Favorite childhood spot 40 years ago (Lower Calf Creek Falls)

My family often went camping in southern Utah when I was a kid in the ’70s. At that time, few people knew about Lower Calf Creek Falls. We backpacked the short distance in, set up small tents, and stayed overnight, falling asleep to the sound of the water. It was a favorite childhood memory, and […]

Nice waterfalls (Hengifoss)

I liked both waterfalls. They’re quite different but both pretty and special: One is surrounded by very even basalt columns and the other is showing the red & black stone layers as clearly it’s possible. The hike on the south-west side of the water is nice, in the upper part at times a little bit […]

Impressive due to its height (Gocta)

From a distance, Gocta waterfall seemed, well, pretty but quite average. During the nice hike in comfortable warm temperature, the waterfall grew bigger and bigger. At a certain point I’ve been impressed due to its height (look at the photos and compare one of the tall trees to the waterfall). Later, I could not see […]

Schiessentumpel Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a very small but picturesque country much like its only waterfall the Schiessentumpel. Situated in the Mullerthal region close to the border with Germany the landscape comprises of wooded hills and valleys with strange sandstone rock formations. The Schiessentumpel is very easy to access and the whole area is popular with walkers and […]

Whitewater Please remember to pay for parking!

Please pull up and get your parking envelope put the money in and park, then deposit the envelope on the way up to the falls. This allows us access to this magnificent falls without a full time Forest Ranger. Bring a lunch, it has picnic tables and I often see hummingbirds, chipmunks, Tennessee warblers and […]

Proxy Falls

Proxy Falls is located in Central Oregon on the old McKenzie highway near the town of McKenzie Bridge, Oregon. This photography was taken in October 2013 before the seasonal rains began. 0 CommentsOnly logged in users can post a comment Please login or sign up to comment

Roger’s Pictures of Watson Falls

We visited Watson Falls in the early summer of 2009. Watson falls is found on Watson Creek in the North Umpqua River drainage, in southern Oregon. Its Height is 302 feet and it is 20 feet wide. The falls hurtle over a cathedral amphitheater shaped wall of basalt, as you see in the pictures. It […]

Coo Waterfall (Belgium)

Waterfalls are not something that spring to mind when you think of Belgium, but there are several in the south-eastern province of the Ardennes. This hilly forested region was the scene of bitter fighting during the Battle of the Bulge at the end of World War Two and the area around Coo was no exception. […]

Canada Waterfalls

Having just returned from an extensive photographic tour of British Columbia and Alberta in Canada, and Montana and Wyoming in USA, we have a large collection of spectacular waterfalls. Top of my list are the Takkakaw Falls in the Yoho National Park near Field, BC. These are glacier fed and are the second highest falls […]

Browns Falls

We made the trip out to Killarney to do all four waterfalls. Browns Falls was one of the highlights – the walk can be tough in parts as there isn’t much of a trail and also takes longer than the 20mins it says it does but my 2 year old and 4 year old daughters […]

Dip Falls

Dip Falls is a beautiful two tiered Waterfall ,situated at Mawbanna ,far North West Coast – Tasmania . It can be viewed from a lookout above or take the steep stepped walk to the base of the Falls .The rock formations make for a beautiful cascading affect and is best viewed in the Winter Spring […]

Waldheim Falls

Waldheim Falls is a small Waterfall situated next to the old Waldheim Lodge at Cradle Mountain .This photo was taken after heavy rainfalls and was made more attractive by the Winter snow . 0 CommentsOnly logged in users can post a comment Please login or sign up to comment

Tumalo Falls, Oregon

Great waterfall near Bend, Oregon 2 CommentsOnly logged in users can post a comment Please login or sign up to comment

Milibachfall (Switzerland)

This waterfall is on the Faulhorn Mountain above Grindlewald and comes into view as you ride up to First on the Grindlewald-First Aerial Gondola. The Milibach stream plunges down the mountainside with a second smaller fall to the right. It is possible to get a closer view by taking the Postbus to Waldspitz or hiking […]

Helicopter ride to base of Manawaiopuna Falls (“The Jurassic Falls”)

We visited Kaua’i for the first time this month. As usual, we spent part of our time visiting waterfalls. We rode one of the helicopters that gave us a tour of the entire island. While flying over Manawaiopuna Falls we noticed a helicopter taking off from a helipad near the base of the falls. This […]

Another Papenoo Waterfall!

Checking my pictures I found a waterfall located between the Topatari and Vaiharuru ones of which I’ve got no information. Firstly I though it was Vaiharuru itself, but look at the pictures and will see they’re different. Any idea? Thanks in advance. 0 CommentsOnly logged in users can post a comment Please login or sign […]

Papenoo Valley Waterfall (Tahiti)

This is a waterfall I found along the Papenoo Valley which doesn’t seem to be neither Topatari, Vahiraruru nor Puraha, and neither seems to be a seasonal one. Does anybody know if it has a name? Both pictures are of the same waterfall. 0 CommentsOnly logged in users can post a comment Please login or […]

Tinuy-an Falls of Bislig City, Surigao del Sur, Philippines

You will savor seeing a 3-tiered, 55-meter tall, 95-meter wide Tinuy-an Falls… Philippines’ grandest and most majestic. It is already viewed internationally because of its colorful beauty. 1 CommentOnly logged in users can post a comment Please login or sign up to comment

Asik-Asik Falls

A falls surrounded by virgin forests. It located at Alamada, North Cotabato, Philippines 0 CommentsOnly logged in users can post a comment Please login or sign up to comment

Oldaker Falls and Blocking Trees

In Winter I visited Oldaker Falls, a beautiful little Waterfall with heaps of flowing water . May I suggest the Burnie Council eradicate the annoying blackberries and stinking onion weed . A small tree is starting to block the view of the Waterfall . What a great attraction it could be made if the surrounding […]