Thank You for this wonderful site

I have been using this site as a reference and thanks to it, I have been to some really nice waterfalls in Victoria, Australia. Just wanted to share some pictures and say thank you.

Port Sunlight (Kaieteur)

I was working about 3 miles up the river (Potaro) for diamonds and some gold in the mid 80’s to the early 90’s. We named that spot ‘Port Sunlight’ I wrote my name on the part called ‘The Look Out’. A few miles up the river there is a rapid called GRASS FALL, and a […]

Impressive due to its power (Dettifoss)

I find Dettifoss very impressive due to its power, mass and energy. I guess the grey water color empathizes this impression even more. At home, you can get an idea when watching in full-size and in HD quality, but be warned, it’s really powerful 😉


I agree Iguazu inches out Victoria Falls. I loved the accessiblity to Iguazu. See it from both Brazil and Argentina and you will see why it inches out Victoria.

Top 10 Canadian Waterfalls

10. Kakabeka Falls, Ontario -Kakabeka is the largest waterfalls in Northern Ontario, and is protected by a lovely provincial park. Offers great lookouts, easy access, and is visually captivating. 9. Wilberforce Falls, Nunavut – One of the only major waterfalls north of the Arctic Circle, a series of cascades results in a natural masterpiece. 8. […]

Sapphire Falls is the best

Try to hike to this falls, the best trail I ever went to. Not for beginner. I went to Holy Jim Falls, Bonita falls, Etiwanda Falls, Sturtevant Falls, Big Falls, and Escondido Falls.

? about Niagara Falls

We are traveling to the Falls in the summer of 2014. We are coming from MA. I have been reading all the reviews and I am wondering if you all think its worth staying on the Canadian side and walking across and sigh seeing in NY. I dont want to change hotels and it sounds […]

SA Teen Boys Manoa Cottage 1977-78 (Kapana Falls)

I was in Salvation Army group Home in Manoa Valley during the years 1977-78. We use to come there often to jump off the falls. I never jumped; but I was pushed off. I thought it was pronounced Kapana falls.

Water speed

It appears to gather speed as it approaches a waterfall (just before the drop) but can see no reason for this, is it just an illusion?

Norway The Relentlessly Beautiful

This past May (2013) I had, or made, the opportunity to FINALLY scratch Norway off my bucket list. Friends, I am here to tell you that the land of the Vikings does not disappoint. It is staggering and relentless in its beauty. So much of this sparsely populated country is all but unspoiled. And the […]

Total Now 71 in Transylvania County North Carolina

I finally just moved here as I still at 71 waterfalls seen have 205 to go! I give waterfall tours now to the falls off the beaten path. I’m adding a few to the site to give you a taste of what you’re missing. Feel free to give me a call if you want to […]

About Our Yumbilla and Chinata waterfalls

I have worked in Amazonas during ten years very near Yumbilla , Gocta and Chinata Waterfalls. The three of them carry plenty of water for more than 6 months per year, I could afirm that at less 8 or 10 months plenty of water. Those 3 waterfalls born from the same mountain and it amount […]

Wonderful! (Manawaiopuna Falls)

The only way in is by helicopter so this spot is very secluded. On private property, only one heli company is licensed to land there. It a gorgeous falls cascading at thend into a huge pool. Lots of watercrest growing wild in the surrounding rocks. A must see.

Favourite Waterfall

My Favorite waterfall in this is the Dettifoss Falls. I also went there.

Wonderful Experience (Waimea Falls)

Coming all the way from India, we were just mesmerized to see and swim in this wonderful site. Once you are in the water you don’t feel like to come out of the pool. The only thing which bothered me was the slippery stone while entering in the pool. DK Agrawal

When do you say “falls” and when do you say “fall”

It’s a waterfall, but the name is falls. When is is singular and when is it plural?

Panther Falls

preamble for the unitiated: Canada’s waterfalls FREEZE in winter and can then be Climbed, which is a somewhat popular sport. When you climb the rock leading to the waterfall it is called mixed climbing. Panther Falls is home to some of the worlds hardest mix climbs taking the underside of the alcove. That is why […]

US Canada Border crossing dilema

The discussions on which side of Niagara Falls is better, the US or the Canadian side, does not take into account what side of the border one starts on. The Niagara Falls US Canada border crossing is constantly backed up with delays commonly running up to an hour or more, depending the time of day […]

Memories of Kapena Falls

When I was a little girl, in my early teens, we used to walk through the cemetery to get to Kapena Falls and it was my favorite place to swim along with San Souci Beach and the Natatorium in Waikiki.. How I miss my childhood in Hawaii as I had the best childhood a person […]


I always thought PASH didn’t apply to everyone (including Hawaii residents) but only to native Hawaiians. PASH is meant to give native Hawaiians access to land for traditional practices – gathering of materials/plants/animals, and religious purposes. PASH doesn’t apply to you (unless you are a native Hawaiian) and doesn’t give you the “right” to access […]