Explanation of the name Fardagafoss

Hi there! Being a native of Iceland I stumbled upon your page while searching for the waterfall Dynkur. Nice collection you have here! I could go on and on about waterfalls in Iceland but the original purpose of the comment was to give further insight into the name of Fardagafoss. In Icelandic words are often […]

Waterfalls at Saint Beatus Caves (Switzerland)

Saint Beatus Caves lie high above the northeastern shore of Lake Thun near Interlaken on the Niederhorn Massif. The subterranean river that flows through the caves makes a dramatic exit through the cave mouths falling in a series of about five cascades down to the lake below. From the car park it is a pleasant […]

New Improvements at Agnes Falls Scenic Reserve 2013

In the second half of 2012 members of the local community around Toora, and nearby towns, came together to form the “Friends of Agnes Falls Inc”. After much letter writing, meetings, and liaison with Parks Victoria, the South Gippsland Shire Council, and a number of State Government politicians, the group was recently successful in obtaining […]

Engstiligen Fall (Switzerland)

The beautiful Engstiligen Fall is situated near the mountain village of Adelboden in the Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland. It is the second highest fall in Switzerland and has been a national preservation area since 1948. Leaving Adelboden behind you, follow the road to the head of the valley and there cascading over the cliff […]

The Seven Ladders Canyon Romania

The Seven Ladders Canyon (Romanian: Canionul Șapte Scări) is a mountainous canyon carved by the Șapte Scări Brook in Romania in the county of Brașov, south of Timișu de Jos village. It is considered to be one of the main tourist attractions from the Piatra Mare massif. The canyon has been carved in limestone and […]

Urlatoarea Waterfall from Bucegi Mountains Romania

Urlatoarea Waterfall from Bucegi Mountains is one of the most spectacular waterfall from Romania. It has almost 15 meters height and each year thousands of tourists come here. Besides the main waterfall you will discover with surprise, if you will be brave enough to climb, that there are other smaller waterfalls, Urlatoarea Mare and Urlatoarea […]

Multnomah Falls 2004, Oregon, USA

I lived near this waterfall for a few years and never got tired of visiting it 0 CommentsOnly logged in users can post a comment Please login or sign up to comment

Feather Falls

Feather Falls is located on the Fall River, a tributary of the Middle Fork Feather River, within the Plumas National Forest in Butte County. The trail from the parking lot to the observation deck and back is about 8 – 9 miles depending on which trail you take. Once at the observation platform it’s another […]

Paradise Lost (Havasu Falls)

If you want to see the falls and not deal with the problems associated with the Indian reservation, do this trip in one day. Take the helicopter in, hike down to the falls and then fly-out. Supai village is a dump. There’s garbage strewn about everywhere. The main tourist attraction in town is watching a […]

Climbing Down Around Lime Kiln Falls

Back in 1969, I was hitching north thru the Big Sur. I ended up at a campground in the mountains within sight of the Pacific. On a whim (I was 21 at the time) I decided to hike cross-country down to the ocean and get on the coast highway, and so I set off with […]

There used to be a large boulder at the brink

There used to be a large boulder at the brink of this falls as in this photo taken by my grandfather in 1948. As I recall, the boulder was still there when I visited in 1979. It had fallen by 1994 when I visited again. 0 CommentsOnly logged in users can post a comment Please […]

Agnes Falls, South Gippsland (near Toora)

A hidden gem, and big surprise to most visitors, these single span falls drop 59 metres to the gorge below. A two hundred metre walk from the carpark takes you to two viewing platforms, one facing the falls, the other the gorge. A pretty walk with occasional glimpses of what is to come. Most spectacular […]

Ogden’s Waterfall

I spent my adolescent years in the Ogden (UT) “metropolitan” area. There is a nice waterfall (I don’t even know its name) in the cliffs above the city. We simply called it “Waterfall Canyon”. The trailhead is behind St Benedict’s Hospital, and the path climbs up Mt Ogden’s face for probably the better part of […]

Elusive Pywiack

Yep, Pywiack is an elusive falls, tucked in fold in a canyon and viewable from narrow angles. I once did a one day trek from Tenaya Lake to Yosemite Valley. We chose to go when the water was low. The swimming hole at the bottom of Pywiack was just splendid. This hike is not for […]

evercreech falls

when i went to evercreech falls it was the most amazing experience i have ever had. seeing the tallest white gum tree in the world at only the age of 10, it was quite extraordinary to see something like that. the history to these trees is quite good how des howe had saved these special […]

Mbokomu Waterfalls-Tanzania

Mbokomu Waterfalls is one among of amazing Waterfalls found in Tanzania,with a height of 180m. It is surrounded by thick forest with wild animals like Blue monkey 0 CommentsOnly logged in users can post a comment Please login or sign up to comment

Savica Waterfall near Vintgar, Slovenia

While touring SE Europe with a group of friends during the 2010 World Cup, we came across some great hiking in the deep Vintgar gorge in Slovenia. The next valley over contains Bohinj Lake, whose biggest inflowing river is the Savica (Sa-veet-sa). These falls are just a bit up from where the river enters the […]

Three Chutes Falls

A little known waterfall in Yosemite is Three Chutes Falls. Also known as Hidden Falls, this waterfall is located about a half mile above mirror lake. It can be reached by walking the Mirror Lake Loop Trail and then hiking along Tenaya Creek for a quarter mile. It cascades about forty feet over open granite […]

Paradise Falls April 2013

Went for a hike this weekend at Paradise Falls. Perfect weather. Great time. Going to Rose Valley in 2 weeks 1 CommentOnly logged in users can post a comment Please login or sign up to comment

Victoria Falls, the other one

Australia, being very pro British in the 19th century, had many things named after the Brits and, whatever state you travel in, you will eventually come across something named after Queen Victoria. However, in this case, the falls named after her have been usurped by one of the world’s greatest in Africa. Victoria Falls in […]