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“Yanada” (South Australia and Victoria – November 8, 2017 to November 23, 2017)

Just when Julie was about to get into the car after using the restrooms here, she smelled something burning. At first, I thought it was something with the car. But she said it was more like a fire…

Summer Road Trip of the Pacific Northwest – July 27, 2017 to August 20, 2017

With Summer in full swing and a daughter that was growing and learning quickly (though out-of-school for nearly three months), we figured that we needed to do a road trip to experience the world in ways that are simply not possible…

Yellowstone Highlights

Even though this is a waterfalls website, we recognize that there are many highlights in Yellowstone National Park (both involving and not involving waterfalls). So we’ve come up with this page to pay homage to some of the highlights that we…

Pacific Northwest Highlights

Even though this is a waterfalls website, we recognize that there are many highlights in the Pacific Northwest (both involving and not involving waterfalls). So we’ve come up with this page to pay homage to some of the highlights that we…

Tamanawas Falls

Tamanawas Falls is a 100ft tall 40ft wide waterfall on Cold Spring Creek over a basalt lava cliff, which I reached on a 4-mile RT hike near Hood River, Oregon.

Munson Creek Falls

Munson Creek Falls is a 319ft waterfall dropping in many tiers but we couldn’t see them all due to landslides. It’s located in the Oregon Coast near Tillamook.

Upper McCord Creek Falls

Upper McCord Creek Falls is a 64ft double waterfall on McCord Creek (above Elowah Falls) reached by a 2.2-mile RT hike with a dramatic cliff-hugging section.

“Total Eclipse Of The Trip” (Portland and the Oregon Coast – August 16, 2017 to August 20, 2017)

It was a bit of a strange experience being on this bridge looking at the sign periodically go dark then the letters outlining in green before sparkling in the font while cars were whizzing by…

Fall Creek Falls

Fall Creek Falls is a scenically-located 60ft waterfall dropping right into the Snake River near Swan Valley in the southeast of Idaho east of Idaho Falls.

Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls pertains to the name of the waterfall on the Snake River and the name of the city it is in, but there may be some question about its legitimacy.

Cave Falls

Cave Falls is a 20ft tall 250ft wide waterfall on Fall River in the Bechler Area of Yellowstone National Park near Ashton, Idaho by the Wyoming-Idaho border.

“Cascade Creek Falls”

‘Cascade Creek Falls’ is an informal name for this sliding waterfall in Yellowstone’s Bechler Area that I stumbled upon near the Cascade Creek Trailhead.

Union Falls and Ouzel Pool

Union Falls is a unique 260ft waterfall in Yellowstone’s remote Bechler Region (i.e. the Cascade Corner) on a 16-mile hike with an option to swim at Ouzel Pool.

Crecelius Cascade

Crecelius Cascade is a 75ft two-tiered roadside waterfall situated by Eleanor Lake close to Sylvan Pass near the east entrance of Yellowstone National Park.

Natural Bridge Falls

Natural Bridge Falls is a 100ft waterfall near Big Timber, Montana. The Boulder River is mostly hidden in a sink hole before re-emerging then disappearing again

Woodbine Falls

Woodbine Falls is a 260-280ft waterfall in Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness that we saw on a 1.6-mile round-trip hike with 280ft elevation gain near Nye, Montana.

Ousel Falls

Ousel Falls is a 50ft waterfall on the South Fork of the West Fork of the Gallatin River reached by a 1.6-mile RT hike near the town of Big Sky, Montana.

Appistoki Falls

Appistoki Falls is a hard-to-see waterfall along a 1.2-mile round-trip uphill trail flanked by huckleberries in Two Medicine Valley of Glacier National Park.

Grinnell Falls and Salamander Falls

Grinnell Falls and Salamander Falls are the main waterfalls along the epic 11-mile round-trip Grinnell Glacier Hike in Glacier NP’s Many Glacier Valley.

“Hidden Lake Cascades”

‘Hidden Lake Cascades’ are an informal name associated with the waterfalls we saw on the Hidden Lake Trail on a hike from Logan Pass in Glacier National Park.