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Updates and Announcements

Read about the changes and announcements that have been made to the World of Waterfalls website and blog.

Last Blog Entry With This Tool
Update to BPA article
More Website Updates
Website Updated
The Waterfalls Book Library
New Commenting Feature Integrated For Many Pages
Waterfalls In Regions Not On The Website
New Featured Article
Comment on YOUR favorite waterfalls
Added America's Top 10 Waterfalls List
Australia Travel Blogs Updated
Regional Top 10 Pages Updated
Australia Pages Updated
Africa Section Ready For Prime Time
Added Victoria Falls to Website
Africa Travel Blogs Added
Plenty of Updates and News
New World of Waterfalls Banner
Added Cedar Creek Falls and Mildred Falls
Added Kitchen Creek Falls
More website updates
Adjustment Made to All Travel Stories/Blogs
Patagonia Blogs added to the Website
Updates to the Website
Waterfall Books Marketplace
Latest Waterfall Travel Specials
The Waterfaller Newsletter Coming in 2008!
Regional Top 10 Best Waterfalls Lists
Angel Falls Travel Blog posted
Angel Falls on the website
Yellowstone and American Southwest Pages Updated
Adjustment to Regional Top 5 Lists
Norway Pages Updated
Iceland Pages Updated
More on Regional Top 5 Waterfalls
Australia Pages Updated
Regional Top 5 Waterfalls
South Pacific Pages Updated
More website updates
California Pages Updated
Added Hawaii Trip Planning and Preparations page
Hawaii Weather Page added
Hawaii Pages Updated
More website updates
Website Changes
Website Changes
New Home Page Photo
Iguazu Falls page up
Iguazu Falls Travel Blog posted
All Iceland Pages Online
All Funeraled Out
Eastern Iceland and the Interior Highland Regions Added
Western/Westfjords and Northern Iceland Regions Added
Southwestern and Southern Iceland Region Added
Eastern US Pages Added
Website Expanding
Iceland and New York Updates Progress
Good News About The World of Waterfalls Domain
A Very Hectic Day Ahead
Waterfalls, Travel Blogs, and Other Attractions of Rest of Website Updated
Waterfalls, Travel Blogs, and Other Attractions of American Southwest and Australia Updated
Established Dedicated Blog
Hawaii Region Complete
Finally - the Big Island!
Maui and Molokai Pages Updated
Maui's up next
O'ahu Region and associated Hawai'i Pages Updated
Another update to the Blue Pool in Maui
Molokai Updated
Hawaii Updates coming soon...
O'ahu's up next
Washington Pages Added
Hawaii Pages Updated
Back from Kaua'i
Entire Australia Section Updated
Website changes
Headed to Southeastern Australia
Interface on all pages tweaked
SiteSearch function added
Australia Region Introduced
World of Waterfalls RSS Feed Established
American Southwest Region updated
South Pacific Region complete
Blog Handling Changed
American Southwest Region complete
California Region complete
Yellowstone Region complete
New Zealand Region complete
Hawaii Region Complete
Yosemite Region Complete
Bloglet Page Up
World of Waterfalls Website Up


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