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Sheoak Falls

Sheoak Falls is a 15m waterfall on a short 1.3km return walking track next to the Great Ocean Road near the town of Lorne in the Great Otway National Park.

Erskine Falls

Erskine Falls is a popular 38m waterfall in the Angahook-Lorne State Park (part of the Great Otway National Park) behind the Falls Festival town of Lorne.

Lower and Upper Kalimna Falls

The Kalimna Falls are two waterfalls reached on an 8.4km return track providing lots of tranquility in a forest setting of the Angahook-Lorne State Park area.

Phantom Falls

Phantom Falls is a 15m waterfall on the St George River reachable by a 3.6km bush track through private property and native bushlands behind the town of Lorne.

Triplet Falls

Triplet Falls is a 3-segment waterfall on Young Creek accessed on a lush 2km loop walk in the heart of the Otways Rainforest near the Otway Fly Tree-top Walk.

Beauchamp Falls

Beauchamp Falls is a 20-25m plunge waterfall reachable by an hour-long out-and-back bush track in the dense Otways Rainforest near the town of Beech Forest.

Hopetoun Falls

Hopetoun Falls is an easy-to-access 30m plunge waterfall nestled in a lush setting typical of the Otways Rainforest near Beech Forest making it photo-friendly.

Carisbrook Falls

Carisbrook Falls is a 50m waterfall reachable on a short 600m return walk taking 30 minutes right by the Great Ocean Road between Apollo Bay and Kennett River.

Stevenson Falls

Stevenson Falls is a 15m waterfall on the Gellibrand River accessed on a short 500m return walk in the Colac Otway Shire near Beech Forest and Apollo Bay.

Marriners Falls

Marriners Falls is a 7m waterfall nestled in the forest lands in back of the coastal town of Apollo Bay accessed on a track with lots of stream crossings.

“Wild Weather in November” (Great Ocean Road, VIC, Australia – November 15, 2006 to November 17, 2006)

Julie wasn’t too crazy about the weather as she had hoped to see the long awaited Twelve Apostles without this cold, Antarctic storm being blasted our way…

Hopkins Falls

Hopkins Falls is an 11m waterfall that can also have a width of 90m proclaimed to be the widest in Australia located near Warrnambool by the Great Ocean Road.

MacKenzie Falls and Broken Falls

MacKenzie Falls is a popular 35m waterfall that demonstrated lots of resilience in the fire-prone Grampians National Park with Broken Falls as an added bonus.

Silverband Falls

Silverband Falls an unusual waterfall without a plunge pool in Grampians National Park accessed by a 1.6km return walking track recovering from bush fires.

Wannon Falls

Wannon Falls is a 30m waterfall on the Wannon River with a classic rectangular shape in the Volcano Country of the Southern Grampians Shire near Hamilton.

Nigretta Falls

Nigretta Falls is a 15-20m waterfall on the Wannon River that is easy to access in the Volcano Country of the Southern Grampians Shire west of Hamilton.

“A Victoria Bitter Experience” (Grampians, VIC, Australia – November 13, 2006 to November 14, 2006)

The day had begun with a disappointing Trentham Falls as it barely had any flow over its impressive basalt cliff. Then, we had difficulty finding Sailors Falls because it had been bone dry and…

Trentham Falls

Trentham Falls is an easy-to-see classic 32m plunge waterfall over a basalt cliff in the Macedon Ranges near Daylesford within Victoria’s spa and wine region.

Sailors Falls

Sailors Falls was a seasonal convenient (almost roadside) waterfall situated in the Hepburn Regional Park just south of the historic town of Daylesford.

Cyathea Falls

Cyathea Falls is a 10m waterfall in a Gippsland Rainforest near Tarra Falls accessed on a lush, flat, and shady 35-minute loop in Tarra Bulga National Park.