Not Worth The Effort

Took my 2 dogs to this fall on 5/15/10. Would advise others against taking their dogs on this hike. The climb down to the falls through the brush is too steep and slippery for dogs and one of my dogs slipped and hurt her hip. Also my husband got a deep cut from a branch […]

Waterfalls of Hamilton Spring – Waterfall Capital of the World

If a person does a Google search on the Internet with the words “Waterfall Capital of the World”, it will come up with “Hamilton – the Waterfall Capital of the World”. Why is this? Well, the Niagara Escarpment (which is a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve) runs through the entire length of Hamilton and every creek, […]

A natural wonder

Our first trip to an actual waterfall. This was better than we expected. It is a challenging hike for beginners but so worth it. Definitely recommend it to everyone. Unlike other reviews, we did not find any trash nor graffiti. Pictures do not do justice to the beauty. Go and see for yourself!! 0 CommentsOnly […]

Skoga River and Plitvice Waterfalls

Skoga River Waterfalls – Iceland. There are more than two dozen waterfalls along the Skoga River in Iceland, some over 30 meters tall. Very few of the waterfalls along this river, with the exception of one or two, have names, but they don’t need names to make their presence known as they clamor together in […]

Mungare malle ( Kannada movie)

The Kannada movie “Mungare Male” or “The Monsoon Rain” has extremely beautiful angles of the famous “Jog Falls” in Shimoga district. It is the highest waterfall in India and the photography (esp the shots atop the waterfall are taken) is exquisite! Pls do watch the waterfall portion – Its okay if you don’t follow the […]

“Hunted” final scenes

The Movie “Hunted” uses Willamette Falls in one scene – a very wide, medium height falls. However, in a later scene, Tomme Lee Jones Falls off of a cliff and is hanging by a rope over a very powerful, wide and high waterfall in a very wooded area that doesn’t look like Willamette Falls. I […]

1999 Visit

We visited the falls in 1999 traveling from Sao Paulo to Foz du Iguazu. I can’t wait to return since it was beyond amazing!!! Our trip was cut short due to flooding in Sao Paulo which delayed our flight 10 hours and took a day of sightseeing from us . . . but we made […]

Proposal at Niagara Falls

I proposed to my partner while on the Maid of the Mist at Niagara. We are civil partners from England. He said yes and the rest is history. It will always have a special place in our hearts. 0 CommentsOnly logged in users can post a comment Please login or sign up to comment

Lost Memory

Hi, Can anyone help me? I’m looking to identify a waterfall. I have a pic of me but I don’t remember when or where I was when it was taken. If you can help, thanks everyone 1 CommentOnly logged in users can post a comment Please login or sign up to comment

Most Beautiful Place I’ve Ever Seen

I visited Hawaii an Islands through NCL on the Pride of America Ship (11 Dec.2009 -22 Dec.2009). It was the best vacation I’ve ever done in my life! I departed my home city Amman, Jordan on RJ airlines to Chicago on 30 Nov. 2009 then connected on United airlines to Dallas, Texas where i spent […]


I realize we’re talking about movies, but there’s a very beautiful waterfall that is shown every now and then on the tv show LOST. The falls is somewhere in Hawaii (they film the show there). I’m not sure what the name of it is though. Chris 0 CommentsOnly logged in users can post a comment […]

Less Than 30 People Have Seen These Falls

Some of the best waterfalls I have seen are in Oregon. But I do like falls in Arkansas. Gloryhole Falls is the best and most unique small waterfall that I have ever seen. Below is a picture of falls in Oregon. We think less than 30 people have ever seen these falls. Our guide discovered […]

Wailua Falls – Saving Other Families from the Heart Ache That her Family Experienced:

My husband and I rented a car and drove to the end of every road we could find on four (4) Hawaiian Islands. We found a wonderful surprise on each path we took! On Kauai, we found the beautiful Wailua Falls. The dangers of actually climbing down the jagged rock face and getting to the […]

Tacoa Falls

Dear Mr Cheng, Thanks for the easy to understand and very well done article on the formation of waterfalls. I teach people how to paint outdoors and waterfalls are my specialty. I take my students to water sites and help them draw and paint directly from nature. When we understand the forces that shape rocks […]

Over, Around, and Beside Angel Falls

My husband and I visited my parents in Venezuela in 1965. Dad was on loan to a Venezuelan steel company and as he and my step-mother lived in Caracas and the plant was in Puerto Ordaz, they had access to a small plane. I don’t remember the make (think it was a Cessna) but there […]

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a waterfall?

What are the advantages people get from the existence of a waterfall? 1 CommentOnly logged in users can post a comment Please login or sign up to comment

Tugela Falls

What about Tugela Falls in South Africa??? Wasn’t that number 2??? 2 CommentsOnly logged in users can post a comment Please login or sign up to comment

Clueless Tourist – Iguacu Falls

The first time I saw Iquacu Falls was from a small jet in 1985. It was my first trip to South America and shamefully I did not know of the Falls. We were flying over a muddy river for a while and it began to appear like a delta…it was splitting into fingers. Then the […]

Horizontal Waterfalls

I want to know if there is a special name for waterfalls which can go both directions e.g. in a tidal narrows between a lake and the sea, where water builds up in the lake and falls into the sea, then, as the tide turns, the process is reversed. Catriona Malan 1 CommentOnly logged in […]

More Than Worth The Trip

On our way from USA to Antarctica we purposely made a stop at the Iquazu Falls on the advice of a friend – and it was MORE than worth the trip! We live outside of Buffalo, NY so have been to the Niagara Falls any number of times. I have seen marvelous waterfalls in Iceland, […]