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Kalamina Falls

Kalamina Falls is a seasonal waterfall sitting at the head of Kalamina Gorge in Karijini National Park accessed via a brief 5-minute walk to the gorge floor.

“Something in the Middle of Nothing” (North of Western Australia – June 10, 2006 to June 16, 2006)

Still, we didn’t know what it was nor did we know if it was life threatening. So once we got into the visitor center, Julie asked the Aboriginal woman behind the cashier if she had ever seen…

Mitchell Falls

Mitchell Falls is a very remote four-tiered waterfall in the WA dropping 80m contrasting with red cliffs and accessed by rugged 2-day 4wd adventure or air.

King George Falls

King George Falls was a very remote dual waterfall in the Kimberley Region that we happened to see as part of the larger Mitchell Falls Explorer day tour.

“The Bungle Bungle Bumble” (Kununurra, WA, Australia – June 8, 2006 to June 9, 2006)

As the helicopter landed, Julie and I gave each other a very confused and puzzled look. We weren’t sure what had happened, but the sinking feeling of being ripped off and not being able to see…

Jim Jim Falls

Jim Jim Falls (Barrkmalam) is a 200m plunge waterfall in Kakadu National Park experienced by a rugged 4wd road or from the air, but performs best in the Wet.

Gunlom Falls

Gunlom Falls is a 30m waterfall in Kakadu National Park with swimming holes both below and above its drop, accessed by a long unsealed road and short walk.

Twin Falls

Twin Falls is a series of waterfalls in Kakadu National Park dropping 180m with good flow in the Wet but better access in the Dry. It sits past Jim Jim Falls.

Double Falls

Double Falls is an unexpected waterfall sitting in the Death Adder Valley in the Top End as it we saw it during our air tour over Twin Falls and Jim Jim Falls.

Edith Falls (Leliyn)

Edith Falls (Leilyn) is a series of falls and plunge pools in Nitmuluk National Park where the base could be the largest croc-managed swimming hole in the NT.

Florence Falls

Florence Falls is a 30-40m waterfall a short walk from its car park in Litchfield National Park, featuring a swim hole that tends to be free of crocodiles.

Tolmer Falls

Tolmer Falls is a tall 35m waterfall in Litchfield National Park with a lookout and side trail leading to a natural bridge with rare bats and more cascades.

Wangi Falls

Wangi Falls is a 41-52m tall waterfall in Litchfield National Park that may have a companion in high flow. It can also be a swim hole if conditions allow.

Tjaetaba Falls

Tjaetaba Falls is a light-flowing series of waterfalls and secluded swim holes on Greenant Creek in Litchfield National Park, but offers a tranquil bush walk.

Robin Falls

Robin Falls is a seasonal 3-tiered waterfall that may offer crocodile-free swimming near Adelaide River in the Top End accessed by a 30-45 min return walk.

“No 4WD Access” (Top End, Australia – June 3, 2006 to June 7, 2006)

The receptionist then told us that they would substitute the Jim Jim Falls/Twin Falls excursion with a trip out to Gunlom Falls. Julie and I knew this was unacceptable since we had just driven there..

Seattle Wedding Itinerary – May 25, 2006 to May 29, 2006

This five-day Memorial Day Weekend itinerary was largely a result of one of Julie’s cousins getting married in their home city of Seattle. Of course, we also saw this as an opportunity to fit in some waterfalling and sightseeing…

Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie Falls is a 268ft waterfall in a suburb east of Seattle that is easily the most popular and most visited waterfall in the state of Washington.

Twin Falls

Twin Falls is a graceful 132ft waterfall on the South Fork Snoqualmie River in Washington yielding a quieter and more serene experience than Snoqualmie Falls.

Wallace Falls

Wallace Falls features 3 waterfalls on the Wallace River where the Lower Falls is a combined 212ft, the Middle Falls is 260ft, and the Upper Falls is 100ft.