Only Seen One…

I think you have a wonderfull site, and as a New Zealander I really liked to see your choices for our top 10. Alas I have only seen one during my travels and that was the Huka Falls. Sadly some people lacking in intelligence thought they could go swimming. The corpses were found some days […]

Face of big cat (panther?) in waterfall

It’s probably impossible to ever find out, but if you can’t help me with this, no one can… When I was a little girl, my parents once watched a movie in which suddenly the face of a big cat appears in a waterfall. This gave me my one and only nightmare till now. It must […]

Stuart William Walker

Sadly I only have bad news on the falls. When I was a kid of eleven back in 1972, my best friend Stuart Walker was trying to climb down at Morialta Falls, he fell and died instantly. Stuart is buried at Athelstone Cemtetery in Adelaide, South Australia.

What’s the first waterfall ever formed?

What’s the first waterfall ever formed?

Getting Lost

I enjoyed watching the waterfall, though there was not much water on the day I went there. It took me almost four hours to drive there from Sydney, which was not a good experience on that day. The reason could be that I possibly followed the wrong route I knew from the map attached above. […]


I like your explanations so can u do one for gorges and add some pictures too? Thanks a lot and keep up the good work! 😀

Native East Tennesseean

This is not waterfall-specific, but I am pretty sure that the Grand Canyon is not even close to the most-visited US National Park. Unless things have changed, that would be the Great Smoky Mountains NP, which straddles the TN/NC border and is about 45 minutes from my house. It has more than twice as many […]

Trail Canyon 1/20/11

Just hiked to the falls! It was so beautiful. It was hard to follow the trail, lots of boulder hopping and crossing of the creek. If you’re looking to stay on the trail you need to be looking up to the left for barbed wire and that’s how you know when the trail verges up […]

Wigmore’s Waterfall after moderate walk

Take the circle bus from downtown Rarotonga and get off near the waterfall. Walk up the road to the interior and it is a modest sized waterfall where visitors can swim below it. We have seen horses walking on this road and banana fields. If humid weather, can be lots of mosquitos. Worth the visit.


There are many waterfalls in Nepal. I’m shocked that none them are mentioned here. There are more than 2 waterfalls measuring more than 800m and one more than 900m. If you include them, then your collection would be a complete collection of world tallest waterfalls.

Forest Falls

How come Forest Falls wasn’t included? While it is seasonal, it is very easy to view. You take Highway 38 out of Redlands. 15 miles past Redlands the highway makes a sharp left – at that point there is a road that goes straight back to Forest Home, a small community of homes and religious […]

Stopping for Cleve Garth Falls

I am a bus driver on the Wilmot Pass Road and I always stop to let people get a photo of this waterfall.

Holy Jim Falls – Solid Hike

Went up yesterday 12/10/2010…the drive in is 5 miles…actually the hike is 40 minutes to falls and very pleasant..

Bridalveil Fall – 1957

I was 15 and fell in love with Yosemite. Bridal Veil Falls was my first waterfall. I was so enthralled I left my new Brownie Kodak sitting on a rock when I left. I have been back many times since, and have camped at the top. Walked from Glacier point to Happy Isles with my […]

Fur seals at Ohau falls confirmed

I have copied a web address below as proof the fur seal pups do visit the pools at the base of Ohau falls. I was surfing the net and came across this site with images showing the pups at the falls. I intend to go and visit Ohau Falls myself and hopefully get some great […]

The Mission

The story in the movie The Mission takes place in the region of Iguacu Falls which border on Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. The beginning of the movie shows close-ups of the falls, which were touted by President Teddy Roosevelt to be the 8th Natural Wonder of the World…My favorite place to visit!

Great Hike (Marble Falls)

I went with a group of young boy scouts on this hike in mid-November. It was a cool dry day, so the hike was much easier than expected. Not as steep as anticipated either. But, 3.9 miles each way left me sore for the next couple of days. The river was much lower than shown […]

Niagara Falls Canada

Peak numbers of visitors occur in the summertime, when Niagara Falls are both a daytime and evening attraction. The oldest and best known tourist attraction at Niagara Falls is the Maid of the Mist boat cruise, named for an ancient Ongiara Indian mythical character, which has carried passengers into the rapids immediately below the Falls […]

Almost to Moul Falls

We went almost all the way to the falls, but after the small cascade it seemed like nothing more would be happening. That was a mistake!

Not Much Better in Early August (Hamilton Falls)

I was there in early August a few years ago. Not much better then. But a hike in the bush is always nice.