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The Romsdal Valley Waterfalls

The Romsdalen Waterfalls page is where I’m clumping the various roadside or nearly roadside waterfalls that we saw in the famed Romsdal Valley of Norway.

The Seven Sisters and the Geirangerfjorden Waterfalls

The Seven Sisters Waterfall are the signature attractions of the famous waterfall-laced UNESCO World Heritage Geirangerfjord in Møre og Romsdal County, Norway.

Veslulfossen (Vesleulfossen)

Veslulfossen (Vesleulfossen) is Rondane National Park’s tallest waterfall at 180m from the famed Peer Gynt Trail in the plateaus of Oppland County, Norway.


Kvanndalsfossen is a tumbling 70m snowmelt waterfall beneath the road to Geiranger eventually snaking by a campground in Møre og Romsdal County, Norway.

Storseterfossen, Grinddalsfossen, and Geirangerfossen

Storseterfossen (Storsæterfossen), Grinddalsfossen, and Geirangerfossen are the prominent waterfalls both in and behind the famous town of Geiranger, Norway.

Storulfossen (Bruresloret)

Storulfossen (also called Bruresløret) is a year-round 20m waterfall in the open wild reindeer lands of Rondane National Park of Oppland County, Norway

Pollfoss and the Waterfalls along the Otta River

The Waterfalls along the Otta River was really my attempt at trying to devote a page to the many waterfalls we saw as we drove the Rv15 along the Otta River towards the town of Otta in Oppland…


Eidsfossen is a powerful waterfall on the Storelva (Big River) despite some diversion for both hydropower and for a salmon ladder in Vestland County, Norway.

“Heggheimsfossen” (“Stigen”)

“Heggheimsfossen” was a waterfall that only recently was I able to correctly identify its watercourse. During our June/July 2005 trip to Norway, Julie and I definitely noticed this obviously…


Sanddalsfossen is a 150m waterfall that is the most remarkable of the waterfalls in the quiet Myklebust Valley in the Gloppen Parish of Vestland, Norway.

Strupenfossen and “Nonfossen”

Strupenfossen and Nonfossen are glacier-fed waterfalls tumbling across from each other in the quiet agricultural valley of Myklebustdalen in Vestland, Norway.


Ramnefjellsfossen is one of the tallest waterfalls in Norway said to be 500-800m, but it had a tragic history due to rockfalls-induced tsunamis in Lovatnet.

Hoysteinfossen, Huldrefossen, and the Bodalen Waterfalls

Hoysteinfossen (Høysteinfossen; “HUHY-styen-foss-un”; meaning High Stone Falls) and the Bodalen Waterfalls (Bødalen) were my waterfalling excuses to talk about a little detour that Julie and I took…

Volefossen and the Oldedalen Waterfalls

Volefossen is a prominent 355m waterfall at the head of Oldedalen, which is a valley featuring numerous other glacier-fed waterfalls in Vestland County, Norway.


Kleivafossen is a 37m waterfall dropping vigorously from the meltwaters of the famous Briksdal Glacier, which is rapidly disappearing due to Global Warming.


Kvinnafossen is a 120m roadside waterfall facing the vast Sognefjord (the longest fjord in the world) in the Leikanger Parish of Vestland County, Norway.


Svedalsfossen is an obscure waterfall that we noticed while driving through Fjærland between Sogndal and the E39 by Skei in Vestland County, Norway.


Vikafossen is another obscure waterfall dropping towards the northern head of the lake Jølstravatnet between Skei and Førde in Vestland County, Norway.


Huldrefossen is an 87m waterfall sitting behind an agricultural school in the Waterfall Country municipalities of Førde and Gaular in Vestland County, Norway.

Laukelandsfossen and Osfossen

Laukelandsfossen and Osfossen are a pair of waterfalls in the Waterfall Country area of the Sunnfjord Region in Gaular Munipality of Vestland, Norway.