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Heart Rock Falls (Seeley Creek Falls)

Heart Rock Falls (or Seeley Creek Falls) is known not so much for the 25-30ft waterfall but its nearly perfect heart-shaped depression right next to it.

New Zealand Honeymoon Itinerary – November 5, 2004 to December 3, 2004

As you can see by the title of this page, this itinerary was our honeymoon with a destination wedding in the Land of the Long White Cloud. For Julie and I, this was the trip that opened up our eyes to what was out there in the world…

Kitekite Falls

Kitekite Falls is a 40m multi-tiered waterfall in the Waitakere Range near Piha Beach reachable by a 1-hour return walk in the Auckland Region, New Zealand.

Karekare Falls

Karekare Falls is an attractive 25m waterfall spilling into a serene plunge pool by a picnic area near Karekare Beach in the Waitakere Range of Auckland, NZ.

Hunua Falls

Hunua Falls is a 30m plunge waterfall on the Wairoa River over a basalt lava plug, which was a popular spot for picnicking and swimming in Auckland Region’s SE.

“Going Full Circle” (Catlins and Auckland, New Zealand – December 2, 2004 to December 3, 2004)

Complicating things were that parking in the Octagon was very temporary at best and we kept a close eye on our car in case the parking enforcer would come by and issue tickets, which we witnessed…

McLean Falls

McLean Falls is a 22m waterfall making it one of the tallest in the Catlins Forest Park by the Southern Scenic Drive in the Otago Region of New Zealand.

Matai Falls

Matai Falls is a quaint but attractive 10m waterfall with a neighboring companion called Horseshoe Falls in the Catlins reachable by a 35-minute return track.

Purakaunui Falls

Purakaunui Falls is a three-tiered 15m waterfall that is popular because it’s photogenic and easy to access by a 10-minute walk in the Catlins in Otago, NZ.

Barrs Falls

Barrs Falls is a 5-7m waterfall with many neighboring segments reached by a short walk in the Catlins Forest Park by Balclutha in the Otago Region, New Zealand.

Stirling Falls and the Milford Sound Waterfalls

Stirling Falls is a permanent waterfalls with a 155m drop right into the Milford Sound often surrounded by many other waterfalls due to the area’s high rainfall

Bowen Falls

Bowen Falls is a permanent 161m waterfall dropping right into Milford Sound, making it the tallest such falls in this world famous fjord in Fiordland, NZ.

Sutherland Falls and the Milford Track Waterfalls

Sutherland Falls is a 580m permanent waterfall accessed from the Milford Track, which is one of New Zealand’s Great Walks and proclaimed World’s Finest Walk.

“The Soggy Sojourn” (Milford Track – November 27, 2004 to December 1, 2004)

With the rain coming down harder, we had beat a hasty retreat into the Pass Hut Shelter. I knew this region was one of the rainiest in the world and they sure weren’t kidding…

“The Sound of Silence” (Doubtful Sound, New Zealand – November 26, 2004)

I was concerned that the unseasonable and unstable weather would kill our viewing experience, but as the bus driver turned into pullout, we were blown away by what we saw…

Browne Falls, Cleve Garth Falls, Helena Falls, and the Doubtful Sound Waterfalls

Browne Falls could very well be the tallest waterfall known in New Zealand so far with a 619m-838m tumble into the remote Doubtful Sound in Fiordland, NZ.

Humboldt Falls

Humboldt Falls is a dramatic 275m waterfall reached by a 30-minute return track near the head of Hollyford Valley in the Fiordland Region of New Zealand.

Christie Falls and the Milford Highway Waterfalls

Christie Falls is a rushing roadside waterfall on Falls Creek right besides a narrow single-lane bridge on the Milford Sound Highway in Fiordland, New Zealand.

The Chasm

The Chasm was more of a nature walk than a waterfall experience in New Zealand, but it does feature a hidden one on the Cleddau River under a natural bridge.

Roaring Billy Falls

Roaring Billy Falls is a fragmented waterfall reachable by a 30-minute return walk in Haast River Valley of Mt Aspiring National Park in Otago, New Zealand.