Northern California Waterfalls

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The Northern California Waterfalls are our survey of waterfalls we've managed to visit pretty much anywhere north of the state capital in Sacramento. Even though Julie and I have lived in California most of our lives, for the first 16 years of our days of waterfalling together, we've had a gaping hole in our survey pertaining to this part of the state for one reason or another (i.e. drought, distance, life circumstances, etc.). We knew we were missing out on California's most spectacular waterfalls outside of Yosemite, and it was merely a matter of time before we finally had the fortune of visiting this part of the state.

Finally after we've had opportunities to make a few trips to the northern part of our state, we can finally feel confident about putting this page together. Indeed, we've not only managed to visit the waterfalls located in the Gold Rush area of Tahoe National Forest, Nevada County, and Plumas National Forest, but we've also gone further north where the geologic distinction between the southern end of the Cascade Ranges of the Pacific Northwest and the northernmost end of the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California were blurred. Given that we're covering a lot of real estate in this vast region of the Golden State, we've created the following subregions - Lassen and Shasta area (to the far northern and northeastern end of the state), Mendocino Coast (to the far western end of the state), and the Tahoe and the Gold Country (to the far eastern end of the state).

Some examples of the waterfalls in the Lassen and Shasta area happen to be some of the state's best waterfalls like Burney Falls, McCloud Falls, and even Mossbrae Falls. Meanwhile, some examples of the waterfalls in the Gold Rush area as well as the Lake Tahoe area include the impressive Feather Falls (easily one of the state's largest waterfalls outside of Yosemite National Park) and Horsetail Falls. There was even one that caught us by surprise with how much fun it was (in addition to its aesthetics) in Bassi Falls.

Indeed, Northern California had no shortage of quality waterfalls, and we'll be keen on making more visits up here to fully experience what our home state has to offer in the way of Nature and unforgettable family experiences...

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To get a glimpse of what each waterfall looks like, check out the table below. Click on the waterfalls to read more about them.

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Lassen and Shasta

Burney Falls 4 Burney Falls

Middle McCloud Falls 3.5 McCloud Falls (Lower, Middle, and Upper)
near Mt Shasta

Mossbrae Falls 3 Mossbrae Falls

Hedge Creek Falls 2 Hedge Creek Falls

Whiskeytown Falls 2.5 Whiskeytown Falls
near Redding

Potem Falls 2.5 Potem Falls
near Redding

Hatchet Creek Falls 1 Hatchet Creek Falls (Lions Slide Falls)
near Redding

Mud Creek Falls 1 Mud Creek Falls and Croquette Falls
Mt Shasta

Mill Creek Falls 2.5 Mill Creek Falls
Lassen Volcanic National Park

Kings Creek Falls 2 Kings Creek Falls
Lassen Volcanic National Park

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Mendocino Coast

Stony Creek Falls 2 Stony Creek Falls
near Willows / Snow Mountain Wilderness

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Tahoe and the Gold Country

Feather Falls 4 Feather Falls
Plumas National Forest

Grouse Falls 3.5 Grouse Falls
Tahoe National Forest

Rush Creek Falls 1.5 Rush Creek Falls
Grass Valley

Frazier Falls 3 Frazier Falls

Horsetail Falls 3 Horsetail Falls
near South Lake Tahoe

Bassi Falls 3 Bassi Falls
Eldorado National Forest

Bridal Veil Falls 1 Bridal Veil Falls
Pollock Pines

Cascade Falls 2 Cascade Falls
near South Lake Tahoe

Upper Eagle Falls 1.5 Upper Eagle Falls
near South Lake Tahoe

Lower Eagle Falls 2 Lower Eagle Falls
near South Lake Tahoe

Glen Alpine Falls 3 Glen Alpine Falls
Fallen Leaf Lake

Modjeska Falls 1.5 Modjeska Falls
Fallen Leaf Lake

Webber Falls 2.5 Webber Falls
near Truckee

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