Many wonderful and very beautiful Water Falls in India

Its great to know about Water Falls around the World.Its my great interest to explore different Water Falls all over the World.As a Freelance Film/TV Producer/Director/Cinematographer/Actor/Writer.I made many Travel documentary s specially Water Falls in India.I think still their are many wonderful Water Falls in India,which are not properly informed in your an Indian Water […]

Good Information

This is a good overview on how to photograph waterfalls. A few notes though: 1) The “circular” part of circular polarizers refers to how the filter changes the light, and not the filter’s shape. The filter changes the light in a such a way so that it will corkscrew after it passes through the filter, […]

Blue Hawaii Waterfall

where is the waterfall featured in the movie “Blue Hawaii”?


Can anyone identify the waterfalls in the movie “The Limelighter”, 1953 w/Barbara Stanwick and Fred Macmurray? Turner Classic Movies identifies it as the Peppermist Waterfall. When you Google Peppermist waterfalls, Google submits Peppermint Waterfalls, which I belieive is in the area where TCM said, the High Sierras, but it is not the same waterfall in […]


Your picture showing a sign that is hard to see says “Horse Shoe Falls USA”… Perhaps that photo is on the wrong page?


Um, why no Tugela falls? It’s crazy tall – and sort of undeniably one of the tallest (SOME say the very tallest)? 948m tall (though I’ve heard heights including 850m, 947m, 950m and even over 1100m). Having seen it, it’s unbelievable.

letchworth state park, new york state usa

we live in Israel, a country with a real lack of water….When we went to visit friends in Rocester NY they took us on a water journey….. to Niagara of course…finger lakes and more but the place we loved the most was lovely Letchworh.. It’s as green and as beautiful as a dream… So many […]

Nanue Stream-Falls

I live near this beautiful stream, but remember it is a stream and the flow of water in it can change rapidly dependent on the weather up the mountain, which you cannot see or know what is happening. It should be noted that Nanue Bridge is the highest bridge in the State of Hawaii.. also […]

The Megafalls Of Iguacu

No doubt, The best documentary, ever.

1973 Alpena falls

In 1973 I was only 18 in the Navy than station on Wapahu panisula. Some friends of mine took me here. One was a Navy seal. There was a cliff about 30 feet at that time you could jump off. They told me that the water pool below was a lava tub and that it […]

Slaughter Falls

We first discoved slaughter falls around 5 years ago & loved it at first sight, we have a family bar.b.que there every good friday & our family has grown since the first time we went, we always have a great time & we like to do the walk, but this year we could’nt as it […]

INGALA FALLS (Normanville South Australia)

I was sad to see this miserable photo of ingala falls without water, it was like that a month ago but then as they say the rains came and gave me this opportunity to get a few pic’s of this beautiful part of South Australia Enjoy Roger Foster

Haunted Ingalalla Falls? (from Former Normanville Local)

A friend of mine emailed some photos to me, taken at a party that was taking place there. I saw whisps of smoke, yet no one had been smoking. After reading about this place, I believe it may be haunted.

Please add region, city or at least province names to the titles of the waterfalls in Thailand.

Anybody interested in seeing one of these wants to know which are local. They aren’t going to click through every waterfall listed in all of Thailand hoping that it might happen to be local to where they are. Thanks, Blake

Mystery Painting. Is it of Lauterbrunnen?

Spotted a picture on your website. I am so sure thanks to you that I have finally found the mystery location of an old painting that has been in my mothers family for years. They migrated to Australia in 1855 from Hallgarten in the Rhinegau (then Prussia). Curiously, one sister of my great grandfather supposedly […]


Definitely the most beautiful waterfall in the world. Only thing is that should open from 6am because to view in de morning would be good

Horsetail Waterfall

What causes the effect of indecresent light off the granite,through the waterfall?

Want to know where this is

I’d love to go see it in person. Any help identifying it’s location would be appreciated. Thanks!

the Borosan

The Borosan reach a height of 603m and is located at Manilla, Philippines, which was discovered in 2012 by Joanna Connor.

What speed does the water fall at?

What speed does the water fall at?