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Skykkjedalsfossen is a reportedly 300m waterfall seen from a narrow road deep in the Simadal Valley near Eidfjord and the Hardangerfjord in Vestland, Norway.

Vedalsfossen and the Hjolmodalen Waterfalls

Vedalsfossen is said to be a tall waterfall twisting and turning its way into the Hjølmodal Valley and the Veig River as seen from a narrow mountain road.


Valursfossen is a 70m gushing waterfall on the Veig River in the remote Hardanger Plateau reached by a muddy and rugged 5.2km hike near Eidfjord, Norway.

“The Hunt for Red Ts” (Hordaland County, Norway – June 24, 2005 to June 26, 2005)

It seemed that the further I went, the trail got progressively muddier, overgrown, and less defined. I kept thinking that I must be doing something wrong, but I swear I couldn’t find another way…


Langfoss is a powerful and towering 612m sloping waterfall dropping right into the scenic Åkrafjord visible from the E134 near Etne in Vestland, Norway.


Sandsfossen is a short but wide waterfall with a salmon ladder and viewing ‘studio’ near the town of Sand in the Ryfylke region of Rogaland County, Norway.


Storfossen is an informal name we chose to associate this rather obscure, wispy waterfall near the Mosvatn Lake to the southeast of Sand in Rogaland, Norway.


Hongavikfossen is a conspicuous roadside waterfall spilling 155m over a tunnel into the Saudafjord in the Suldal Municipality of Rogaland County, Norway.


Svandalsfossen is an in-your-face waterfall right by the 520 Road on the way to Sauda by the Saudafjord with a pullout and short walk to really see it up close.

Sauda to Roldal Waterfalls

The Sauda to Røldal Waterfalls page is where I’m paying homage to the numerous waterfalls we encountered as we drove along this stretch of the Rv520 mostly through moorish highlands between…


Espelandsfossen is one of a handful of major waterfalls in the waterfall-laced Odda Valley between Skare and Odda all seen from the Rv13 in Vestland, Norway.


Latefossen (Låtefossen) is easily the most popular and dramatic of the waterfalls in Oddadalen (the Odda Valley) with a 165m twin falls in Vestland, Norway.


Vidfoss is a large (allegedly 300m) waterfall with an unusual inverted shape in the waterfall-laced Odda Valley between Odda and Skare in Vestland, Norway.


Strondsfossen is the another Odda Valley Waterfall just south of the town of Odda fed by the Folgefonna Glacier and visible from the Rv13 in Vestland, Norway.


Tjornadalsfossen (Tjørnadalsfossen) is a towering waterfall opposite Strondsfossen in the Odda Valley visible by a couple of trails leading to a hill fort.


Furebergsfossen is a 108m waterfall that is a hard-to-photograph in-your-face waterfall spilling into the Maurangsfjord and fed by the Folgefonna Glacier.

AEdnafossen and the Folgefonna Waterfalls

AEdnafossen (Ædnafossen) is a 175-200m bulbous waterfall spilling into the southern arm of the Hardangerfjord seen from the Rv13 near Odda and Tyssedal, Norway.

Skrikjofossen and Opofossen

Skrikjofossen and Opofossen are a waterfall pair dropping 300-455m from the Hardanger Plateau into the valley behind the town of Lofthus in Vestland, Norway.


Teinefossen is a photogenic, easy-to-visit waterfall on the Tøvdal, which we stumbled upon while seeking out Flakkefossen in Birkeland, Agder County, Norway.


Kvasfossen (or Kvåsfossen) is a 36m waterfall split by a rock said to be placed there by a troll trying to control the salmon run in Agder County, Norway.