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Black Star Canyon Falls

Black Star Canyon Falls is a seasonal waterfall with a bloody past reached by a difficult 7.5-mile hike and scramble in the Santa Ana Mountains near Irvine, CA.

“Snow Den” (Switzer Falls – December 28, 2019)

Julie and I were hoping big time that it wouldn’t result in a really bad injury to one of them where we’d likely get blamed for bringing them to this hike in the first place should such a calamity…

How To Hire A WordPress Developer – Learning From My Mistakes

So how do you hire a WordPress Developer? I went through this when I migrated my website to WordPress, and I’m sharing my mistakes so you don’t make them!

Samoa 10 Days Itinerary – November 9, 2019 to November 18, 2019

This was a trip where Julie and I took a breather from the day-to-day to celebrate our 15-year wedding anniversary as well as coupling that with Julie’s birthday. Samoa was the last of the major South Pacific Islands destinations that we had yet to go waterfalling…

Robert Louis Stevenson Pool

The Robert Louis Stevenson Pool (or RLS Pool for short) is a short seasonal waterfall in a lush man-modified pool near the RLS Museum in Apia, Upolu, Samoa.

Mu Pagoa Waterfall

Mu Pagoa Waterfall is a 5m tall 15-20m wide falls on the Lata River spilling over an old lava flow right into the South Pacific Ocean off Savaii Island, Samoa.

Afu Aau Waterfall

The Afu Aau Waterfalls (Olemoe Falls) is a 15-20m waterfall with an idyllic plunge pool perfect for swimming on the southern coast of Savaii Island in Samoa.

Papaseea Sliding Rocks

Papaseea Sliding Rocks (or Papase’ea Sliding Rocks) are a set of waterfalls on the Papase’ea Stream with scary (risky) slanted rocks for sliding in Apia, Samoa.

Sauniatu Waterfall

Sauniatu Waterfall (or Sauniatu Falls) is a 20m falls that required us to go on a bumpy road in eastern Upolu Island to the Mormon village of Sauniatu, Samoa.

Falefa Falls

Falefa Falls is a 10-15m river waterfall accessed through a lush and colorful garden towards a ledge on the river’s banks located east of Apia, Upolu, Samoa.

Togitogiga Waterfall

The Togitogiga Waterfall (or Togitogiga Falls) is a 2-drop waterfall that we visited for free as it was in O Le Pupu’pue National Park on Upolu Island, Samoa.

Sopoaga Falls

Sopoaga Falls (Sopo’aga Waterfall) is essentially a roadside waterfall as we only had to walk through a garden to the falls lookout near Apia, Upolu, Samoa.

Fuipisia Falls

Fuipisia Falls (or Fuipisia Waterfall) is a pair of waterfalls with the main one featuring a 54m twin falls reached by a short walk near Apia, Upolu, Samoa.

Papapapaitai Falls

Papapapaitai Falls is a 100m waterfall (one of the tallest if not the tallest on Upolu Island) seen almost right off the Cross Island Road near Apia, Samoa.

“Circles” (Samoa – November 9, 2019 to November 18, 2019)

However, some kids came out of a house and demanded money pretty aggressively. The oldest asked that we pay 10 Tala for taking pictures (seemed like she was making it up as she went), and we did…

The Epic Scandinavia Trip Itinerary – June 12, 2019 to August 3, 2019

The Scandinavia Trip Itinerary page details our epic two-month family trip in the Summer covering almost all of Norway, Sweden, and the best of Denmark…

“Child’s Water Play” (Bass Lake – August 16, 2019 to August 18, 2019)

..I was busy taking pictures before heading out, we noticed that Sophia slipped and fell into a shallow part of Willow Creek. Dad aggressively went into the creek after her when he, too, slipped…

Bass Lake Summer Weekend Itinerary – August 16, 2019 to August 19, 2019

This Bass Lake 3-day weekend itinerary was a simple camping trip where the kids enjoyed the lake while we also fit in a couple of waterfalls.

Angel Falls and Devils Slide

Angel Falls & Devils Slide are waterfalls on Willow Creek reached by trails off the Bass Lake north shore in Sierra National Forest near Oakhurst, California.

Corlieu Falls and Red Rock Falls

Corlieu Falls & Red Rock Falls are 80ft and 20ft waterfalls on Lewis Creek experienced on Lewis Creek National Recreation Trail between Oakhurst and Yosemite.