How Do You Measure A Waterfall’s Height?

One of the most often-reported parameters about a waterfall is its height. How often do you see brochures or websites reporting that Angel Falls is the tallest waterfall in the world at 898m (3,292ft), or some waterfall is X times taller than Niagara Falls, or Yosemite Falls is one of North America’s tallest at 2,425ft, etc. etc.? Indeed, what is it about a waterfall’s height that grabs our attention so much?

Waterfall Timing: When Should You Visit Waterfalls?

Have you ever been frustrated about going through the trouble of getting to waterfall only to find out there’s no water flowing? Or traveling for thousands of miles to a skyscaping waterfall only to have the views blocked by low-hanging clouds?

What Makes A Waterfall A Waterfall?

So what makes a waterfall a waterfall? In other words, how do you define a waterfall? Well, after thinking about this question, it seems that there isn’t a good “catch-all” definition …

How Are Waterfalls Formed?

So how do waterfalls get formed? Answering this question is really a lesson in geology (the study of rocks or the earth) and the water cycle. But before we get into those topics, let’s..

Waterfalls FAQ

Welcome to the World of Waterfalls FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)! Here, we present the most commonly asked questions about the topic of waterfalls as well as provide answers to them. Scroll down this page to see…

Waterfall Classification: What Types of Waterfalls Exist In Nature?

Nature presents us with a tremendous variety of waterfalls.  Indeed, no two waterfalls are exactly the same, and even the same waterfall may look different or assume different forms depending…

Why Are Waterfalls Important?

I’ve had skeptics and gung ho pro-capitalists confront me about what waterfalls are good for. Unfortunately for Nature, the benefits (especially health-related ones) aren’t immediately apparent…