Hemmed-In Hollow from 3/21/2012

Hemmed-In Hollow is the tallest waterfall between the Rockies and Appalachians and I caught it yesterday flowing at full force. Actually, I crossed the stream about the time another heavy rain band moved over and so it really went crazy. I had to wait a while just to cross back. Here is the video: ive […]

Have a swim (Purling Brook Falls)

Just letting everyone know that after you walk under the falls (or just before depending which way you walked) there is an amazing swimming hole with its own little waterfall that you can jump off. There is a path the whole way and is a beautiful walk 0 CommentsOnly logged in users can post a […]

Recent Tips on Ho’opi’i Falls hike

We hiked here in Feb 2012 and wanted to share these tips: 1)The “dirt road” is almost non existant, look for a wide parking spot for about 3 cars just past the last house on the left as you come down Kapahi Road. You have just passed the “trailhead”. Its about an 18″ gap in […]

Top of the Top (Escondido Falls)

I’ve been on this hike several times. Every time we go to the bottom of the upper falls. It can be a little sketchy when using the rope to get up the hill but besides that it is very do-able. One thing I did that I noticed no one is talking about is the hike […]

Only 1 of 7 or 8 (Eaton Canyon Fall)

I used to hike Eaton Canyon in the early 70’s. The falls you are showing here is only one of seven or eight. Don’t know if it’s still there but years ago there were some old wooden stairs that went 3/4 up the side of the canyon. At the top of the stairs was a […]


Situated in Degeberga, Skåne (southest part of Sweden) these falls are really easily accessable from a walk through the beautiful ravine from where the stream flows through. The falls are best to visit in early to mid spring when the waterflow is at its highest. In the summer the waterflow is less, but the surroundings […]

Danska fallet

Danska fallet (Danish Falls) is situated in Simlångsdalen a valley east of the city of Halmstad in Halland on the Swedish west coast. After a nice walk through the woods you will get to the falls which is easy to view from different angles. The name “Danish Falls” is said to come from after Danish […]

Going Cuckoo

I had to move on, I’d booked a fishing trip for the next day and had only limited time to do another walk and get to the east coast. I opted for Cuckoo Falls, “…a few kilometres east of Scottsdale. The right turn from the Tasman Highway is well signposted. Follow the signs to the […]

Beautiful falls (Sathodi Falls)

I am Suresh Patil. I am a law student. I and my 7 friends had visited the falls. We are all from Dharwad. We had gone there by bike. We had reached the falls about at 2o clock. When we reached there, many tourists are there and enjoying. We got tickets and gone there. What […]

Great Falls in Paterson, NJ

The power of this water fall was used in the 1790s to make Paterson the first industrialized city in the US and it helped America gain economic independence from Britain. It looks cool too! 1 CommentOnly logged in users can post a comment Please login or sign up to comment

Award for these falls?

Took a few years of searching through very rough country in Gippsland, Victoria but now have both top and bottom. Sworn to secrecy re location! 0 CommentsOnly logged in users can post a comment Please login or sign up to comment

Wollomombi Falls News Years Eve 2011

After visiting the Wollomombi Falls recently, I was looking at further NSW waterfall info and came across your great site. Really enjoyed your travels and thought this pic may be of interest. Like you, we are on a quest….to visit every National Park in the USA – its a long way from Australia! So far […]

Bridal Veil Falls has some hidden history

My Grandfather and in turn my father farmed land that backs onto the reserve that the Bridal Veil Falls is situated, the same farm that I was brought up on. My father related the following story to me when I was a just boy, some 40 years ago. In pre-European times, a Maori warrior from […]

BrazilMoto (Overlooked World’s Widest Waterfall)

My story or that of Iguaçu Falls? I’ll begin by stating how great your website is and how impressive is the effort to catalog the many waterfalls you have come to know. But I must criticize the “coverage” of the only one with which I am very familiar as a regular visitor, motorcycle tour operator […]

Walk to the top well worth the trip (Multnomah Falls)

I was in Portland for work and my boss suggested I go to the falls. I stopped in for a look and after seeing the falls from the bridge I decided to walk up the trail to the top. It says its about a mile to the top what it doesn’t say is it is […]

Falls viewed from the Malta Hochalmstrasse (Austria)

The Malta High Mountain Road (Malta Hochalmstrasse) is a toll road that winds its way up the valley to a height of almost 2000m until it reaches Austria’s tallest dam the Kolnbrein. I am including details of three of the falls we viewed from the road. The Malteiner Wasserspiele (water fountains) is a series of […]

Unbelievably amazing and will never forget! (Havasupai)

I went on this trip around 2003 or 2004, with my friend’s dad who’s been coming here 8 years in a row. Although the hike was pretty rigorous (those switchbacks were hell!), the views were absolutely breathtaking. Weather was hot, but the falls were just the right temperature. We hiked during the wee hours, about […]

Recommending Lamington National Park

A nice spot if you like bush walking but also gives you access to Morans Falls which is quite nice itself. It’s usually home to a nice rainbow in sunny weather and there is a beautiful view of the valleys on a lookout area of one side of it (can’t see the waterfall) and a […]

Kalambo on Christmas Eve

I visited Kalambo on Christmas Eve of 2010, it was rainy and foggy our entire trek up the mountain & the fog cleared shortly after we arrived. It was magnificent! 0 CommentsOnly logged in users can post a comment Please login or sign up to comment

Lower Hanapueo Falls should be your title

Your site references Hanapueo Falls, although there is one falls that is only seen from the World Botanical Gardens in a serene river trail that leads to this private and intimate smaller falls that is upper Hanapueo Falls. The falls shown on your site presently is lower Hanapueo Falls which is only viewable from the […]