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Most recent blog posts (reverse chronological order):

Zion Narrows Itinerary – June 18, 2003 to June 22, 2003

As a follow-up to the Half Dome hike that Julie and I had accomplished just a month before this trip, we had also planned and executed on the Zion Narrows hike to scratch that off the bucket list…

“Deer in the Daylight” (Zion Narrows – June 18, 2003 to June 21, 2003)

The drive proceeded as normal as the daylight continued and the summer heat started beating down with increasing intensity. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye, I noticed something running…

Yosemite Half Dome Camping Trip Itinerary – June 6, 2003 to June 8, 2003

This weekend itinerary covered our camping trip in Yosemite National Park centered around a hike to the top of iconic Half Dome. The trip planning started from the moment I had made camping reservations 24 weeks in advance…

“Bagging Half Dome” (Half Dome Hike – June 7, 2003)

Now that the proposal was over, the task before us was the physical challenge. With logistics out of the way, we now faced the big hike we trained two months for. The moment of truth was upon us…

Snow Creek Falls

Snow Creek Falls is an elusive 2140ft waterfall in Tenaya Canyon, which can only be seen from the summit of Half Dome – an epic 16-mile hike gaining 4000ft.

Pywiack Cascade

Pywiack Cascade (also called Slide Falls) is an elusive sliding 600ft waterfall at the head of the rugged Tenaya Canyon so not many people know about it.

Southern Utah Memorial Day Weekend Itinerary – May 23, 2003 to May 26, 2003

Kind of on a whim, I decided to take advantage of the Memorial Day Weekend while Julie was also out-of-town on business. So I was accompanied by my Mom on this very spontaneous trip to some familiar haunts in Southern Utah…

“Indecent Proposal” (Yosemite Day Trip – May 31, 2003)

I had to think fast when Julie anticipated that I would propose to her on top of Half Dome, and she thought it was too cliche. And so I decided upon Alder Creek Falls…

Alder Creek Falls

Alder Creek Falls probably gets my vote as the truly “secret” or “hidden” waterfall of Yosemite dropping 100-150ft and requiring an 8-mile hike to reach.

“Fremont River Falls”

‘Fremont River Falls’ is an informal name that I’ve given to this accidental man-made waterfall on the Fremont River in Capitol Reef National Park.

“Two Tickets to my Driving Record” (Southern Utah – May 23, 2003 to May 25, 2003)

As we entered the township of Hatch, the speed limit was reduced to 35mph so I lazily let the car roll to the required slower speed from the 75mph we had gone, but apparently it wasn’t slowing down…

Southern Yosemite Initiation Itinerary – May 9, 2003 to May 11, 2003

In this itinerary, we did a weekend camping trip where the focus of this visit was to explore the quiet southern section of Yosemite National Park, particularly in the Wawona area…

Staircase Falls

Staircase Falls is one of two named temporary waterfalls in Yosemite Valley (the other being Horsetail Falls) based on the way its creek steps down ledges.

Royal Arch Cascade

The Royal Arch Cascade is an easy-to-miss waterfall next to the Royal Arches, the Washington Column, and North Dome on the east end of Yosemite Valley.

Silver Strand Falls

Silver Strand Falls is a reported 574ft waterfall that could be Yosemite’s most overlooked waterfall due to its positioning at the Tunnel View Lookout.

Chilnualna Falls

Chilnualna Falls is a series of at least 5 waterfalls over an 8.5-mile hike culminating in a 180ft stepping cascade in the quiet south side of Yosemite.

Zion Hiking Weekend Itinerary – April 25, 2003 to April 27, 2003

This extended weekend trip marked the third time that Julie and I had been to Zion National Park. So we were now becoming quite familiar with what attractions were here. And given our familiarity with this place, we also camped for both the nights of this weekend…

Pine Creek Falls

Pine Creek Falls is a well-hidden 25-30ft waterfall downstream from its namesake technical slot canyon, but we had to earn our visit with a dicey scramble.

Archangel Cascades

The Archangel Cascades are a series of cascades on the Left Fork North Creek just downstream from the Subway (a tube-shaped slot canyon) in Zion National Park.

“Tubing in the Subway” (Zion Subway and Zion Canyon – April 25, 2003 to April 27, 2003)

As Julie and I made our way up the slippery wet hardened sandstone floor, we were immediately met by a series of deep pools that conspired to turn us around…