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In addition to its waterfalls, the Caribbean has other attractions to keep you busy taking photos or admiring the scenery. I’ve singled out some of the features that you’re bound to see upon a visit the islands, mon! Read below to get a brief introduction to these features.

The PitonsThe Pitons (St Lucia): These twin conical peaks are the signature landmark of St Lucia. They've been included into the UNESCO World Heritage list of outstanding attractions, and in fact, Julie even considers this iconic feature to rival that of Mt Otemanu and its surrounding lagoons in Bora Bora - and that's saying something!

Soufriere and the PitonsAdding to the scenic allure is the charming town of Soufriere, which means "sulfur in the air." The Pitons provide the perfect backdrop of this scenic town and there's also plenty of activities to keep you occupied here.

The Sandals in NegrilResorts (St Lucia, Jamaica, etc.): Although I'm not a real big fan of posh resorts due to their unsustainability, I can totally see the appeal of these resorts, which are pretty much synonymous with luxury in the Caribbean. With giant swimming pools with swim-up bars, all-inclusive meals, complimentary shuttles, and beaches to boot, you could easily spend all your time at these resorts and not leave for your whole trip (though I personally wouldn't recommend that).

Scotchies TooJerk Shacks (Jamaica): If you're in Jamaica or bound for it, you've probably heard of the famous Jamaican Jerk spices that are both marinated and spread onto meats like chicken, pork, and even fish. But until you've eaten at one of the jerk shacks (we've tried the Scotchies in Ocho Rios and Micky's in Boston Bay - the birthplace of Jamaican Jerk), I'd argue you haven't tried the real deal.

Micky'sSuch places prepare the food by having it sit on wooden beams suspended over a smoky fire pit and they're covered with corrugated tin sheets to keep the smoke flavor. Sure it won't pass food safety standards back at home in the States, but it's definitely a Jamaican institution you're not going to find at the resorts. In other words, it's as authentic as it gets.

Blue LagoonBlue Lagoon (Jamaica): Apparently, this deep pool where freshwater meets saltwater got its name for being in the famous Brooke Shields movies. But in all seriousness, it's said to be a place where divers can go deep and see what lies beneath. In fact, I thought I read that the diving record for deepest unassisted dive was done here.

Seven Mile Beach at Sandals NegrilSeven Mile Beach (Jamaica): Jamaica as a resort destination really took off with the stretch of white sand beach in the western side of the country known as Seven Mile Beach. For it's here that such fine sands contrast with colorful blue-green waters where you can swim, snorkel, or even partake in motorized activities. Indeed, the beaches here are amongst the most beautiful in the world, and we don't blame them for commercializing it.

Rick's CafeRick's Cafe (Jamaica): We've been told that tourism in Jamaica literally started at this rockin' bar and cafe in West End where its claim to fame is the cliff diving exhibition by locals as well as by tourists willing to give it a go. When we were there, it was very crowded, and we don't think that was unusual given how everyone seems to know about this spectacle.

Sunset at Rick's CafeSunsets (Jamaica): If you're in the western side of Jamaica, you'll probably be treated to gorgeous sunsets. That was certainly the case with us as we happened to catch them at Rick's Cafe as well as at the resort. And while sunsets aren't that unusual by themselves, there just seems to be something different about the Jamaican ones.

Sunset at Sandals NegrilCould it be the ease with which you can catch them, or is it the color of the skies? Whatever the case, we always contend that it's the clouds that make the sunsets interesting, and with the tropical climate here, they're the differentiating factor that make such events memorable.

American CrocodileBlack River Safari (Jamaica): A very nice back-to-nature experience can be had at the Black River Wetland and Morass where you can have the chance to spot American Crocodiles as well as many native birds. We managed to see two different crocodiles (or were they alligators?) on our cruise, and our tour guide even kissed one of them!

Mangrove-fringed Black RiverIn addition to the wildlife, the mangrove-fringed watercourse is said to be the longest navigable river in the country. So our cruise gave us a chance to enjoy the photogenic beauty of the ecosystem. It's possible to couple this safari cruise with the beautiful YS Falls (they're only 20 minutes drive from each other) so it's a nice way to spend the day this side of Jamaica.

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