks from the town of Santa Cristina di Val Gardena.

“Self-Inflicted Wounds” (Tyrol, Bavaria, Frankfurt, and Paris – July 16, 2018 to July 27, 2018)

Apparently, there was an issue with the profile of our boarding passes as somehow we were classified as students under age 30. I recalled we had a similar issue back at LAX but it didn’t result in…

Umbal Waterfalls

Umbal Waterfalls (Umbaltal Wasserfälle) are cascades on the Umbalbach, but we hiked by 2 more falls at the head of Virgental near Matrei in Osttirol, Austria.