Locals call this waterfall the “Three Sisters”.

I grew up going to Mineral King with a family whose lineage goes back to one of the original miners. They call this waterfall the Three Sisters and I have known it by this name my whole life. Figured I would pass along this information since you didn’t know the name!

The Stoners (Fish Canyon Falls)

Hey Hikers, Most of the Stoners from Cerritos, CA. used to hike up there back in the late ’70s & early ’80s to party. This was before the Factory came along & messed up the beginning of the Canyon. Back then we used to call it Marijuana Falls because there were stories that it used […]

What is the average speed of a waterfall?

What is the average speed of a waterfall?

UK Visa Not Required

we visited Igassu falls last year we were in awe of the natural beauty and splendor of both sides it was spectacular and we would not have missed the experience it is also worthwhile noting that for UK a visa is not required for ether brazil or argentina so I would wholy recommend a visit

Wainui Falls

Wainui Falls, Golden Bay, Tasman are a absolute gem with clear water and loads of swimming holes along the river to refresh!


The waterfall at Ardvreck isn’t seasonal it’s one of those that doesn’t seem to very much in flow whatever the weather. The flow out seems to bear no relation to the flow in, on that one. Just below it on the grass is the remains of a millstone – though there’s no record of a […]

aurora teagarden a bone to pick

There’s a scene near the beginning of the Hallmark movie “A Bone to Pick”. It shows a street with a waterfall in the background. Does anyone know where it is? I’ve attached a screen shot. Thanks This visitor comment was in response to Waterfalls Featured in Movies or on Television

Tugela is tallest

Hi, I am convinced that Tugela Falls is taller than Angel. Not as a single drop, but counting its five tiers which are very close to one another. Everyone I have spoken to who has seen both says Tugela looks taller to the naked eye, and evidence agrees with this assessment. With the Angel Falls […]

Beautiful Vernal Falls

Thank you so much for all the pictures of Vernal Falls and the commentary. We walked up the trail the first of February, 1959 when we were on our honeymoon. A couple days later the snow fell so it was good we went there when we did. I purchased a poster of the Falls, had […]

You have to go to the top! (Cascade d’Ars)

My Mom grew up in this town. I hiked to the top when I was 15. This person went 2/3 of the way. The last part is steeper. I couldn’t do it at 55, but I bet my husband could. He’s 55 and he hikes every day. This place is gorgeous! When you think of […]

Some more info about San Bernardino Mountains

Not a big deal by any means but the picture on your site that shows the snow-covered San Bernardino Mountains with the caption “This is the view east in the direction of Big Bear (I’d imagine) and the last vestige of south-facing snow,” captures San Bernardino Peak (left) and San Gorgonio Mountain (right). San Gorgonio […]

Curious (Willamette Falls)

Why is the Willamette Falls in Oregon city Oregon listed as it is the largest water fall by volume entirely contained in the Unite States?

Consider Indonesia

Very informative list! You might think about visiting Indonesia it has the ingredients for great waterfalls. Lots of mountains and volcanoes, lots of rain, and there tends to be lush green surroundings around the waterfalls. I haven’t seen a lot but I think Air Terjun Madakaripura and Air Terjun Coban Sewu would certainly make an […]

lombok waterfall

We invite you to come to Lombok Waterfall Jambore on 7-10 may 2015 Lombok is a hundreds waterfall island. Check this out : Thx

Top 6 is right on, but

I’d like to make mention of Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica. It’s truly awesome, as you can walk through (and not just view from a distance) this 800′ river of waterfalls and ponds – unique and unforgettable.

Calculating the size of a waterfall

How do you calculate the size of a waterfall? in my opinion it should be average volume x height, which would be equivalent to power. But in these terms there seems to be no opinion on the largest falls in the world, or in UK, only the highest and widest

Ban Gioc (Detian) Waterfalls (Cao Bang Province,Vietnam)

Having been to Ban Gioc, I would agree with your choice as the Number #1 Waterfall in the Region. I was fortunate enough to visit at the peak of the rainy season – September 2014 – and in full flow it is truly spectacular. To be honest the only time to visit a waterfall is […]

Welsh Translations

Just to say that Sgwd Clun-gwyn means the “fall of the white meadow” in Welsh and is pronounced “skood-klin-g-win” whilst Sgwd y Pannwr is the “fall of the fuller” (a fuller being a wool-washer -see wikipedia entry on ‘fulling’) thanks

Swiss Waterfalls Season

Hi, I stumbled on your interesting site by searching for some Swiss waterfalls. I hope you still update your site. I found the information in your guides very helpful. There seems to be one big mistake to me in many of them. Swiss creeks and waterfalls never dry out in summer. They dry our only […]