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Falls Creek Falls

Falls Creek Falls is an easy-to-see 30ft waterfall on Falls Creek near the Ohanapecosh entrance to Mt Rainier National Park on the park’s east quieter side.

Walupt Falls

Walupt Falls is an unusually-shaped 220ft waterfall on Walupt Creek right by its confluence with the Cispus River, but I definitely had to earn my visit…

Clear Creek Falls

Clear Creek Falls was a scenic roadside stop near White Pass between Mt Rainier and Rimrock Lake. It was said to drop 300ft but not all of it is visible.

Franklin Falls

Franklin Falls is a gushing 70ft waterfall on the South Fork Snoqualmie River under the I-90 near Snoqualmie Pass within a short distance from Seattle.

“Defeated Purposes” (Washington, Oregon, and Northern California – June 20, 2021 to June 30, 2021)

And in one moment, I made a misstep and actually fell on my butt in the logjam, which was also partially submerged in water so my butt was wet…

Dry Falls

Dry Falls is considered to be the largest waterfall that no longer exists, but I think it’s the largest ephemeral waterfall resulting from a flash flood.

Summer Falls

Summer Falls maybe a manmade waterfall, but it had good flow and a relaxed vibe during our mid-June 2021 visit as it’s apparently not that well-visited…

Goat Falls

Goat Falls may be Idaho’s tallest waterfall, but the main reason to do the rugged hike and scramble is Goat Lake as well as the scenery along the way…

Lehman Creek Cascades

The Lehman Creek Cascades are really a series of small rapids and cascades on a rare perennial stream in the main part of Great Basin National Park…

“Making Moments” (Great Basin and Southern Idaho – June 13, 2021 to June 19, 2021)

But the end result of my efforts was that a sharp tree protrusion gashed my left index finger, and it seemed to be bleeding pretty non-stop…

What Are The Best Hiking Pants For Chasing Waterfalls?

Hiking pants are underrated when it comes to gear we use to chase waterfalls around the world, but the best ones have dramatically improved the experiences.

Sony Alpha A7 III Review: Bringing Pro Features To The Mainstream

In this Sony Alpha A7 III Review, I compare my experiences with using this popular mirrorless camera versus the Canon EOS DSLRs that I’ve used over 15 years

The Manfrotto BeFree 3-Way Live Advanced Tripod Review

This Manfrotto BeFree 3-Way Live Advanced Tripod Review evaluates its performance against my old tripod, and if it compelled me to use it more in my trips.

Black Diamond Distance FLZ Review: My Best Trekking Poles

In this Black Diamond Distance FLZ Review, I detail what I liked and didn’t like as well as why it changed my attitude towards trekking poles in general.

What Is Travel Insurance? Do I Need It? Running The Numbers

Deciding to buy travel insurance and picking the best coverage plan are an overlooked yet important aspect of our waterfall chasing trips…

Pacific Northwest Spring Break Itinerary – April 1, 2021 to April 11, 2021

Our Pacific Northwest Itinerary covered an 11-day Spring Break trip to Southern Idaho, Northern Oregon, and Northern California.

Devil’s Falls

Devils Falls (or Devil’s Falls) may not require any hiking, but it involved driving the dusty and twisty Yankee Jim’s Road between Colfax and Foresthill.

Hollow Falls

Hollow Falls was a short detour off the Phantom Falls Trail in the North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve, where I noticed croaking frogs and wildflowers.

Phantom Falls

Phantom Falls is a seasonal 164ft waterfall on the Gold Run dropping into a columnar basalt-rich canyon on a trail in a pasture full of Spring wildflowers.

Lower Ravine Falls

Lower Ravine Falls was one of the quieter out-of-the-way waterfalls that deviated from the busier Phantom Falls Trail, which made it a nice alternative.