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Rovijokfossen is a 28m waterfall in Skibotndal Valley between Skibotn and the Finland border in Troms County, Norway. Its base is accessed on a short trail.


Malselvfossen (Målselvfossen) is a 22m high, 650m long wide river waterfall in an area known for salmon fishing in Troms County, Norway near Bardufoss.


Mollisfossen is a 269m waterfall in Reisa National Park that we accessed by a traditional riverboat. It maybe our favorite waterfall above the Arctic Circle.


Fosselvfossen is a 64m free-leaping waterfall high above the Straumfjord near Storslett accessed by a steep 2km marked path into sheep grazing pastures.

The Lyngen Alps Waterfalls and the Kafjord Waterfalls

The Kafjorden Waterfalls page (Kåfjorden in Norwegian or Gáivuotna in Sami) is where I’m attributing the waterfalls we’ve seen while driving the E6 highway.

“Du må snakke mer norsk!” (Northern Norway – July 6, 2005 to July 9, 2005)

By now, I was getting tired of driving. Just how much longer did we have to drive until we arrive at Storslett? Complicating the situation was that I badly needed a restroom break…


Sprutfossen was a bit of a disappointment to Julie and I. We originally thought that the detour into the Plurdal Valley (Plurdalen) where we’d find this waterfall would only take us about 30…


Formofossen is a powerful river waterfall dropping 34m on the Sanddøla River, which had been known as a salmon fishing river in Trøndelag County, Norway.


Grongstadfossen is a 75m waterfall, which is the tallest and largest waterfall experienced by an overlook in the Høylandet municipality near Grong, Norway.


Laksforsen is a 16m waterfall on the Vefsna River. It was the best salmon fishing spot, and it had a cultural mix of Sami, Swedish, and Norwegian influences.


Bredekfossen is an elusive 40m powerful waterfall on the Stormdalsåga River reachable by a rugged 9-10km hike with some rough scrambling in Nordland County.


Henfallet is an inland waterfall away from the fjords on the Hena River dropping 90m, which is said to be the highest waterfall in Trøndelag County, Norway.

Svoufossen and Reppdalsfossen

Svoufossen (Svøufossen or Svøufallet) is a 156m freefalling waterfall while Reppdalsfossen is a 215m cascade. Both waterfalls are promiment Åmotan features.


Linndalsfossen (also Lindalsfallet, Linndalsfallet, or Lindalsfossen) is a hidden 140m waterfall requiring a 3km uphill hike to the canyon’s edge in Åmotan.


Mardalsfossen is a 655m waterfall with a 297m freefalling leap best seen in Summer and accessed by a 3.6km return hike near the head of Eikesdalsvatnet Lake.

The Eikesdal Valley Waterfalls and the Aursjovegen Waterfalls

The Eikesdalen, Aursjøvegen, and Litldalen Waterfalls draped these steep glaciated valleys along a memorable drive linking the two valleys in Møre og Romsdal.


Strandfossen was a tall waterfall that we noticed during our excursion into Eikesdalen Valley to see Mardalsfossen. It was a conspicuous presence as it was facing the Eresfjord at the mouth…


Naustafossen (Nauståfossen) is a prominent 110m waterfall in the remote Trollheimen Mountains behind the hamlet of Kårvatn in Møre og Romsdal County, Norway.

Vinnufossen and the Sunndal Waterfalls

Vinnufossen is an 865m waterfall in Sunndal Valley just east of Sunndalsøra making it one of the highest waterfalls in Norway, and it’s a roadside waterfall.


Slettafossen is a powerful cascade dropping 24m in cumulative height on the Rauma River as it ran in Norway’s famed Romsdal Valley in Møre og Romsdal County.