How many waterfalls drop directly into the ocean?

I would like to know how many waterfalls flow directly into the ocean? I know the Waterfall Bluff in South Africa is one. How many more are there?

Boyoma Falls or Inga Falls

I love your videos. I have also been a waterfall lover my whole life and have a pretty extensive collection of pictures. I wanted to ask you since you have been all over the world, have you encountered any information on Boyoma Falls or Inga Falls on the Zaire River? No one seems to have […]

Agreed, High Water Not Always Best

There is a small waterfall near our home that is on a delightful walk most of the year. During high water (which lasts about 1 day following rain), the sound is more impressive, but the pictures less so: Conversely, the Lower Falls of the Genesee is always more impressive when the flow is high enough […]


Wow I never knew you could do so much with a camera! I have a $300 dollar one and my mom has a 1000 dollar one so our family likes photography! I love taking pictures of waterfalls and what I found out is that when you take a picture of I waterfalls on a picture […]

Frequent Guest (Angel Falls)

Although I have never been to Angel Falls I do have a connection to them. My father and our family lived in British Guiana during the 40’s and 50’s. My dad was a government negotiator for part of that time and we lived on Atkinson Field, a former American air base. It was during that […]

Virginia Falls

One of the most impressive falls we have seen is not on your list. It is the Virginia Falls in the Nahanni National Park in the North West Territories, Canada. It is located 230 km west of Fort Simpson accessible by air. We flew in a twin otter float plane and landed above the falls. […]

Memorable Angel Falls

Back in 1994 I took a flight out of Barcelona (Puerto La Cruz) Venezuela to Canaima. It was a 3 or 4 hour flight (one way) in an old DC3 aircraft. After landing at Canaima we were taken on a 3 hour long trip through the surrounding area ending up having lunch near the falls […]

Favourite Day Trip

I lived in southern Ontario for the first 45 years of my life and visited the falls many, many times. It was always a favourite day trip. It’s fun to go in the summer and get wet as you approach them on a windy day. Just the sound of the water itself is pretty amazing.

Taveuni’s Ravilevu Coastline

I’ve been visiting Taveuni’s Ravilevu coastline since 1983 and it is truly the land of waterfalls – and I’ve jumped a few in my 64 years of adventure. John “Caveman” Gray

Stupid Stunt

In 1982 when I was young and stupid I sat in the falls and hung my feet over the edge. It was a rush and an awesome sight but not too smart.

Accident and the Bride’s Veil

In the Fifties, a French couple in Honeymoon drove into the waterfall from the old road (along the tunnel). According to the story the flowers were found floating in the water, giving the name “Brudesløret” to the waterfall (The Bride’s Veil). Both died.

Spectacular Fall

This waterfall is not to be missed. One of my very faves anywhere! I’ve been to it twice – both in May during high snow melt in ’06 & ’07. During those times – the footbridge seems so long and you most likely will get wet. Looking up – it is almost impossible to see […]

Punch Bowl Falls

Along the Columbia River Gorge on the Oregon side, there is a trail to the Punch Bowl Falls. In this case the bowl is at the top of the falls. Very beautiful.

Punchbowl like Watkins Glen?

The description of a punchbowl waterfall sounds like several of the waterfalls at Watkins Glen. The plunge has carved out a deep bowl in the rock underneath the falls. This punchbowl falls term could also describe the Horseshoe Falls at Niagara Falls and the High Falls at Rochester. In both cases, the pool under the […]


A lovely place in a lovely country!

Waterfall Lover

I love waterfalls. They make me feel at peace and closer to God. I feel that waterfalls are very similar to God in that they are a force not to be reckoned with. They can give and take life, and yet they are calming and soothing in their awesome beauty and lulling orchestration of sound. […]

I really wanted to know how high waterfalls needed to be to be counted as waterfall!

This made me think about how high it really has to be (would never have thought about this otherwise). I can take this back to my Geography class and say I really thought about this. Thank you Emma Bignell.

Old Photo

I need help from an expert to try to identify the location of this waterfall. It was taken in 1907-08 in Australia or possibly Tasmania. Thank you for whatever help you can offer.

Waterfalls and Tamil movies

Hi, I have visited Snoqualmie waterfalls and a few waterfalls like Kutralam falls and Papanasam falls in Tirunelveli district, Kumbakarai falls in Periakulam district and Suruli falls in Theni district in South India. When I started searching the web for waterfall, I came across ‘WORLD OF WATERFALLS’ I would like to say that in almost […]

Short Hike, Amazing Results!

I had some time to kill while staying at Camp Curry & this fall’s stream ran right by my cabin. Following the river with the late winter moss covered rocks & orange leaves was treat enough as the hike became a bit of an ascent to the base of the falls. The slippery non-trail (more […]