Plitvice Waterfalls and Lakes

Plitvice National Park beats at least half of these listed above for its beauty! Hundreds of waterfalls come down 16 amazing lakes. This seems to be a list of World’s biggest waterfalls and not prettiest.

Round Waterfall

I am looking for a photo of a real waterfall that is completely round like a circle with the pool in the middle. Have you seen one like this? Luisa

Kaieteur Falls

Definitely Kaieteur Falls in Guyana. The Kaieteur Falls is the tallest sheer drop waterfalls in the world. No doubt about it. Have visited Angel Falls, but it flows in steps. Kaieteur Falls is definitely more impressive for its volume.

Why do many wide waterfalls have a horseshoe shape?

I’ve noticed that the rim of many wide powerful waterfalls seem to have a horseshoe shape across their widths. Why is that?

Norway Family

When my father was alive, his family in Norway contacted him, stating that he had a lot of family there. His father came to the states at age 17 by himself and changed his last name. So when they contacted my father, they asked, “why do you go by the name Olson when your last […]

The Most Amazing Thing (Iguassu Falls)

I was there when I was 17… and it was the most amazing thing I`ve ever seen in this world!!!! they are really great and deserve to be on the top!!! I was on both side… and Brazil rocks!!!!

Spot the Harlequin ducks (Godafoss)

I got up close to the west side of the falls for a good panorama and plenty of noise too. I was surprised to see that a good flow of water escapes from just above the top of the falls and flows off to the west. Here on that day (although no guarantees are offered) […]

Swimming Hole (White River Falls)

My cousins and I lived on State Hwy. 216, just a mile or so east of the park entrance in 1978 and 1979. We frequently went to the falls during the hot summer months for refreshing swims. I also fished the White River downstream from the falls, landing some nice trout. I haven’t been back […]

Seen A Lot Of Them

I became very interested in waterfalls at the tender age of 11 when I crossed Victoria Falls for the first of 39 times. Have even walked along the rim during the dry before it became a fashionable tourist attraction. Like you I have assembled a huge database (2250) of falls around the world and have […]

Waterfalls And Their Qualities

What are the erosional qualities of waterfalls?

Cumberland Falls

I have only seen a couple of great falls, of course the other great falls I have seen was Niagara. I have also seen many beautiful small falls; Clifty Creek in Indiana was very pretty.

What causes a waterfall to change shape or form on the way down?

At a Holiday Inn in Tucson they have a waterfall in the lobby that pours over a flat ledge, about ten or twelve feet wide) and the water falls in a flat smooth sheet. Half way to the bottom, it suddenly starts fluttering back and forth (towards the front of the falls, and also to […]

Units – use and translation

I value the nature a lot and I appreciate the page like yours. I saw few of the waterfalls from your list – they are beautiful without the doubt. My only concern is about the units you are using. Since the readers have various understanding of units – both, in US and rest of the […]

Iguazu Falls – Fee to Cross from Argentina to Brazil

It should be noted that there is a $100 fee to cross from Argentina to Brazil. If you hire a taxi and guide in Puerto Iguacu he might be able to get you over without this payment. Both sides are different and are worth seeing.

Hiking to the falls

Breathtaking. Indescribable. If you can handle an 8 mile hike over mud, rocks, and steep terrain, this is a must-do while in Kauai. The pool below feels really cold, but jump in. It is incredibly invigorating. This was the best thing I did in my two weeks in both Kauai and Oahu. I loved it.

Correction on Tokopah Falls

The article about Tokopah Falls is incorrect. Tokopah is not on the Middle Fork of the Kaweah River as stated in the article. Instead, Tokopah Falls is on the Marble Fork of the Kaweah River. The article needs to be corrected.

Wonderful World

Excellent writing regarding waterfalls and relationship. I enjoyed the many times that we were together searching for waterfalls and natural bridges. The song “What a Wonderful World” says it all.

My mystery waterfall! (Australia)

I was traveling in Australia 15 years ago and visited a beautiful waterfall where I took a swim in the ice cold billabong but I can’t remember where. Does anyone recognise this waterfall? Blessings to all you waterfall admirers x

Abundance of waterfalls in Tennessee

Tennessee is filled with beautiful waterfalls. None are as large as Niagara Falls, though Fall Creek Falls is one of the largest east of the Mississippi. What makes Tennessee’s waterfalls so beautiful is the surrounding scenery. The Great Smoky Mountains and the Cumberland Plateau are some of the most lush regions in the United States. […]

Northwest Waterfall Survey (Curly Creek Falls)

Curly Creek Falls appears to have been partially channeled into a sink between the bridge on FR 90 and the falls. It flows well during the spring and early melt season, but by mid summer it dries out completely now – as you suspected this is likely the result of flooding 6-7 years back because […]