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A trip to
Caribbean involves some planning even though many destinations have packaged tours. Nonetheless, with the aid of books and/or maps, you'll find that you can arm yourself with information that will make your trip more unforgettable and enjoyable than if you didn't educate yourself.

Below are books and maps that we've used. We've also included other books in the literature that may help you find what you need. The list is by no means complete, but hopefully it is enough to get you going on your quest to inform yourself on your travels.


St Lucia (Rough Guide Directions): This was the only book we used for our St Lucia trip, and I have to say that we were a bit disappointed with it. Perhaps we should've bought a bigger book about St Lucia with more accurate information and better maps. As it turned out, some of the information we came across in the book seemed inaccurate and much of the blurbs didn't really "guide" us anywhere. We pretty much relied on maps to find our way through the islands. I guess we were a bit used to the Lonely Planet way of doing things that this book left us with a lot to be desired. Sometimes we felt like the author might not have visited or done some of the things being written about. In any case, it's better than nothing, but you might want to try a more dedicated book on this island.

In fairness, I did notice there are other bigger titles out there and that this "directions" book may be only trying to give you the skinny on things while being conveniently compact and light. The book also provided quite a few photos so we at least had some idea of what some of the attractions we intended to visit would look like. Still, if it promises to give directions, we're not sure whether it delivered in that respect.

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