Extra Cherry on the Cake (Kundalila Falls)

Went to the falls regularly when we lived in Mpika and Kasama for four years with an Aid Project. Beautiful country Zambia and places like this are an extra cherry on the cake. We were told that the translation was cooing but as they use the same word for cooing, calling and crying I suppose […]

Such fun was had by all (Sturtevant Falls)

Just went today with my husband and friend. It had been raining off and on all day but we went anyway. The walk was long but worth it. I’m not in the best shape but I made it and I would say it wasn’t bad. Once we got to the falls it was amazing we […]

Twin Falls Friend

Yes I have, heavenly… This is the most beautiful place in the world… I had a friend who once lived right across the way from Twin Falls. I have been looking for him, his name is Westley. If anyone knows him pass my email address please. I would love you forever.

I like to Victoria Falls, Zambia

I like to Victoria Falls, Zambia because it’s most beautiful and natural without human activities. Further I think high and big water qty falling.

my top 20 waterfalls!

hi! my top 20 list is: 1.kongou falls in gabon. 2.iguacu falls 3.salto para 4.victoria falls 5.engel falls 6.Kaieteur Falls 7.niagra falls 8.dettifoss 9.gullfoss 10. saltos del mocona 11.jog falls 12.virginia falls 13.Hukou falls 14.Hafragilsfoss 15.selfoss 16.Canaima lagoon waterfalls 17.blue nile waterfalls 18.Salto Grande 19.yosemity falls 20.Plitvice Waterfalls,krka falls thanks you for watching :)d

This was an amazing waterfall (Sault Falls)

We went to St. Lucia and found this website. It led us to this waterfall and if you want to go somewhere off the beaten path that is relaxing and breathtaking, this is the place. We visited other falls, but this one did not have any one around, doesn’t cost anything and is easy to […]

Iceland’s forgotten beauty queen (Dynkur)

Dynkur, the waterfalls upstream of Gullfoss, are easily seen as even more beautiful than Gullfoss. However, it is not as easy to get there. You need a decent 4×4 and some guts to make it to the western shores, for those who are less courageous there is a somewhat easier eastern view (though not as […]

I’ve seen Angel Falls from the base and the top. Breathtaking!

My husband was a bush pilot in Venezuela during the 1950s.Our planes were based in Ciudad Bolivar. We often saw Angel Falls from the cockpit of one of our single-engine Cessnas. The most exhilarating flights, however, were those we made in a helicopter in 2004 and 2007. Our pilot hovered so close to the falls, […]

Pleated (above Grand Falls)

Above the main falls the muddy river forms what appear to be curvy curtain pleates all the way across the river in levels making drops of a few inches in several drops. Unique feature to this falls.

Tahquamenon Falls

The falls for the common man.A walk-in Monument to the beauty of Michigans Upper Penninsula harkens back visions of Nick Adams and The Big Two Hearted River made famous by Ernest Hemmingway. The paths and decks make these falls accesible to everyone. No backpacks or sherpas required.

Tenaja Waterfalls

Yesterday October 7th 2012 was a huge disappointment for my family and I when we arrived at this location, the waterfall was completely dried out 🙁 we hope that one day it flourishes again.

Sacred Falls is truly sacred .

I will never forget that day it was in 1973. I was 11 years old, and me and my sisters and a bunch of our cousin’s, we started up the trail. There were so many mountain apples, I remember all us kids climbing the trees trying to reach the apples, then I saw a big […]

Great Site

I grew up in upstate NY where waterfalls and fresh, cold streams were plentiful, now in FL 10 years am a single Mom and can’t get out much at all (at least till my daughter’s a bit older). In order to keep up hope I’ve enjoyed browsing your site when I needed a beautiful shot […]

Fossen Bratte and Steinsdalsfossen

Yesterday (August 19th, 2012) we woke up to an overcast, grey day with the mountain behind our house shrouded in typical Bergen mist but decided nevertheless that we would go for a trip to Norheimsund on the world famous Hardanger Fjord. As we set off the rain began to fall and we weren’t in the […]

Fossen Bratte Corrections

The fall is actually called Fossed Bratte (not bråtte) and does indeed mean steep waterfall. The memorial on the path down to the bottom of the falls is actually for a young French couple, Rene and Ginette Laigle, who died when their car came off the road at the falls when they were on their […]

This Year Bummed Me Out (Sturtevant Falls)

Last year during this time there was so much water and the streams were rushing water… This past Sunday, 7 of us went on the hike hoping to have a great time, but there was no water… Water was still and dirty for not moving much. Not only that someone decided not to be so […]

Inga Falls

Inga Falls is by far the most powerful falls on earth with a combined flow greater than the big “three” combined, yet there are no pictures or video on it. You Tube is beginning to post some images of it, yet its hard to find any written info. on it nevermind photos. The average flow […]

Beautiful Falls (Sacred Falls)

My husband and I were in Hawaii 1952-1954. He was stationed at Hickham AFB. We hiked to the falls with friends. Over streams and up and down hills we went. Such a beautiful trip. At the falls all went into the pool for a swim except me. I can’t swim, but I sat on the […]

Black Star

Went here last year during spring(2012)… Absolute greatness. Nice long hike with a gem at the end(the falls). If you are facing the waterfall, you can get to the top of the falls by hiking up the mountain side to your right. It only takes about 7 or so minutes to do and you will […]

Trail Canyon Falls Open

This trail is now open. We hiked this trail on June 9th.