Very impressive after a wet winter! (Waihi Falls)

We visited the falls with friends who live nearby. It was early October, after a very wet winter, so the flow was much higher than in your photographs. We couldn’t get very close because of the spray. We were amazed by the falls – I’m sure they would be much better known if they weren’t […]

Skogafoss in February, 2012

We visited Skogafoss in February this year, it’s next to a very interesting museum of houses – we waded through the snow to get to them all!

Cameron Falls

One of many beautiful scenes on my tour of the Canadian Rockies.

Urridafoss Iceland

This year we visited Iceland and were recommended to go and see Urridafoss (I noticed there is one with the same name in the north of Iceland) which is located on the Pjorsa estuary close to the where route 30 crosses route 1 between Sellfoss and Hella. This waterfall was in sight of Hekla and […]

Sgwd Henryd (Wales UK)

The film buffs amongst you might recognise this fall Sgwd Henryd as it was used as a location in the latest Batman film The Dark Knight Rises. At over 90ft this is the highest fall in South Wales and the really nice thing is that you can go behind it. To ensure a good torrent […]

Pistyll Rhaeadr (Wales UK)

At 240ft Pistyll Rhaeadr is one of the taller Welsh waterfalls. It is situated in the Berwyn Mountains of mid Wales not many miles in from the English border. To access the falls from the village of Llanrhaeadr-ym-Mochnant follow the sign for the fall up a single track lane for about 4 miles. There is […]

Denzel Waterfall, Pantar Island, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia

Just have a look at this waterfall: Denzel Waterfall on Pantar Island, NTT, Indonesia; 10 – 12 m high; sulphurous, cool, pristine water from nearby Mt. Sirung volcano; deep pool (5 m?)

Guaira Falls

What about Guaira Falls? Have you been there before it was flooded? Is it true that they there the worlds biggest waterfall?

Cirque du fer á Cheval (Haute Savoie France) Part 2

At one end of the Cirque du fer á Cheval in the shadow of the Tenneverge Peak (2985 m) is a jagged outcrop known because of its shape as the Corne du Chamois (Horns of the Chamois). There are two waterfalls here that are worth mentioning. The Cascade de la Pierrette also called the Fontaine […]

Cirque du Fer à Cheval (Haute Savoie France) Part 1

The Cirque du Fer à Cheval is a huge limestone amphitheatre 4 to 5 km in width, with cliffs of 500 to 700 m in height. It is the largest alpine mountain cirque and twin of the Pyrenean Gavarnie. During the spring more than thirty waterfalls can be seen eleven of which flow all year. […]

Cascades de Déchargeux and Saubaudy (Haute Savoie France)

These two falls lie across the valley from the village of Salvagny. They are separated by only a few hundred feet. The Cascade de Déchargeux tumbles down over the bare rocks and is very visible from the road. The Cascade de Saubaudy has cut itself a deep gorge and its first fall drops at a […]

Anna Ruby Falls Cleveland, GA USA

July 26, 2012, we took another hike to Anna Ruby Falls. With a heart condition, I felt a little reluctant to try it. But it’s only four-tenths of a mile. There are several fairly steep inclines on the trail, but I did fine and made it to the top. Such a rewarding experience. We made […]

Jellystone Falls at Jellystone Camp Ground in Cleveland,GA USA

This is a small waterfall at the Indian Springs State Park. It’s small enough for the kids to play in with supervision and just makes the campground a special place to camp.

Bridal Veil Falls Highlands, NC USA

This is a waterfall you can drive under. A few years ago it froze over and the ice dropped onto the road, closing if for weeks. It’s a beautiful fall.

Indian Springs Waterfall, Indian Springs, Georgia, USA

This is a small waterfall at the Indian Springs State Park. It’s small enough for the kids to play in with supervision and just makes the campground a special place to camp.

Cascade de Rouget (Haute Savoie France)

The Cascade de Rouget is located near the village of Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval in the Haute Savoie region of the French Alps. There are many waterfalls in this area but the Rouget is considered the finest and is known as ‘Queen of the Alps’. It has an interesting formation, falling once onto a limestone shelf and then […]

Cedar Creek Falls

The Cedar Creek waterfall is not flowing as of July 10, 2012. The pools are becoming stagnated algea ponds. While some people have stated this is an easy hike, that statement can be very subjective to your physical fitness. This is a hike for the physically fit and not recommended for children and pets – […]

911 experience at Escondido falls

The hike is not for everyone. For all the would be hikers of the Escondido canyon/falls please be advised to wear shoes with good traction soles esp if you plan to hike to the higher tier of the falls. Only this Sunday past, it was an unfortunate site to witness a girl slip and twist […]

Huay Mae Khamin Waterfall, Kanchanaburi

Level Four. This place is in Kanchanaburi Province. Go to Erawan Waterfall and just passed that there is a turn off to your left to Srinakharin Dam National Park. Only 42 kms thereafter on a very rough no tarmac road you will reach it. This was my second time there, but went there on that […]

I wrote all about this “secret waterfall”

It’s pretty rare that such a beautiful waterfall can be found in the suburbs of a city – especially a city as dry as Perth.