I am deeply interested in the history, rather the pre-history, of Cumberland Falls, particularly the story of the falls and surrounding area before, during, and after its purchase by Coleman DuPont. His purchase of the land, we are told, precluded the building of an upriver dam. You see, there exists a documented history and a […]

Do NOT Try To See These Falls from the Kalihiwai River Bridge

I saw in a Facebook post that you are able to see at least one of these falls from the Kalihiwai River Bridge, and that you are able to park nearby and walk down to the bridge. First, there is no parking some 300 yards east of the Kalihiwai Bridge as the Facebook post says, […]

Melincourt 12 Feb 2022

Visit to Melincourt https://linksharing.samsungcloud.com/8VyU6gXELryh


When I first saw this waterfall, I immediately thought of Burney Falls in California. The seepage or maybe weepage was quite similar. Shiraito Falls is much wider.

Duuuude!!! 😍

Didit yesterday! Trash/graffiti on main trl, n at SC Falls, was disappointing, but not unexpected. But! We climbed up tha chute to tha R, n ran tha whole cyn, up to tha hwy… (Long walk back on tha rd, but we were outta daylight! 🙁) Not for tha faint-of-heart, but, OMG, so MANY waterfalls!!! 😍

Hipuapua Falls

The waterfall does not seem as high from up close as it does from a distance. Check out this video: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CU12fo9IqJw/?utm_medium=copy_link


One of the many spectacular waterfalls along Havasu Creek! https://hikingtheworld.blog/waterfalls/navajo-falls-havasu-canyon/

Deschutes River run

Dunno if you’re into whitewater rafting, but there’s a short trip between Dillon Falls (unrunnable, at least commercially) and Lava Island downstream (ditto). There’s a nice Class III rapid, Big Eddy, in the middle. The run takes only about an hour (IIRC), and you can sign up (again IIRC) with an outfitter at the nearby […]

Questions about Angel Falls Have Arisen

It seems hard to imagine but the World Waterfall Database, which I think is a serious list, has placed Angel Falls BEHIND Tugela Falls for height, based on the original 1949 measure being faulty and counting the small waterfall below as not contiguous enough. Apparently, nobody has done a recent measurement and so the challenged […]

Black Swift Falls

I have a few photos of Black Swift Falls, taken Feb 24, 2017. We were staying at Ragged Point Inn, and Highway 1 was closed north of there. I discovered the falls just by walking around. That was a wet winter, so the falls were flowing real well.


I really liked this waterfall each of the 6 times I passed it. It is extremely attractive from the beginning of the Vatedalen, but was a bit disappointing closer up, since the road almost touches it and you get a lot of foreshortening as you pass it. Impressive at a distance!


I had raved about Tjotafossen in your previous format, but I don’t think it appeared anew. I think it is far and away the finest waterfall in the area, dropping 2600 feet from the glacier. I returned to see it 6 more times, and found it to be powerful and delicate at the same time. […]

Almost Unseen, The Skarvefossen

As you pass Lake Granvin and the bridge over Skervetsfossen between those rugged cliffs, it is easy not to notice Skarvefossen, rather further away, but a strong, higher, and very powerful waterfall that deserves a closer look than most of us get a chance to do.

Rebel army base behind Waterfall

There’s this movie i watched around 2011 with a scene in which a helicopter/ flies through a waterfall into a curve hiding the commander of the rebel militia who is wearing a red beret and talks over the radio a lot

Great Info

Thank you for the detail information. Would you know if it is possible to drive up to Big Cone campground (or near there) and park? then hike the rest of the way to the punch bowls?

Summer Falls

Washington (state)’s artificial waterfall. And that requires some explanation. Obviously the water is real, and it’s certainly falling! And it’s occupying a natural watercourse. The stream now in that watercourse, however, is not natural. It’s the distributary stream, the so-called Main Canal, for Banks Lake, the reservoir for the Columbia Basin (Irrigation) Project. Banks Lake […]


Do you think exploring caves is a good idea?

Los Alamos

J. Robert Oppenheimer, the high-powered physicist who became the scientific director of the Manhattan Project, loved New Mexico and had even bought a ranch there. When he was looking for a remote place where secrecy could be maintained more easily, a New Mexico location seemed ideal. Indeed, Los Alamos is located on the former site […]

Natural Bridge, 1967 (with a footbridge!)

Some more ancient history that may be of interest. When we were at Natural Bridge Falls in 1967, as part of a family trip, there was an observation footbridge over the falls proper! Obviously, from your photos, it’s no longer there. I don’t know when or why it was removed. Maybe it was decided it […]

Yosemite Falls from unusual perspectives

I know you have lots of Yosemite Falls pix, so I realize more may be superfluous! I thought these might be unusual enough to have some interest, though. (1) Yosemite Falls completely dry in October, 2001. I’m told there is a big wall climb that can only be done when the falls are dry. (2) […]