Webber Falls 5/2/2021

Thanks for the info on Webber Falls! We’d been along Co. Rd 07/Jackson Meadows Rd. any number of times, heading for access points to the Pacific Crest Trail farther west, and had no idea this waterfall was even there. The USGS 7.5′ quad shows a “falls” on the Little Truckee, but it’s unnamed, and there’s […]

Black Bear Pass trail

Just a side note: the Black Bear Pass switchbacks, shown on your map above, are part of one of the most notorious extreme Jeep trails in the Colorado high country! Check out YouTube for some hair-raising videos.

Nevada gas prices

Yes, western Nevada gets California refinery formulations, so gas is expensive. And Washoe County (Reno metropolitan area) has higher gas taxes! Renoites make a point of filling in Carson City or Douglas County if they’re down there. And, of course, next time you’re thru Reno you can check out Hunter Creek Falls!

Lundy Canyon to 20 Lakes Basin

A number of years back we looked at access into Lundy Canyon down the trail from 20 Lakes Basin, and also blanched! I’ve attached a view near the top of the switchbacks, as well as a photo of the top of the falls. At least there’s no snow left, in August, but the creek flow […]

Thanks for posting this!

Hadn’t heard of this, and I’ve been to Twin Falls more than once! I’ll have to check it out next time I’m there.

Shoshone Falls May 2019

It was flowing well in mid-May ’19 when I was there (after picking up the new dog at the Twin Falls shelter!) Alas, it was a gray day and the lighting wasn’t good. The Bonneville flood, which scoured the Snake River Canyon about 18K years ago, wasn’t exactly analogous to the Spokane/Missoula floods that created […]


If you had to make time, you made the right decision to take NV 318 up to US 6. It saves a half-hour or so off the time to Ely compared to old US 93–but that’s also why all the big rigs go that way, and have done so ever since NV 318 was paved […]

Client Satisfaction Means NOTHING to Booking.com!

Recently, I’ve made a reservation through Booking.com. There was a certain price throughout the reservation procedure, which almost tripled in fine print when I entered my credit card details, and I didn’t see it. I wanted to cancel free of charge – minutes after placing the order! – but that’s it, all in vain. They […]

Burney Falls

This was always one of my favorite places to go when I lived in California. I think I went over 10 times. I camped there twice and camped near by near Mt Shasta City many times. The water came from springs just a short distance up Burney Creek and came down the creek to the […]

Camping next to this waterfall

What a treat to read thru this entry. I spent 3 nights with my daughter and her family in one of the cabins a short walk away from the base of this waterfall. I enjoyed the soothing sound as it helped me fall asleep each night. We took a very short hike to the top […]

The most beautiful waterfall I’ve ever seen!

Might have something to do with my surname : )

Ntumbachushi – Rainy Season

Above the main falls are a series of cascades. Back in February 1987 (February is the last full month of the rainy season in Zambia) some of my friends and I visited the falls. Hope you like this photo. Love the vegetation. John

Sonoma Creek Falls

Sugarloaf Ridge State Park was always one of my favorite parks to visit. There are quite a few miles of hiking trails that are well worth visiting and hiking. And the park had deer. One hike, I was walking thru the morning fog and suddenly 2 deer appeared out of the fog. The most favorite […]

Lower Oneonta Falls

Over the years, I have done this wade many times, including before the logjam and after the logjam. Every time, we would climb behind the Falls and jump out thru it. Exhilarating. For those who don’t like cold water, don’t try this. The water comes from glaciers on Mt Hood. I remember carrying my kids […]

McCloud River Falls

My kids and I spent many a time jumping off the cliffs around the Lower Falls and swimming at the Middle Falls. Always lots of fun. We even camped at Fowlers Campground 2 or 3 times.

Mossbrae Falls

This was one of my favorite waterfalls of all time. My kids and I would wade in the water to the other side of the river and float down under the waterfall. To feel it trickling onto our faces. And yes, it was cold. Did you wade in?

2nd Jan Visit

We visited today and we were happy it was dog friendly he was happy to walk along the river. Disappointed that there was quite a lot of overgrown blackberry bushes bankside, it’s a pity more cannot be done to remove them. Lots of mosquito’s so take some repellent!

Hiking solution found?

I’ve found that a Bino Defender binocular harness from Hunters Element has been a fantastic way to carry my mirrorless ICL camera. It fits like it was designed for it, with the lens down. I’m sure the larger size harness fits full-frames and DSLRs.

Rainbow Falls in Yellowstone National Park

My friend and I hiked into Rainbow Falls in Yellowstone. It’s about 1/3 mile downstream from Terraced Falls, but the access is NOT easy. It took us 6 hours to hike (climb) only 2 miles! There is no trail and the terrain is dangerous and extremely steep to drop down into the canyon. Your reward […]

Chutes de la Madeleine.

Not all waterfalls have a side view.