Truly a ‘Sacred’ Place

My first time hiking the trail to Sacred Falls was in 1994. The trail is through the rain forest of Oahu, or at least that’s what it felt like. Wild fruit trees, such as the Malay apple litter the trail. They hang down and will hit you in the head if you’re not paying attention. […]

Toketee Falls

I took these pictures of Toketee falls, on our trip to southern Oregon. My wife and I with our dog Heidi, visited this beautiful water fall in Douglas county Oregon, between Roseburg and Crater Lake. I have not traveled the world, but this one of the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever visited. Roger Weight […]

Further on the Eagle Creek Trail

Next time you are in Oregon and have a day to devote to Eagle Creek, I would highly recommend making the trek to Tunnel Falls. In the picture I enclosed, you can barely make out the tunnel that has been built behind the falls, to the left and the right of it. It is a […]

Been there, live here

I live in Niagara Falls, and head down for a peak two or three times a week. Try to go when the number of tourists is low like early morning. A couple of comments in regard to others that have commented. I too would like it if the Falls were in a more natural state. […]

Fallbach (Austria)

The Fallbach waterfall is situated in the beautiful Maltatal valley in Carinthia Southern Austria. Maltatal is known as the valley of the waterfalls and is particularly popular for ice-climbing on the frozen falls in the winter. The Fallbach plunges 200m in freefall over the mountain side. It is easily visible from the road where there […]

Beautiful Falls!! (Proxy Falls)

We have now lived in Oregon for about 18 monthes; and the waterfalls are my favorite. We tried to go through McKenzy Pass in July, and met with a road block on the Sisters side of the road. We were told that it was usually open for about 3 weeks in August. So be sure […]

Two spectacular falls (Salt Creek & Lower Diamond)

This is a spectacular fall but I found that diamond falls both the upper and lower views just as spectacular. Diamond falls is a bit of a hike in. I didn’t measure it but it felt like 2 miles. There were several nice view points on the walk in showing the surrounding hills. The book […]

Upper and Lower Proxy Falls

We followed the same path you described, except for a scat trail excursion as high up the side of Proxy (Lower Falls) as possible… We did notice the same phenomenon of the pool at the base of the smaller cascades (Upper Falls), though to add that the water in that pool was crystal clear denoting […]

Train up (Flamsbana) and bike down the mountain!

Our group – three adults – two kids – took the train up and biked down the mountain last week (August 1 2011). We rented bikes – next to the train station – which are loaded on the train with you. Up at Myrtle you get off and bike down 22 kilometers. I have to […]

Falls of Lake Konigssee (Bavaria Germany)

Lake Königssee is a beautiful emerald green glacial lake set in the Berchtesgaden National Park in Bavaria Southern Germany. There are three notable waterfalls in its vicinity. To see them it is necessary to take a trip on the boats that travel up and down the lake. The first fall is the Königsbach which tumbles […]

Iguazu Falls in Slow Exposure

Last January I was at Iguazu Falls on both the Argentine side and the Brazilian side. Annoyingly the falls open at something like 10.00am way too late for a photographer. And they close before sunset. I decided to sneakily stay in overnight and get a morning shot from one of the most famous locations. The […]

Bridal Veil Falls

Wow! I lived in Utah until I was almost 25 and had no idea we even had waterfalls. I only recently visited Bridal Veil Falls going up Provo Canyon. I forgot my camera when I visited, but it’s a beautiful falls and I’ll make sure to take a pic and upload it here the next […]

Bridal Veil Falls, Brevard NC, Transylvania County

The lower Bridal Veil Falls was awesome! It was a 2.2 hike one way but easy, just remember to bring some bug spray. The flies ate me up! There were two copperhead snakes and a blue/gray corn snake sunning on the rocks at the bottom of the falls. Climb to the Upper Bridal Veil falls […]

Raven Cliff Falls, Caesar Head South Carolina

I heard this was a strenuous hike. It was! You literally are going through a partial rain forest. It is misty raining half way through the trail. It is a 2.2 mile hike one way. Beautiful and many birds. You hear blue jays, pilleated woodpeckers, quail, chickadees, and some sort of mountain bird which I […]

Koosalli Waterfalls

One fine Sunday I & my friend Ashok started on journey to Koosalli Falls. This falls is near Shiroor (Kundapurtq). Both of us didn’t know the way. I had a news paper cutting which contained an article written by Dinesh Holla & had some guidelines from my friend. All the information reveals is that the […]

Niagara Falls – It Depends on your Environment Preference

I just came back from Niagara Falls, and my conclusion is the general one. Yes, each side has it’s benefits that makes it just as good as the other side. Instead of comparing the view of the Falls however, I compared what one’s personal preference of environment around the Falls is. If you are a […]

Transylvania County, Brevard, NC

These three waterfalls you can get to by parking in the Hooker Falls parking lot. The Hooker Falls is so offset that you can get behind the fall and sit down! All three of these waterfalls you can swim at the pool in the bottom. The High Falls is over 300 ft. This is a […]

Bradley Falls Creek , Brevard, NC Transylvania County

These waterfalls are on private property. You can stay at their Bed and Breakfast and Lodge. Bradley Falls Creek Inn. I have affectionately named them lower, middle, upper falls. Enjoy. In a week, you can see a video of these falls on my blog…google doing the right thing Bradley Falls Creek Inn. I’m happy to […]

Spectacular Waterfall this time of year…

Drove into Yosemite and passed this waterfall along the way…due to the large amount of snowfall this year, this waterfall was an absolute beauty to see. 0 CommentsOnly logged in users can post a comment Please login or sign up to comment

Wallaman Falls, August 2010

We visited Wallaman Falls as part of our around-Australia trip in 2010. Definitely worth the visit, and it was also a nice place for an overnight camp. My video shows the road in as well as giving you a good idea of what the walk down to the bottom is like. We didn’t have any […]