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Drift Creek Falls

Drift Creek Falls was a popular 66ft waterfall on Horner Creek situated beneath a 240ft long suspension bridge spanning the gorge carved out by Drift Creek.

Pheasant Creek Falls and Niagara Falls

Pheasant Creek Falls and Niagara Falls were a surprise waterfall pairing within a fairly remote part of the Siuslaw National Forest near the Oregon Coast.

Crescent Beach Waterfall

The Crescent Beach Waterfall was the waterfaller’s excuse to explore the pristine Crescent Beach in Ecola State Park as it featured sea arches and vistas.

Hug Point Waterfall

The Hug Point Waterfall is a modest-sized seasonal waterfall spilling onto a beach featuring caves, sea stacks, and a shelf that once was a stagecoach road!

Upper Latourell Falls

Upper Latourell Falls is a 75-100ft tall sibling to the much taller and more accessible Latourell Falls, but that meant a more intimate hiking experience.

Pillar Falls

Pillar Falls was a waterfall lover’s excuse to explore the eccentric rock formations that gave rise to the ‘pillars’ in the middle of the Snake River.

Ritter Island Waterfalls

The Ritter Island Waterfalls were our excuse to experience the scenery of Ritter Island, which had its own collection of waterfalls as well as some history.

Niagara Springs and Crystal Springs

Niagara Springs and Crystal Springs are just a couple of the countless groundwater springs emerging from cliffs towards the Snake River west of Twin Falls.

Box Canyon Springs Waterfall

The Box Canyon Springs Waterfall was our reward for a short hike encompassing the 11th largest spring in North America as well as the canyon it carved out.

“Feel It All Around” (Southern Idaho, Oregon, and Northern California – April 1, 2021 to April 11, 2021)

Indeed, it really seemed like the Dream of the 90s that so endeared a lot of people to the city of Portland looked like it was dead as we drove through the downtown area…

“Risks and Consequences” (Santa Paula Canyon Falls – March 5, 2021)

But just as Mom and I were about to turn and walk downstream, Dad suddenly took a spill and fell belly-first next to the ground that we had stood on…

“Devious Intentions” (Etiwanda Falls – February 27, 2021)

The cop was still there issuing citations. I took the opportunity to ask him where the nearest legal parking spaces were. At first, he gave me a smug answer…

Sony SEL24105G Review: The Best Flexible Zoom Lens?

In this Sony SEL24105G Review, I detail my experiences with this midzoom lens. Given the amount of praise heaped on this lens, does it live up to the hype?

Sony SEL24240 Review: The Best Full Frame Travel Lens?

In this Sony SEL24240 Review, I detail why I bought this superzoom lens along with my experiences using it. So how capable is this lens? Read on to find out

Super Last-Minute Carmel and Big Sur with Local Hikes Pre-Valentines Weekend Itinerary – February 5, 2021 to February 8, 2021

This Carmel and Big Sur Coast Weekend Itinerary was another couples-retreat kind of a trip, but it was booked at the very last-minute.

Garland Ranch Falls

Garland Ranch Falls was an ephemeral waterfall in the popular Garland Ranch Regional Park within Carmel Valley inland from the dramatic coast of Big Sur…

Andrew Molera Falls

Andrew Molera Falls was a hidden waterfall in Big Sur nearly reclaimed by Mother Nature as I needed a lot of route-finding persistence to finally find it.

“Tying Up Loose Ends” (Carmel and Big Sur – February 5, 2021 to February 8, 2021)

So I made sure that each of my steps were sure and steady even though my face, legs, and arms were being whipped and scratched by the twigs of the fallen trees as I was scrambling…

Santa Paula Canyon Falls (Santa Paula Canyon Punch Bowls)

Santa Paula Canyon Falls are better known as the Santa Paula Punch Bowls Trail because it features several water slides, swimming holes, and waterfalls.

Osprey Ozone 46 Review: Can This Travel Pack Go Hiking?

This Osprey Manta 46 Review looks at how well this predecessor to the wildly popular Osprey Farpoint 40 performs for both travel as well as for day hiking.