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Todtnau Waterfall

Todtnau Waterfall is a 97m Stübenbächle by the town of Todtnau in Germany’s Black Forest (Schwarzwald) all linked by trails that also go to its top and bottom.

Allerheiligen Waterfalls

Allerheiligen Waterfalls (Allerheiligen Wasserfälle) are an 83m tall set of falls in Schwarzwald National Park below medieval abbey ruins near Oppenau, Germany.

Geroldsau Waterfall

Geroldsau Waterfall is a quaint waterfall in the woods that we experienced with a short walk near the Roman spa and casino town of Baden-Baden, Germany.

“Bavarian Fantasy Works” (Black Forest and Bavarian Germany – June 21, 2018 to July 1, 2018)

At this point, I then walked back through the village and started asking people if they had seen “eine frau und eine tochter”. The firefighters near the trailhead said they hadn’t seen them…

Triberg Waterfalls

Triberg Waterfalls are a 163m tall series of waterfalls (said to be Germany’s tallest) on the Gutach in the Black Forest, all of which we saw on a 1.6km walk.

Petite Cascade de Tendon

The Petite Cascade de Tendon (Little Tendon Falls) is a series of short-drop waterfalls in a forest setting in the Vosges near Epinal in France’s northeast.

Grande Cascade de Tendon

Grande Cascade de Tendon (Big Tendon Falls) is a 32m waterfall (tallest in the Vosges Department of France) that we easily visited on a short walk near Epinal.

Saarburg Waterfall

Saarburg Waterfall is an 18m urban waterfall by a mill in the charming altstadt of the medieval city of Saarburg near Trier and the Mosel Valley in Germany.


The Schiessentumpel (Schiessentümpel) refers to both a short 3-5m cascade and the stone bridge above it in the Müllerthal (Little Switzerland) of Luxembourg.

“French German Interludes” (Northeast France, Western Germany, and Luxembourg – June 13, 2018 to June 20, 2018)

…the losing of the power plug on my laptop was definitely not-so-great news. And so I was mentally already in the mindset of finding a stop to find such replacement parts (if they still exist)…

Spring Break In The American Southwest With Kids And Grandparents Itinerary – March 29, 2018 to April 6, 2018

This was one of our more unusual trips in that it was the longest trip we’ve done involving a party of seven people. Of course, three of them were children as they all had the same Spring Break schedule. My parents also came along…

Should I Drive In Japan

Although Japan has a public transportation system that is both extensive and efficient, we’ve managed to find ourselves in plenty of situations where we were better off self-driving. And since we visit waterfalls practically everywhere…

Waterfalls Featured in Movies or on Television

Ever since Julie and I honeymooned in New Zealand back in 2004, we’ve been keenly aware that waterfalls show up frequently in the movies and on television.  As you can guess, the Lord of the Rings movies…

Waterfall Photography Beginners Tips and Tricks

In this article, I’m going to focus on waterfall photography to try to help you take more meaningful photographs of waterfalls – you know, the ones that can better tell the story behind them…

Kanarraville Falls

Kanarraville Falls (Kanarra Creek Falls) is a series of waterfalls within a narrow canyon in Kanarraville, Utah, offering an alternative to the Zion Narrows.

“Three Generations” (Northern Arizona and Southern Utah – March 29, 2018 to April 6, 2018)

For myself, this late start kind of exacerbated a day that wasn’t going that right for me as I was fighting a toothache that started last night and wouldn’t go away this morning. So I couldn’t…

Our Primary Essentials To Bring On A Waterfall Trip

While most travel essentials lists out there tend to be generic and not particularly helpful, we’re sharing the specific gear or items that have served us well…

Five Must See Yosemite Waterfalls in a Three-Day Weekend

We’ve been to Yosemite National Park countless times.  However, if you’re new to visiting this national treasure, the suggestions and choices could be a bit overwhelming…

Australia: When Is The Best Time To Visit?

When is the best time to visit Australia – especially its waterfalls? The answer depends on which part of the country you’re visiting. That’s because with a country this size (think of it as being the equivalent of the United States), you can imagine that there are…

Australia Highlights

Even though this is a waterfalls website, we recognize that there are many highlights from the land down under in Australia (both involving and not involving waterfalls). So we’ve come up with this page to pay homage to some of the highlights that we…