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Ubagataki Waterfall (Ubagataki [姥ヶ滝])

Ubagataki Waterfall (姥ヶ滝; Ubagataki Falls) was a large and unusual, yellow waterfall with 2 foot baths situated underneath the Hakusan White Road Toll Road.

“Spreading Misadventures” (Northern Japan – July 3, 2023 to July 12, 2023)

…I asked [them] to try the same ETC gate as us just to make sure it was their card that was defective or something… we needed to have a change of plans…

Yinhe Cave Waterfall (銀河洞瀑布 [Yínhé Dòng Pùbù])

Yinhe Cave Waterfall (银河洞瀑布; Yinhedong Pubu) is a popular yet unusual waterfall in that it sits next to a temple or shrine that was built into a cave.

“It’s A Family Affair” (Taiwan – June 27, 2023 to July 3, 2023)

As the road momentarily straightened out, we immediately noticed that the front right tire was flat, and trying to fix it on these twisty mountain roads…

Cheonjiyeon Falls (cheonjiyeon pokpo [천지연폭포])

Cheonjiyeon Falls (천지연폭포; Cheonjiyeon Pokpo) is a wide waterfall reachable by an easy flat walk in the western outskirts of Seogwipo City on Jeju Island.

Eongtto Falls (eongtto pokpo [엉또폭포])

Eongtto Falls (엉또폭포; Eongtto Pokpo) is a temporary waterfall that only flows in or immediately after heavy rain, which makes it a big deal when it does flow.

Jeongbang Falls (jeongbang pokpo [정방폭포])

Jeongbang Falls (정방폭포; Jeongbang Pokpo) could very well be the signature waterfall attraction in Korea (let alone Jeju Island) as it’s all over the socials.

Sojeongbang Falls (sojeongbang pokpo [소정방폭포])

Sojeongbang Falls (소정방폭포; Sojeongbang Pokpo) is a 5m waterfall near the famous Jeongbang Falls in Jeju Island so you can visit both on an extended walk.

Cheonjeyeon Falls (cheonjeyeon pokpo [천제연폭포])

Cheonjeyeon Falls (천제연폭포; Cheonjeyeon Pokpo) is a popular series of three waterfalls each with colorful blue ponds under the right lighting conditions.

Wonang Falls (wonang pokpo [원앙폭포])

Wonang Falls (원앙폭포; Wonang Pokpo) is a wide 10m tall segmented waterfall, but its real draw was the colorful blue plunge pool doubling as a swimming hole.

Yongmun Falls (yongmun pokpo [용문폭포])

Yongmun Falls (용문폭포; Yongmun Pokpo) is a modestly-sized waterfall situated above the Gapsa Temple so both attractions can be visited in the same excursion.

Wibong Falls (wibong pokpo [위봉폭포])

Wibong Falls (위봉폭포; Wibong Pokpo) is an easy-to-see waterfall where an excursion can be as short as a roadside lookout or an easy stepped walk to its base.

Suok Falls (suok pokpo [수옥폭포])

Suok Falls (수옥폭포; Suok Pokpo) is an attractive, easy-to-access 20m tall waterfall that has apparently appeared in quite a few Korean dramas and movies.

Seongye Falls (seongye pokpo [전계폭포])

Seongye Falls (전계폭포; Seongye Pokpo) is a seasonal 60m tall waterfall that we happened to stumble upon while pursuing the Jikso Falls in Byeonsanbando.

Jikso Falls (jikso pokpo [직소폭포])

Jikso Falls (직소폭포; Jikso Pokpo) is a 20m waterfall with additional downstream tiers making it perhaps the largest waterfall in Byeonsanbando National Park.

Surak Falls (surak pokpo [수락폭포])

Surak Falls (수락폭포; Surak Pokpo) is a 15m waterfall accessed by a short walk near Jirisan National Park that is said to be known to have healing properties.

Buril Falls (buril pokpo [불일폭포])

Buril Falls (불일폭포; Buril Pokpo) is a towering waterfall that was my excuse to extend a visit to the Ssanggyesa Temple while stumbling upon the Hwagae Market.

Paraeso Falls (paraeso pokpo [파래소폭포])

Paraeso Falls (파래소폭포; Paraeso Pokpo) is a pretty popular yet somewhat hidden waterfall dropping some 15-20m into a very inviting greenish clear pool.

Huibang Falls (huibang pokpo [희방폭포])

Huibang Falls (희방폭포; Huibang Pokpo) is a waterfall in a thick forest beneath Huibangsa Temple below Yeonhwabong Peak in Sobaeksan Mountain near Danyang.

Miin Falls (miin pokpo [미인폭포])

Miin Falls (미인폭포; Miin Pokpo) is a 30-50m waterfall over purplish cliffs near Yeoraesa Temple in Simpo Gorge, which is said to be Korea’s Grand Canyon.