A book about a film

It was an email to a lady in Tasmania that changed my life forever. I was part of a newly formed film production company of four ex screen academy students, in Perth Western Australia. I had never been to Tasmania although I understood it to be a place of pristine cool climate rain forests and […]

Tugela Falls South Africa

Why did you exclude these falls from your highest list?

Columbia Cascade

I was told recently by Bryan Swan of World Waterfall Database that this waterfall (that you dubbed “El Capitan Falls”) is known as “Columbia Cascade”. He also said that Horsetail Falls is sometimes known as “El Capitan Falls”.

UPD Falls

This used to be the UPD Falls when we visited 30 years ago. We were the only ones there all day and overnight. It is truly beautiful and we swam for hours. I don’t recall if there was any mention of crocs but it was fresh water so they would only have been the Johnston […]

The falls are open again (Steavenson Falls)

The falls reopened after the 2009 bushfires late last year (2011) and are now open seven days per week.

First Complete Kayak Descent Of the Fraser River

In Autumn 1981 a team of British Kayakers paddled the entire length of the Fraser River source to mouth. Only one rapid was portaged; Bridge River Rapid it was deemed too dangerous. The team included Peter Midwood, Jeff Gill, John Griffiths, Sue Hornby, Peter Montgomery and was led by Peter Knowles. Dave Green a Paddler […]

Engaged 2009

We had taken a walk through the forest when we came to the falls….there on the platform overlooking the falls I turned around to face my partner to say how beautiful it was. To my surprise Kieran asked me to marry him, was one of the best days of my life xx

Angel Falls as amazing as imagined

My husband and I visited Angel Falls years ago and I will never forget that trip. We flew in commercial on a 737. It was in early summer and CLEAR and the falls were full, which is rare, so he flew us by the falls at 1200 ft and at slow speed, then turned around […]

Blast from the past…

The fond memories of Kapena Falls & Jackass Gingers… The memories will always be with me….

Back in the 70’s…

Remembering the days, ditching school and heading to “Jackass Gingers”. What a blast from the past!!!

Getting Ready for a Wedding

Neither of us have ever been to the falls and are planning to elope there. Is there an area of the falls that you could recommend to do this? I would love the night lights but not sure if I could get a place to conduct one at night.

Waterfall in the Mountains.

I was going to Banff. On the way i saw a big waterfall! I think it was as tall as the mountain the waterfall was on. It was far away but i could see the water falling. I had seen the waterfall before. What i noticed that it was the tallest mountain waterfall I have […]

We Visited this Waterfall in Sept. 2004 (Voringsfossen)

My Wife, my 2 children (aged 12 and 14 at the time) and I visited Voringsfossen on our Norwegian holiday in 2004. We were driving from Oslo to Bergen, and, I can tell you, it was one of the most spectacular sights I have ever seen. It was certainly the most beautiful waterfall I have […]

My experience! (Bujagali Falls)

Hello, My experience was amazing!!! I accually did the white-water rafting, and although it was the most wet and scary thing i could ever do it was the best thing I have ever done in my life! I plan to visit this waterfall again soon and in the future for me to see other waterfalls! […]

Bisheh waterfall

There’s a waterfall in Iran, that’s very very beautiful waterfall, and everyone likes it so much, that name is “Bisheh”. Please look at it. Thanks.

I Love Waterfalls

I am very much interested in waterfalls. Why? Because while seeing waterfalls, you will be able to get to a pleasant mindset. I love waterfalls, the forest, natural resources, add so much health to our body. So, don’t miss going to waterfalls. In our life we must surely have to go to waterfalls. If you […]

Visiting Venezuela 2008

I spent a short holiday on February 2008 in Isla de Margarita. Travel agency had some day trips to offer and I chose excursion to Canaima. First we stopped in Puerto Ordaz where Orinoco and Caroni meet. And followed to Canaima not seeing Angel Falls. They told us that because of the weather we’ll be […]

My Favorite (Chittenango Falls)

Although you have picked some of the best of the popular waterfalls, there are many more beautiful that are not as well known. My overall favorite is Chittenango Falls in NY.

What is the name for the little jets of water that shoot off a waterfall?

You often see little jets of water separate from the main body of a waterfall and fall on their own distinct trajectory. I remember seeing a name for them but I’ve forgotten it.

You Should Revisit Zimbabwe now.

I think the writer should visit Zimbabwe now and come up with a recent true picture of what is currently on the ground. The economy is recovering, the US dollar is the currency in use now and the political situation has calmed down.