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Hanakapiai Falls

Hanakapiai Falls (Hanakapi’ai Falls) is a tall 300ft waterfall in the back of Hanakapi’ai Valley on a detour from the Kalalau Trail in an 8-mile day hike.

“A Risk Not Worth Taking” (Kauai – December 23, 2006)

Julie was already against the idea of doing this and the steepness of the gorge before us simply made it a rather unlikely proposition. She recalled…

Wailua Falls

Wailua Falls is a famous pair of roadside waterfalls on the Wailua River in Kaua’i, which made them very popular, especially given its proximity to Lihu’e.

Secret Falls (Uluwehi Falls)

Secret Falls (Uluwehi Falls) is a very popular 100ft waterfall requiring some form of water transport to get to the trailhead, then a jungle hike to its base.

Opaekaa Falls

Opaekaa Falls (or Opaeka’a Falls) is a segmented waterfall tumbling some 151ft that is visible from a roadside lookout not far from Kapaa (or Kapa’a) on Kaua’i.

Waialae Falls

Waialae Falls (or Wai’alae Falls) is a another tall waterfall nestled deep in Waimea Canyon. But if you intend to view this waterfall from the ground, you’ll only get a…

“Strange Day in Kaua’I” (Kauai – December 22, 2006)

Julie got frustrated when all the lunch spots she wanted to try out were closed. And now the possibility of something bad happening in this rather unwelcome-feeling spot was palpable…

Waipoo Falls

Waipoo Falls (or Waipo’o Falls) is a seasonal 800ft waterfall on the Koke’e Stream visible from the road in the heart of Waimea Canyon in the island of Kaua’i.

Kipu Falls

Kipu Falls is a tiny but very popular waterfall that is known more as a swimming hole rather than a scenic falls. It probably tumbles about 15ft over some slippery rocks (I saw a guy…

Hoopii Falls

Hoopii Falls (or Ho’opi’i Falls) are a pair of waterfalls hidden in a residential area with lots of ‘No Trespassing’ signs in the Kapa’a Homesteads of Kaua’i.

Other Kauai Helicopter Waterfalls

There are many other Kauai Helicopter waterfalls (all of which are publicly inaccessible) found on an aerial tour of the island. When you couple these waterfalls with an aerial view…

Southeastern Australia Road Trip Itinerary – November 1, 2006 to November 30, 2006

This itinerary covers our second trip to Australia six months after our first trip. This time, however, we focused on the Southeastern part of the country spanning the states of New South Wales, Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory (or ACT), South Australia, and Tasmania…

Russell Falls and Horseshoe Falls

Russell Falls are two photo-friendly block waterfalls accessed by well-developed tracks that also include Horseshoe Falls as well as tall trees in Mt Field NP.

Horsetail Falls (“Queenstown Falls”)

Horsetail Falls is a waterfall easily seen immediately after rain on the Lyell Highway just east of Queenstown in Tasmania with a new walkway to get closer.

Nelson Falls

Nelson Falls is a 30m waterfall shaped like an inverted wine glass in high flow reached by a 700m rainforest walk near the edge of the Tasmanian Wilderness.

Victoria Valley Falls

Victoria Valley Falls (or just Victoria Falls) was kind of an unfortunate follow up act to Nelson Falls as Julie and I were driving from Queenstown in the west towards Hobart out east…

Lady Barron Falls

Lady Barron Falls is a small cascading waterfall that was reached on a track away from the commotion at the popular Russell Falls in Mt Field National Park.

“The Home Stretch” (Western Tasmania, Australia – November 28, 2006 to November 30, 2006)

Upon closer inspection of the sign, someone marked “Mordor” next to Queenstown. This piqued our interest to see what exactly the perpetrating jokester was talking about…

Montezuma Falls

Montezuma Falls is a 104m year-round waterfall making it the highest such waterfall in Tasmania. It’s reached by a 3-hour return hike along an old tramway.

Hogarth Falls

Hogarth Falls is a 15-20m waterfall on Botanical Creek within the People’s Park in the coastal Tasmanian town of Strahan accessed by a flat 2.5km return track.