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I live on Ulaino Rd. not far from the falls. I have been turning people around from visiting the falls and helping the landowner (whose land you must cross to get there) for a year now. There are many reasons we want visitors to stay away and most people on the road are in agreement. It is a private road from Hana Hwy. all the way down. Public access has been granted as far as Kahanu Garden but beyond that it is for residents only. The traffic tears up the dirt road and is noisy but that is a small concern. The concern here is that it is a conservation site and has been destroyed by the 1000 visitors per day that was visiting. The o'opu fish(native only to Hawaii) that once lived in the pond are now gone and may never come back. The sunblock and mosquito repellent killed them. The native Hawaiian plants were trampled. And the sacred site to the Hawaiian people was disrespected. This is why it is Kapu.

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Apr 14, 2016
Home Owner on Ulaino Road
by: Anonymous

The road to Blue Pools is a private road! Blue Pools is not on public property and the land that precedes it is owned by my cousins family. As a young girl growing up in Ulaino, the only cars that went by our house were the cars of people who lived there. As years went by there were hundreds of cars going down there on a daily basis. Gone were the days that children could walk on their road without having to worry about cars. Recently my family reclaimed the road and my children are able to once again walk on their road without worrying about cars. Private Property signs, private road signs, road closed signs, and keep out signs - all we want is our privacy. Is that too much to ask?

Apr 29, 2014
It is private property
by: Anonymous

How would you feel if someone went on your property, picked your flowers, littered and relieved themselves just to get what is on the other side. There are plenty of places to visit.

Sep 07, 2013
Some people are so niele....
by: Anonymous

If there are native Hawaiian fish and plants on a property, does it really matter if the government has declared it a conservation site or not? Should the owners let tourists trample their plants, deplete their fish supply and watch their land be destroyed by litter, tire tracks and muddy foot trails all over their front yard just so others can enjoy the luxury of swimming in a pool? There are dozens of other public natural pools for tourists to pollute. Hawaiians have so little left after what was taken from them. Have a little respect and leave what they have alone!

Sep 09, 2011
Conservation Site?
by: Anonymous

Not to be confrontational, but if this was a conservation site, wouldn't the Hawaiian government designate it a conservation site and put legislation and resources for it?

If preservation and trespassing were issues, why doesn't it look like law enforcement was involved to adequately address this problem? Why aren't there trespassing prosecutions like in Oahu?

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