Bird Woman Falls close-up and more

I submit here the best close-up of the falls that I could get plus another picture I think is somehow scenic.

Takakkaw in early summer

It seems I went to Western Canada at the right time as I found this spectacular view of the falls with a rainbow as the cherry on the cake. I think this is my Canada’s favourite waterfall (I’ve only been in BC and Alberta) and also my favourite picture from that trip.

Love this site

Aloha and thank you for creating this collection. Filling my eyes with the beauty of nature’s wonders. Mahalo!

This is private land

This is private land and we only grant permitted access. With fire season we’re discouraging visitors. Hatchet Creek Falls is on SCT property that we manage near the summit of Hatchet Creek in the Big Bend area north of Highway 299. Our Fire patrolman checked on the falls last Sunday, July 5th, and estimated 150 […]

Video of Seerenbach Falls

. I have had an amazing morning walk from the Betlis Parking to the waterfall totally in quite time without people you can as well see on posted video. On the way back around 10:30am there were already many people approaching the place so for sure recommended to visit over wknd in the morning if […]

Closed :(

Unfortunately no.6 and no. 8 (lower Oneonta and triple) have been closed indefinitely due to the 2017 eagle creek fire.


Due to the 2017 Eagle Creek fire … this trail has been closed indefinitely 🙁

Nice cascades…

Stopped on the way back from Milford Sound to have a look at Christie Falls – it had a decent flow of water.

Worth doing this short walk!

Definitely worth doing The Chasm – was impressive to see the deep gorge carved by the river.

Río de las Uces

Before cascading to Pozo de los Humos, Las Uces River keeps quiet and offers scenic views including this small waterfall.

Hana Highway Waterfall (Maui, Hawaii)

I haven’t been able to put a name to this waterfall on the Hana Highway. It’s between Upper Waikani and Lower Wailuaiki Falls.

Gudong Waterfall Question

I enjoyed reading your travel experiences. One question- how did you get to the Gudong waterfall and the Crown Jewel. Via an organized company? If so, do you need to book the trip in advance?


Ithaca Falls is absolutely gorgeous, but I’m not sure it’s a safe place. When I got there, I was greeted by a warning sign from the Department of Environmental Conservation, informing me of lead contamination. Apparently, the falls are just downstream from a closed gun manufacturing site, and this is apparently an ongoing problem.

It’s not even close

I’ve been to both sides of the falls and the Canadian side is so far superior that it’s not even funny. Firstly, you DO NOT have to pay to get an excellent view of the of all 3 falls. Secondly, you cannot get a good view of the mammoth horseshoe falls from the American side, […]

Hike to Alamere Falls

I just heard about this waterfall eventhough I have lived in the Bay Area for a long time. Thank you for this beautiful website. I will undertake this hike soon.

Yellowstone Falls in Graveyard Fields

Yellowstone Falls is a separate, third waterfall in the Graveyard Fields area. It is not publicized since there are no trails to it and access is very dangerous.

Wrong name on waterfall!

Hello, please use the correct name of this waterfall. It’s Gljúfrabúi. I live in the neighbourhood. You can also try googling the correct name and see all the pages that come up. The name Gljúfurárfoss implies that the river is named Gljúfurá which is incorrect, the river is named Hamragarðaá. Thank you.

Waterfalls and fault lines.

Do waterfalls ever develop along fault lines where the earth has shifted vertically?

I Live Where You Play – Waterfalls in Michigan

I live in Michigan and love that you came to visit our beautiful state. I’m from lower state and went to college in the UP, in Houghton. With how remote MTU is, a favorite pastime was exploring the natural beauty, including the waterfalls. A few for your next trip should include Jacob’s Ladder in Copper […]

Wrong waterfall, Sourmilk ghyll

I’m pretty sure you’ve got the wrong waterfall here. This looks like sour milk ghyll. You started off correctly, through the farm, over the river, but then turn left and follow the river southwards. This provides the best view but becomes a serious scramble as you climb up the RIGHT hand side of the fall. […]