A lovely place in a lovely country!

Waterfall Lover

I love waterfalls. They make me feel at peace and closer to God. I feel that waterfalls are very similar to God in that they are a force not to be reckoned with. They can give and take life, and yet they are calming and soothing in their awesome beauty and lulling orchestration of sound. […]

I really wanted to know how high waterfalls needed to be to be counted as waterfall!

This made me think about how high it really has to be (would never have thought about this otherwise). I can take this back to my Geography class and say I really thought about this. Thank you Emma Bignell.

Old Photo

I need help from an expert to try to identify the location of this waterfall. It was taken in 1907-08 in Australia or possibly Tasmania. Thank you for whatever help you can offer.

Waterfalls and Tamil movies

Hi, I have visited Snoqualmie waterfalls and a few waterfalls like Kutralam falls and Papanasam falls in Tirunelveli district, Kumbakarai falls in Periakulam district and Suruli falls in Theni district in South India. When I started searching the web for waterfall, I came across ‘WORLD OF WATERFALLS’ I would like to say that in almost […]

Short Hike, Amazing Results!

I had some time to kill while staying at Camp Curry & this fall’s stream ran right by my cabin. Following the river with the late winter moss covered rocks & orange leaves was treat enough as the hike became a bit of an ascent to the base of the falls. The slippery non-trail (more […]

World Waterfall Database chiming in…

Topo maps are only one method we use to determine a waterfall’s height. This is a frequently used method as we don’t get out as much as we’d like. We also use clinometer/rangefinder combos. Google Earth’s elevation data has recently been shored up, and is getting alarmingly accurate. We’ve never used the rock drop method […]

Unknown Waterfall

I am in search of the attached waterfall. I found the picture on the internet and I would love to go there, but I cannot locate where it is. Can you help?

Mexico Waterfalls

I’ve had the pleasure to see Agua Azul in Chiapas, Mexico and El Chiflon. I think Agua Azul should be in the Top 10 Latin America Waterfalls for sure!

Name of Waterfalls (Snoqualmie Falls)

Do you know the name of the waterfalls in this picture? Thanks & Regards Linde

Question about Waterfalls?

What is the kinetic water called when it falls and hits the bottom? It means the same as loss of energy. We can’t think of the word, can you? It’s like dead water. Thanks, Carol

Norway 1970 (Vettisfossen)

‘an hour later found us in the only pasture in the Vetti mountains, or so it seemed. We all sat down for a rest and the sun came out. It was lovely. I took off my cycle cape and we set off again. The scenery was : trees, grass, streams. What a change! We followed […]

Fiji’s Bouma National Park

Had my honeymoon on Taveuni in 1999. My wife and I loved it, all of it: the scuba diving, the people, the Garden Island feel, the short golf course, the hiking, everything, but most of all, we will never forget our hike around Bouma National Park, and the swim into the lower Tavoro falls. It […]

The Vanishing

What is the waterfall in the American version of The Vanishing?


This is one of the most beautiful fossen i Norge. Maybe the most beautiful one. I hope you will be able to come back and to watch it better. Charles

Formofoss, Grong, Norge (Salmon Disease)

Hello, I think the parasite which is very dangerous for the salmons is GYRODACTYLUS SALARIS. If I remember, I will take many pictures of the place and I send them to you, on the summer . Take care all of you and an Happy New Year. Charles

The Yosemite Trance

I visited Yosemite National Park on 5th September 1965! I recall the absolute serenity and the breath taking beauty! The scenic beauty and waterfalls were fantastic and I remember laying myself down on one of the rocks at a distance and watching the the fall of water…It was heavenly and I lay there, for how […]

How many waterfalls are there in the world?

I need to know this for my homework.(GR5)

Glad to see the falls again! (El Sapo Falls)

A long while ago I visited El Sapo Falls, not knowing what was in store for me, it was the most magical place and provided me with memories I will never forget. The Mosquitos were huge however and staying at Ureyen (I think thats how it is spelt) was a fantastic experience too but the […]

1000 and counting…

Visiting and collecting (bagging) waterfalls has been my hobby over the past 16 years… over 1000 and counting. I enjoy the research (how to get there), the execution (getting there by car and foot), the few momments taking in the beautiful waterfalls and their surroundings and the photo work, recording and scrapbooking involved. Most of […]