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Studlafoss (Studlagil Canyon)

Studlafoss (Stuðlafoss) is a waterfall that greets hikers for the Stuðlagil Canyon trail, which was made possible by the controversial Kárahnjúkar Project.


Mulafoss (Múlafoss) is one of many waterfalls by this name, but this one sits under an overlook of the scenic Seyðisfjörður near the pass at Fjarðarheiði.

Nykurhylsfoss (Fossarfoss, Sveinsstekksfoss)

Nykurhylsfoss (Sveinsstekksfoss or Fossárdafoss) was a hidden waterfall that surprised us with its view across the Berufjörður in the southeast of Iceland.


Flogufoss (Flögufoss) was an obscure and eccentric hidden waterfall in Iceland’s East as it featured a natural bridge while backed by curious crowned peaks.


Folaldafoss was a quaint waterfall in a remote area of the Eastfjords upslope from Berufjörður along the infamous Axarvegur Road, which leads up to Öxi Pass


Morsarfoss (Morsárfoss) is now the new tallest waterfall in Iceland at over 228m tall, which would have surpassed Glymur, but there are issues with this…

Bruarfoss (Bruararfoss)

Bruarfoss (Brúarfoss) was a unique waterfall that seemingly fell onto itself in its center, and we witnessed it from a bridge that fittingly fronted it.

“Hvílíkur Dagur Part 1” (Iceland – August 3, 2021 to August 11, 2021)

I was thinking that it might force us to recalibrate our 1-5 rating scale, and it certainly got us to reconsider our current Top 10 Iceland Waterfalls list

Travel Berkey Review: Water Filter For Travelers On The Go?

In this Travel Berkey Review, we evaluate this water filter that we never considered before on our road trips but now view as a necessity.

Pacific Northwest Early Summer Itinerary – June 13, 2021 to June 30, 2021

Our 18-day Pacific Northwest Itinerary Covering Nevada, Southern Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and Northern California

Tumalo Falls

Tumalo Falls was a very popular 97ft waterfall near the city of Bend. In my mind, it was the signature waterfall of the Bend area let alone the Deschutes NF

Dillon Falls

Dillon Falls is a run of wild, undeveloped rapids and cascades on the Upper Deschutes River near Bend that shared many similar traits to Benham Falls.

Paulina Falls

Paulina Falls (or Paulina Creek Falls) was a twin waterfall dropping 100ft down the caldera of the Newberry Volcano – the largest of the Cascade Range.

Benham Falls

Benham Falls is the most notable of the class V rapids on the Deschutes River near the city of Bend in the rainshadow of the Cascades in Central Oregon.

Outlet Falls

Outlet Falls was an obscure 120-150ft plunging waterfall deep in the steep Klickitat Canyon, where it seemed like someone wanted to keep this place secret.

Loowit Falls

Loowit Falls is a 200ft waterfall accompanied by several cascades sitting right in the heart of the blast zone of Mt St Helens, but I had to earn my visit.

Harmony Falls

Harmony Falls was a 50ft waterfall that once dropped into Spirit Lake before the major eruption of Mt St Helens buried it as the lake rose 200ft in its wake

Panther Creek Falls

Panther Creek Falls was a pretty 50-75ft waterfall in the Wind River part of Gifford Pinchot National Forest where Panther Creek and Big Creek converged.

Lower Lewis River Falls

Lower Lewis River Falls is a wide 200ft waterfall with a 43ft height making it one of the more impressive wild waterfalls in the state of Washington…

Salmon Cascades

The Salmon Cascades is a short nearly-roadside stop to see Coho salmon (and steelhead trout) jump their way past this obstacle in Olympic National Park.