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Featured Articles

Read these full-length featured articles for in-depth reporting about hard-hitting issues and thought-provoking topics related to waterfalls and waterfall-themed travel. These articles also provide some advice and commentary based on our own experiences. Learn the truth as we try to get to the bottom of anything that affects waterfall lovers.

Note: The entries here are merely teasers or at-the-moment first drafts. For formal and more up-to-date articles, click here.

Waterfalls in the Movies
What Types Of Waterfalls Are There?
Why Do We Care About Waterfalls?
Determining A Waterfall's Height
What Makes A Waterfall A Waterfall?
How Are Waterfalls Formed?
A Sunny Future For Waterfalls?
BPA Problems
The Future of Waterfalls
Why Waterfalls?
To Helicopter? Or Not To Helicopter?
Why Waterfalls?
Basic Waterfall Photography Tips
Our MasterRental (and Thrifty Rental Car) Experience


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