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Lundy Canyon Waterfalls

The Lundy Canyon Waterfalls page is my homage to the myriad of waterfalls and wildflowers that we’ve seen in the scenic Lundy Canyon on an epic 6-mile hike.

Leavitt Falls

Leavitt Falls is an attractive multi-tiered 200ft waterfall that is a roadside stop with a vista, convenient picnic tables, and even having cell service!

Yosemite Group Itinerary – May 30, 2002 to June 2, 2002

This trip was the very first time that we explored Yosemite National Park with the primary purpose of visiting waterfalls (or waterfalling, if you will). Since I’d imagine we were in the infant stages of our waterfall addiction, it turned out that the timing of this trip…

Rancheria Falls

Rancheria Falls is a surprisingly popular 150ft waterfall reached by a 2-mile round-trip hike in the heart of the Sierra National Forest by Huntington Lake.

Vernal Fall

Vernal Fall is a classically-shaped 317ft waterfall making up the lower step of the Giant Stairway and well-known for drenching hikers on the Mist Trail.

Nevada Fall

Nevada Fall is a 594ft permanent waterfall watched over by the Liberty Cap formation comprising the upper step of the Giant Stairway with Vernal Fall.

Illilouette Fall

Illilouette Fall is a major waterfall rewarding those who hike the 4 miles round-trip to see its graceful 370ft drop, which manages to elude most visitors.

“Locked Out” (Panorama Trail – May 31, 2002 to June 1, 2002)

It took a while to get the car shuttle set up for the one-way Panorama Trail. Plenty of drama as thunderstorms threatened to sabotage our planned hike. But even as we returned…

“Crossing the Streams” (Hetch Hetchy – May 31, 2002)

It was our first time in Hetch Hetchy. Greeting us were the sweltering early summer heat and full waterfalls. I wondered what that sign in front of the tunnel was far. We were soon…

Tueeulala Fall

Tueeulala Fall (when it’s flowing) may be the first waterfall you notice as you approach the parking area for Hetch Hetchy plunging alongside Wapama Falls.

Wapama Falls

Wapama Falls is the feature waterfall of the Hetch Hetchy area with its consistently strong flow, reported height of 1341ft, and nearby granite formations.

Unnamed Waterfalls in Hetch Hetchy

There are a few unnamed waterfalls in Hetch Hetchy I thought might be interesting to point out. These falls have been there each time I have visited so they certainly last longer…

Yosemite Falls

Yosemite Falls is an iconic symbol of the grandeur and beauty of Yosemite National Park. It drops a total of 2425ft making it one of the world’s tallest.

Sentinel Falls

Sentinel Falls drops over 2000ft in several steps with Sentinel Rock watching over it. Only in Yosemite does a waterfall like this get a ho hum response.

Cascade Falls

Cascade Falls (or The Cascades) starts off as a series of cascades before dropping 500ft into the rugged Merced River Canyon in Yosemite National Park.

Wildcat Falls

Wildcat Falls is easy to miss even though it’s beside the Big Oak Flat Road. It’s a waterfall that rarely attracts visitors so you can have it to yourself.

Ponderosa Itinerary – May 10, 2002 to May 11, 2002

This itinerary concerned a short trip to the Tule River District of the Sequoia National Forest. Since we were staying in a town called Ponderosa, I tend to refer to this trap as the “Ponderosa Trip”…

Nobe Young Falls

Nobe Young Falls is a 100ft waterfall that we could scramble behind. It was once the secret treasure of the Sequoia National Forest’s Tule River District.

Peppermint Creek Falls

Peppermint Creek Falls is a pretty 150ft waterfall tumbling over a rounded granite surface with views towards the Dome Land Wilderness near the Needles.

South Creek Falls

South Creek Falls is an attractive and easy-to-visit 120ft roadside waterfall on Road 99 a short distance west of the bridge over the famed Kern River.