Less Known Beautiful Waterfall from India

Hi, Nice Collection of waterfalls… All of them are different and beautiful.. I like the description you have given with the waterfalls… Kindly look at these beautiful waterfall in India, its near to my place and are less known waterfall. Kindly provide feedback for the same Hope you add them in your further list… great […]

Whangarei Waterfall

I was there and it’s absolutely amazing to watch it. The sound is so peaceful. First the calm water start cobbling over the rocks and runs faster and faster to the edge and then the down fall of all that water. This is something you have to experience yourself to enjoy it. In summer time […]

Wonderful experience

I went to see Angel Falls as a sole traveler and it was a marvelous experience. While I did not like Venezuela much, the waterfalls were astonishing. Their view … breathtaking and the sound they made was incredible. I choose to go with a small plane, but seeing the jungle from above, I wish I […]

Take a raincoat!

The Mist Trail remains our most memorable hike in Yosemite, Summer of 2010. Two families with four kids 11-14 years old arrived at the Park in the afternoon and we wanted to do one hike that day. One of the adults had heard of the Mist Trail to Vernal Falls and we took the shuttle […]

Becoming Kama’aina at Kapena Falls

I was very fortunate to be stationed at Sub Base Pearl in 1953 with my cousin Joe Rodriguez. As we are native Floridians, we both enjoyed the island of Oahu and its many beaches and sights. While hanging ten on Kuhio Beach with some local friends, they asked us if we would like to become […]

At Least One Dive… (Waimea Falls)

I was stationed at Schofield Barracks in 1964, and I met a local girl and we were married. She knew all the best waterfalls so we would travel around a lot. But my greatest time was when we went to Waimea Falls. She told me that she had once dove from the top, well it […]

Valuable information for beginners

Good information for beginners and learners. As for as control mist/ moisture forming on to lens while taking photo against direction of fall of water, good to umbrella at an inclined angle so as to avoid blocking mist at the same time allowing lens to capture full or desired view of water falls (but need […]

Favourite place on earth!

I go to Niagara Falls, Canada at least twice a year with my twin sister. We could write books with all the fun and harrowing facts we’ve learned. We’re addicted to the falls and sometimes go there just to escape the chaos of life. Love it so much!

Combined Hermit-Sturtevant hike

You don’t need to get all the way up and down to combine Hermit and Sturtevant Falls hikes into one. First Water is connected with Robert’s Camp by a trail going along the creek and cabins. Although be ready to get wet in the high water season because there are some creek crossings and they […]

What creates the wind at the bottom of a waterfall?

Is it due to the water moving air out of the way as it falls, or is it just due to the force of impact when water hits the bottom? How can you predict how much wind a certain waterfall will produce? 1 CommentOnly logged in users can post a comment (login at topright corner […]

Went April 11, 2011

Was only flowing at about 20 percent but was still amazing and it is a lot bigger when u see other people standing on the other side. It really puts the size of it in perspective. 0 CommentsOnly logged in users can post a comment (login at topright corner of your screen) Please login or […]

Please help identify waterfall

Please help my family identify this waterfall! My Great Uncle Jerry was a fighter pilot in WWII and he loved to take photos. This is one of his photographs. I have always been drawn to this photo and have not been able to identify the location. My Great Uncle Jerry was shot down in Northern […]

Highway 39 is reopened

Caltrans has reopened the highway after being closed for nearly 10 years due to extensive fire damage (Curve Fire) and then the 2005 flooding. Access to Lewis Falls is difficult due to the inability for volunteers to get in to the area to maintain the trail leading to the falls. In that video you can […]

King George Falls is the Best

King George Falls in the North Kimberley between December and June is easily Australia’s most spectacular waterfall. With twin drops of over 100m it is enormous. It is like 2 Jim Jim Falls together. I’ve seen both and it is no contest. 0 CommentsOnly logged in users can post a comment (login at topright corner […]

Only Seen One…

I think you have a wonderfull site, and as a New Zealander I really liked to see your choices for our top 10. Alas I have only seen one during my travels and that was the Huka Falls. Sadly some people lacking in intelligence thought they could go swimming. The corpses were found some days […]

Face of big cat (panther?) in waterfall

It’s probably impossible to ever find out, but if you can’t help me with this, no one can… When I was a little girl, my parents once watched a movie in which suddenly the face of a big cat appears in a waterfall. This gave me my one and only nightmare till now. It must […]

Stuart William Walker

Sadly I only have bad news on the falls. When I was a kid of eleven back in 1972, my best friend Stuart Walker was trying to climb down at Morialta Falls, he fell and died instantly. Stuart is buried at Athelstone Cemtetery in Adelaide, South Australia. 2 CommentsOnly logged in users can post a […]

What’s the first waterfall ever formed?

What’s the first waterfall ever formed? 1 CommentOnly logged in users can post a comment (login at topright corner of your screen) Please login or sign up to comment

Getting Lost

I enjoyed watching the waterfall, though there was not much water on the day I went there. It took me almost four hours to drive there from Sydney, which was not a good experience on that day. The reason could be that I possibly followed the wrong route I knew from the map attached above. […]


I like your explanations so can u do one for gorges and add some pictures too? Thanks a lot and keep up the good work! 😀 1 CommentOnly logged in users can post a comment (login at topright corner of your screen) Please login or sign up to comment