Mt. Lyell is the highest point in Yosemite, not Cloud’s Rest

A bit of errata: The peak of My Lyell, from which rises the headwaters of the Tuolumne River on its north flank and the Merced River on its southwestern flank, is 13,114′ in elevation and is the highest point in Yosemite National Park. Cloud’s Rest, at 9,930′, is a subsidiary of Tressider Peak which only […]

bhivpuri waterfalls

bhivpuri is one of the finest waterfall in india


i think you should also add thushara giri waterfall which is situated in india

More waterfalls in Transylvania County NC (this has brought my total to 42 in this place alone!)

Still can’t believe nobody knows about this part of the country so I keep posting the waterfalls I’ve seen of the total 276 in the county.

Which Yosemite Waterfall is this?

I was in Yosemite a number of years ago and snapped these photos of a waterfall, but cannot remember which one it is. It was a short day hike to it, on a trail not terriblely well marked, through a forest type area. I believe that a hiker could continue on and that this was […]

North Island Falls

There are many waterfalls in North Island of New Zealand as well. Here is the list of few: National Park Waterfall Whangarei Falls, Northland Hunua Falls, Auckland Haruru Falls, Bay of Islands Paranui Falls Rainbow Falls near Kerikeri These are all amazing falls. Cheers

USA Side Disappointing

USA side is not kept up, except state parks. Town is not clean, run down. No little food booths on street except India food. India people have taken over the city. At the falls and on boat, they were rude and pushy. They acted like they were the only ones that count. I will never […]

Hiked there in 2004 – December

4.5 hr flight from LAX to ATL; ATL to Caracas, Was going to get taxi from airport (about 45 minutes outside Caracas proper) to hotel but friendly seatmate from the airplane gave me a ride to my hotel. Overnight in Caracas (Hilton, had pre booked prior to arrival). Met 4 other traveling companions next day, […]

Underground Waterfalls

What causes waterfalls to form underground?

Sacred Falls Regrets

I lived in Hawaii from 1983-86 when my ex-husband was stationed there with the Navy. My kids and I routinely hiked to Sacred Falls. I will never forget climbing up and over thick branches and tree trunks to follow the narrow trail that slivered between sky-high cliffs. They cast shadows on the fruit-laden guava and […]


I was told by our Icelandic guide this ruins were just coral fences, used to keep the sheep inside after the round up in autumn. Today they use modern corals, so this abandoned one looks like some archeological remain. The only thing I wonder is how they get the sheep there since it is surrounded […]

Thugela Falls

Thugela falls in south Africa are the second highest water fall in the world. It is just few meters shorter than Angel falls.

Burney Falls

Burney Falls in Northern California is another great waterfall. We camped there years ago and the falls are wide and beautiful. The water doesn’t drop over a cliff…it comes out through the ground. Cool!

Hot (Eaton Canyon Falls)

I went there in October and when you go on there are so many tiny waterfalls but the big one is worth the hike. But go to Santa Monica waterfalls, too.

Fantastic Waterfall (Kjosfossen)

The Kjosfossen is just up the railroad from Flåm Norway in the beautiful Flåmsdalen. The railroad — Flåmsbana — takes you from Myrdahl to Flåm. Took the railroad in June 2012 with my mother’s second cousin from Fredrickstad Norway. My ancestors are from that area and had the opportunity to see the homelands…. Warren

Shoshone Falls in Idaho

Not sure why this isn’t on most lists?

Queen Mary falls

Lovely bush walk ! If you are of moderate fitness. I suggest you take the stairs end first! Beautiful scenery and the track takes you to the bottom of the waterfall as well a the top so you great a great view! My kids loved it too!

High Road to China

High Road to China starring Tom Selleck. Many locations were apparently in Yugoslavia but not sure about the waterfall “step-type” Beautiful, but would love to know location.

Plunge pool of a waterfall

What is a plunge pool of a waterfall? it doesn’t say.

dan.d – waterfaller

Hey! I’m dan from israel, i’m eleven years old and i have special hobby that i realy like. I motion waterfalls all over the world with “Google earth”. I really specializes in waterfalls And I know a lot of waterfalls. I motioned for over 1000 waterfalls in the world. I was Iguazu Falls and Niagara […]