How are waterfalls supplied with continuing water?

I understand your explanation and diagrams. And understand how waterfalls are formed. But my question is why does waterfalls continue running. Pick at waterfall. I understand rain and snow makes water. But that couldn’t supply these waterfalls with continuing water. Does the rain and snow keep adding to the basin supply of water already there. […]

Fish River Gorge

In 2006, I and my two children (daughter, then 15; son, then 17) had spent 7 weeks Down Under, 1.5 of which were mostly on South Island. I am currently completing my 5th book “La Familia Hayburg: Down Under” and constantly compare my notes from then to other accounts of the area. One thing I’ve […]

Inconsistencies in Measurements

The Measuring of Falls can produce Inconsistent Numbers because of the Level of the Water in a Lake, Pond or Stream. The level of some Lakes can vary more than 200 Feet, so if the Falls flow into a Lake, the Falls may actually be considerably Taller in the Fall then in the Spring. If […]

A Short Testimonial of Waterfalling

First off, I would like to personally thank you for creating such a wonderful website full of beautiful scenery, luscious vegetation, and, of course, magnificent waterfalls. I would also like to thank you for sharing your personal experiences, as it really helps to grasp what you guys are visualizing and experiencing. Reading through your website, […]

Many A Delighful Day at Ingalalla Falls

As a previous resident of the area I visited the Falls many times. I found the most enjoyable time was during October when the sun was not too hot, the grass had not yet died off and the water was still running from the winter rains. We cooled our drinks in the brook which had […]

Not Worth It (Lower Whitewater Falls)

you are right. the end of the hike was anticlimatic. wish we had read this before went to this area. oh well good exercise. the view sucked as the trees blocked the view of at least the bottom two thirds of the falls in early september. might go back sometime but when the leaves are […]

where is india jog falls

Why the jogfalls missing in top 10 ? 1 CommentOnly logged in users can post a comment (login at topright corner of your screen) Please login or sign up to comment

Tule river water fall

I was going there with my friends in the early 70’s when I was in high school. My brothers in the 60’s. There was no trail, no trash, no other people and no writing on the rocks! You could park where ever you wanted on hwy 190. No cops. All there was, was respect for […]

Making Niagara Look LIke A Cup Of Water

Iguazu Falls made Niagara look like a cup of water. Niagara is great, but Iguazu was unbelievable. Great experiences and the boat ride into the falls was a thrill of a life time (even though, at one point, I thought I might drown – made the mistake of opening my mouth to breath in). And […]

Rara (Mutarazi Falls)

Mutarazi Falls (sometimes spelled Mtarazi) in Zimbabwe – 762m has to be on the list. 0 CommentsOnly logged in users can post a comment (login at topright corner of your screen) Please login or sign up to comment

Silver Falls in Oregon

I mention this place to you because there are like 12 waterfalls all in this park. So if you go plan on an all day hike but there’s different sizes one you can even walk under its just an awesome place that amazing beautiful that has given us 12 different falls in an area you […]

Hanakaipiai Falls Advice from a Kamaaina

I’ve made that hike four or five times, over the past 40 years, at various times of year. At times, there’s a rope to help you cross the stream, as the water will be up to your thighs or higher. Also, there are often nudists here. I recall a fairly awkward moment in a very […]

Papalaua Falls’ Height (Private pilot in Hawaii)

I have the good fortune to have lived in Hawaii for the past 22 years. I am a private and former military pilot. I have flown past Papalaua Falls on Molokai’s northeast coast dozens of times over the years in fact have spread the ashes of several dear friends in the area because of it […]

Better in person than in a picture

No offense meant to the photographer, these are great pictures, this was just much more spectacular to me than it looks here. Part of that is the non-crowded setting- I was all alone here for an hour, much better than Anna-Ruby or other “public” places. Minnehhaha is worth the trip for sure. FYI I read […]

Kipu Falls No Longer Accessible

This was one of my favorite places to visit on Kauai; I’d go every time I hit the island; however, the land to access the falls has been gated up and it is no longer accessible unless you climb a 7 foot high chain link fence. Tourists doing dumb things–there were several deaths and many […]

Hiilawe Falls August 3

We visited Hawaii for a week. My family and I hiked to the waterfall and we were amazed! We were told that the falls didn’t really flow, but they did. Both Hiilawe and Hakalaoa Falls were flowing, with quite some water, but it didn’t rain in the past few days. In fact, we actually could […]

Top of Multnomah Falls

Love this place. I’ll make this short but sweet. I’ve been to the falls twice my self. The first time it was a typical Portland day,slight drizzle,mid spring when I ventured to the top of Multnomah Falls. Not difficult but not easy either. Basically a 5/10 on scale. The view on the other hand from […]

Waterfalls that you can reach the base of

In choosing a waterfall to try to visit, I have trouble with all the classification systems I have seen. I am much less interested in the water flow, height, or shape than I am in whether I can walk or hike to the base or pool. I like to get close and feel the mist. […]

Riva Waterfalls

Great Info! The Riva Waterfalls are one of our fav. too. The actual german name of the castle is “Burg Taufers”. 0 CommentsOnly logged in users can post a comment (login at topright corner of your screen) Please login or sign up to comment

Taughannock Falls

Taughannock Falls, located near Ithaca, New York is taller than Niagara Falls. It comes in at 215 feet tall, topping Niagara’s 167 feet. This is the popular fall at this park, however there are a few more. Along with a few more parks with waterfalls in Ithaca. It’s a fabulous city to travel to. There […]