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Henrikafossen is a 200m waterfall on the Sarajohka in Spansdalen near Tennevoll, which we used as an excuse to break up our long drive to Tromsø, Norway.

Sorvagen Waterfall

Sorvagen Waterfall (Sørvågen Waterfall) is a cascade along the Munkebu Trail featuring views over the fishing village of Sørvågen in Moskenes, Lofoten, Norway.


Starefossen is a waterfall about 40m on a thin brook in the residential hills above Bergen maybe a 5km walk or so from the funicular at Mt Fløyen, Norway.

Ringedalsfossen, Tyssestrengene, and the Trolltunga Waterfalls

Ringedalsfossen (420m) & Tyssestrengene (646m) are two named but regulated waterfalls that can be seen on the popular 20km Trolltunga hike near Odda, Norway.

Sagfossen and the Rullestad Waterfalls

Sagfossen was a conspicuous waterfall that we spotted while driving the E134 between Skarre and the nearby Langfossen Waterfall. Back when Julie and I first noticed this waterfall, we didn’t…


Kjeragfossen is a 715m waterfall behind the famous Kjeragbolten (or Kjerag), both of which I viewed on a 10km hike with 380m elevation gain in Rogaland, Norway.

Hunnedalen Waterfalls

The point of this Hunnedalen Waterfalls page was to acknowledge the scenic valleys and waterfalls that we encountered on the drive between Sirdal and Dirdal. It pretty much covered the stretch of…

Preikestolen Waterfalls

Preikestolen Waterfalls are the falls that we saw both on the 8km hike to famous Pulpit Rock and the Lysefjord Cruise to the Hengjane Falls in Rogaland, Norway.


Ramhultafallet is a seasonal 64m wide, 3-drop waterfall spilling into Lake Lygnern that we experienced on a couple of 300m paths near Sätila and Fjärås, Sweden.

Sarpefossen (Sarp Falls)

Sarpefossen (Sarp Falls or Sarpsfossen) is a 20m waterfall on the Glomma River powering Sarpsborg City and accelerating Norway’s path to industrialization.

Elgafossen (Algafallet)

Elgafossen (Elgåfossen) is a 46m unregulated waterfall on the Elja, which marked parts of the international border between Østfold, Norway and Bohuslän, Sweden.


Stalpet Waterfall is a 20m dual waterfall on a infant Svartån River that we experienced with an easy walk both into and around its gorge near Aneby, Sweden.


Silverfallet are waterfalls on Karlsforsbäck each about 5-10m with aluminum mill and limestone kilning ruins where we did a 1.6km loop walk near Skövde, Sweden.

“Date Day” (Sycamore Canyon Falls – June 1, 2019)

Actually, the scrambling up to the top of the falls wasn’t very trivial as I had to grip some sloping hard-rock surfaces that could easily be difficult to get a grip, especially if wet…

“The Gathering” (Sturtevant Falls – May 27, 2019)

It didn’t even matter that some of them had the forest service pass on their dashboards or hanging from their rear-view mirror. The cops also got them for parking over the traffic lines so trying…

“Salvaging Experiences” (Joshua Tree and Tahquitz Falls – May 17, 2019 to May 19, 2019)

…the kids were playing Pharoah or something like that where Joshua buried himself in the sand by camp. Clearly he was oblivious to the fact that he wasn’t going to shower for another night…

Yellowstone Waterfalls Guide

The Yellowstone Waterfalls Guide is our comprehensive summary of the waterfalls in the world’s first national park. Yet, they generally don’t get quite the same notoriety as Yellowstone’s other signature features like predictable geysers or the safari-like wildlife experience…

Silver Falls State Park Waterfalls Guide

Silver Falls State Park is a waterfall lovers haven featuring ten waterfalls in a serene and compact reserve. Oddly enough, none of the waterfalls actually have the name “Silver Falls”.

Yosemite Waterfalls Guide

The Yosemite Waterfalls Guide is our summary of the waterfalls that have compelled us to visit Yosemite National Park time and time again. As a result, we’ve managed to experience almost all…

Bay Area Spring Break Itinerary – April 18, 2019 to April 24, 2019

Our Bay Area Itinerary covered a week-long Spring Break trip to both the northern and southern San Francisco Bay featuring iconic highlights and waterfalls.