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Fuipisia Falls

Fuipisia Falls (or Fuipisia Waterfall) is a pair of waterfalls with the main one featuring a 54m twin falls reached by a short walk near Apia, Upolu, Samoa.

Papapapaitai Falls

Papapapaitai Falls is a 100m waterfall (one of the tallest if not the tallest on Upolu Island) seen almost right off the Cross Island Road near Apia, Samoa.

“Circles” (Samoa – November 9, 2019 to November 18, 2019)

However, some kids came out of a house and demanded money pretty aggressively. The oldest asked that we pay 10 Tala for taking pictures (seemed like she was making it up as she went), and we did…

The Epic Scandinavia Trip Itinerary – June 12, 2019 to August 3, 2019

The Scandinavia Trip Itinerary page details our epic two-month family trip in the Summer covering almost all of Norway, Sweden, and the best of Denmark…

“Child’s Water Play” (Bass Lake – August 16, 2019 to August 18, 2019)

..I was busy taking pictures before heading out, we noticed that Sophia slipped and fell into a shallow part of Willow Creek. Dad aggressively went into the creek after her when he, too, slipped…

“Approved By Nature” (Fjord Norway and Southern Norway – July 15, 2019 to July 25, 2019)

Going down seemed to be every bit as treacherous as going up was hot and tiring. I really had to watch my step as I was going down, and my knees were feeling the aches and pains of receiving…

“Let It Go” (Northern Norway and Swedish Lappland – June 29, 2019 to July 14, 2019)

…the ferries returned to the dock, it looked like line 2 was moving first, then line 1. However, lines 6 and 7 didn’t move at all. When line 1 was done loading, the ferry took off without us!…

“Righting Wrongs” (Southern and Fjord Norway – June 16, 2019 to June 29, 2019)

This wasn’t what the forecast had called for so I decided to wait out the squall. In the mean time, I was putting on waterproof pants and hiking boots inside the car (not a lot of room mind you)…

Angel Falls and Devils Slide

Angel Falls & Devils Slide are waterfalls on Willow Creek reached by trails off the Bass Lake north shore in Sierra National Forest near Oakhurst, California.

Corlieu Falls and Red Rock Falls

Corlieu Falls & Red Rock Falls are 80ft and 20ft waterfalls on Lewis Creek experienced on Lewis Creek National Recreation Trail between Oakhurst and Yosemite.

“Completing Experiences” (Denmark and Sweden – June 12, 2019 to June 16, 2019 and July 26, 2019 to August 3, 2019)

But with us apparently not going to be going onto this particular ferry, I was now wondering if we had made a mistake in relying on ferries as clearly we weren’t going to make it to Frederiksborg…


The Forsakar Waterfall is a 10-11m waterfall in the Forsakar Nature Reserve by a couple of walks from nearby Degeberga near the city of Kristianstad, Sweden.

Danska Fall

Danska Fall is a 10-15m waterfall (maybe up to 36m) on the Assman River with a bloody past but now features a beech forest near Halmstad, Halland, Sweden.


Gloppefossen is a 120m waterfall on the Veiåne (one of the highest permanent falls in the Setesdal Valley), which I reached on a 6km hike near Rysstad, Norway.

Laegdafossen and the Naeroyfjorden and Aurlandsfjorden Waterfalls

Laegdafossen (Lægdafossen; 580m) and the Nærøyfjord Cruise Waterfalls are the main reasons why we did the scenic cruise between Flåm and Gudvangen in Norway.


Bordalsgjelet (the ‘Bordal Gorge’) is a smaller version of the gorge walks that we saw in Germany and Austria, but this is free and accessed from Voss, Norway.


Sjurhaugfossen is a 5-15m tall waterfall on Lærdalselvi in a narrow canyon seen from Kongevegen (Royal Road) near the Borgund Stave Church near Lærdal, Norway.

Sognefjell Waterfalls

The Sognefjell Waterfalls page is where I feature the falls that we noticed during our drive on the Sognefjellet Route in the heart of Norway’s Jotunheimen NP.


Drivandefossen (Krekafossen) is a 50m waterfall on the Åsetelvi in the valley Mørkrisdalen, which I reached on a sweaty, uphill 2km hike near Skjolden, Norway.

Boyabreen Waterfalls

Boyabreen (Bøyabreen) Waterfalls are waterfalls that I spotted below and around the Bøyabreen Glacier (one of the easiest glaciers to see) in Fjærland, Norway.