Death Valley National Park

I along with my family have been to Death Valley National Park in Summer. It was too hot that time and completely dry. We didn’t find any waterfall over there. I guess we missed out on the beautiful scene and well as your toad floating in ponds (kidding). Apart from this scenery we managed to […]

Amazing waterfall

Angel Falls is one of the most extreme places which is worth to seeing. Having been there with my friends, we were mesmerized with its beauty! It was like dreaming. My friends & I were so much involved in the beauty that we didn’t speak for hours. It was an unforgettable and breathtaking experience.

Trail Canyon Falls – 10/30/2010 Couldn’t get to it

We tried driving up from Big Tujunga Drive, but Trail Canyon is still closed from fire damage. Where Big Tujunga meets Angeles Forest Rd., you can only go north — Angeles Forest Rd. in the direction of Pasadena is still closed. By Aliso Park (more north on Angeles Forest Rd.) the Pacific Crest Trail is […]

Three Sisters Waterfall – San Diego, CA

I was so surprised not to see the Three Sisters Waterfall in Descanso, CA (San Diego County) on your list & then remembered it’s a fairly well kept secret. The falls are in the middle of the Cleveland National Forest down 12 miles of dirt road. (Exact directions are easy enough to find online.) But […]

Paradise on earth

I have been to this place along with my parents on 19 Sep 10. I have never seen such a beautiful and cool place any where. I had been at J&K, Himachal and Ooty, but it is exceptionally different from others. The local population is as cool as the environment. A little government attention needed […]

Do waterfalls go up instead of down sometimes?

Do waterfalls sometimes go up instead of down?


I slipped and fell from Grizzly Falls 34 years ago. I have been a quadriplegic since. Please, use caution when visiting. Don’t do something stupid.

Milford track guide

This is the most beautiful spot I ever had. It has very unique features in it such as the flora and the fauna, bird life, mountains, rivers etc. High precaution must be taken as it is said that precaution is better than cure. Visiting Milford Track, Routeburn Track, Kepler Track, Greenstone Track, Capels Track, Heaphy […]

What waterfalls allow you to walk or climb behind them?

I’ve heard of only a handful of these, such as Dry Falls in Georgia, but I know you would have much more experience in the matter. My husband and I also love waterfalls, and we hope to find several, particularly in North America, that we can climb behind for a unique vantage point.

Dynkur is really worth a visit…

…but I never drove such a road before!! No doubt, it´s a thrilling experience to go there and not to know if you ever return back!! Pure Adrenaline! TOP 🙂 Thank you Johnny for your excellent descriptions and your hints!

Stalheimsfossen – Thanks

I took a picture from Stalheim Hotel’s terrace when I was 11 and it looks identical to yours. I didn’t actually remember where in Norway I took it as we went to so many places but i was trying to find out in case I wanted to revisit one day! So thanks for that!

Mt Damper – Are there bigger “single drop” waterfalls in New Zealand?

Regarding the Mt Damper Falls in New Zealand, Wairere is obviously taller but the locals in Taranaki claim Mt Damper to be the “longest single drop”. Are there bigger “single drop” waterfalls in New Zealand? I live on the farm at Mt Damper, if people ask me I like to know what I’m talking about […]

Hydnefossen – Do the trail!

We were at Hydnefossen last July 2010 and did the trail with a guide to the Veslehorn. It was a beautiful trip and we would encourage everyone to do that.

Collision Damage Waiver – Do You Need It?

I am entering this rather late as I have mainly been following Johnnys NZ travels. In the UK there are currently 3 credit cards that do not impose a foreign transaction loading (typically 2.75%). We use one or more of these during our visits to NZ. It makes quite a saving. Perhaps there are none […]

Swimming Near Waterfalls?

Are there any waterfalls in the U.S. that you can swim near, or at the base of? I imagine it would have to be a tiny waterfall! Thank you, Allison

Yosemite Falls – Rock Climbing

We visited Yosemite falls for the first time on July 6, 2010. What we liked about it most was how close we could get to the falls. There were fantastic rocks to climb along the edge, and my 12 and 15 year old had a wonderful time climbing climbing climbing up along the edge of […]

Paradise Falls – Looking forward to heading here for the first time

Hey, great review, and great pictures/video! I’m headed there for the first time today and my neighbor mentioned that the water there smells due to runoff water from the local area. You’re the only review site that mentioned it. And your before and after pictures of the fall really helped out to verify that and […]

Mckenzie Falls, Australia

I visited my brother and sister in law in Adelaide in 1996 and they took us to stay at Halls Gap in a log cabin,a Kookaburra was on the veranda to greet us in the morning. We had a trip to Mckenzie Falls and it was spectacular – a long, long way down and seemingly […]

Having been to both sides now…

The New York side is MUCH better!!! On the American side, you can park free and easily walk to areas with great views of the falls. On the Canadian side, while I was researching my trip, it sounded like there was free parking right across the street from the visitor center, just like on the […]

Cedar Creek Falls – Caution Against Hiking in Hot Weather!

We hiked to the Cedar Creek Falls on Sunday, July 18th, 2010. This was a VERY Difficult hike!!! We are probably not coming back. We hiked from the Ramona, Thornbush, side and it is very steep going down. As we made our way to the first patch of shade we found a couple there, who […]