Two New Falls replace Navajo Falls in Havasu Canyon

We hiked down into Havasu Canyon last week. You can see the travertine formations where Navajo Falls used to flow. You can also find other travertine formations where older waterfalls once flowed. This is a very dynamic place. A local news report claims there have been 14 significant flash floods in the past century. Each […]

Beedelup Falls

Aside from the attractive waterfall, Beedelup Falls has great boardwalks, a radio broadcast, a suspension bridge and decent walkways. One of the more developed national parks, a bit of money has obviously been spent on jazzing it up a bit. Well and truly worth a visit, just to see what can be done. Also quite […]

Coomera Loop, Bahnamboola Falls

The falls are of all different types. There are small falls such as this one.

Coomera Loop, Coomera Falls

As you may have read elsewhere, to do this loop you need to go to Binna Burra Lodge in Lamington National Park. From here it’s a 1.9km walk to the actual loop itself (16kms). For the first few kilometres there’s some lovely rainforest and then you reach Coomera Falls. From here on for the next […]

Unforgettable Day! (Hirere Falls)

It was a beautiful sunny day when a friend and I recently walked along the Clinton River, Day2 Milford Sound track NZ, on the way to Mintaro Hut. We had very early on noticed the Hirere Falls jetting out like a fire hose from the mountain. After passing the guided walkers’ stop-off at Hirere Hut, […]

Heart Rock Falls

I absolutely loved the scenery of this whole hike and destination. It was very confusing to get there and we had to make a few U-Turns, but it was definitely worth the frustration of driving there. The hike was a short one, not more than a mile and a half long, and not strenuous in […]

Julia Pfeiffer Burns SP

The Canyon Trail was closed last summer when we visited, but there were still some small waterfalls upstream from McWay Falls that I could get to.

Big Sur Visit Last Summer

I agree that the California coast is a unique place in the world. I spent a couple days in the Big Sur area last summer.

Kulaniapia Falls

Private, Serene, and Magical. Our pick for the most beautiful waterfall on the Big Island.

Roaring Billy Waterfall, Haast

Roaring Billy Waterfalls track is a lovely bush walk into this waterfall, but mind the sandflies, they are voracious. It’s worth walking over the stones to the river edge, the view of the waterfall is much better there.

Hiker 2020 Cascade Falls, California

I visited these falls April 2005 and loved them. It’s almost as good as Yosemite Falls but you have to be in the right place to view them Cascade Falls. I saw the same view as Johnny Cheng. Park at the Inspiration Point (near the tunnel) and carefully walk down the rockface northward to near […]

Waitangi Falls

Hi Johnny, These are the Waitangi Falls in the Ruakituri Wilderness area. The only way to get to these falls is to walk in. It is a no fly area. The Ruakituri River is a popular trout fishing river. I had a look on the W18 Topo map and it says the Waitangi falls are […]

Mino-o (Minoh) Falls, Japan

Minoh is a city in Osaka Prefecture, Japan, about 15 km north of Osaka. It took us about 30 minutes on the Hankyu Line from Osaka (Umeda) Station. One of Minoh’s hidden secrets is its beautiful waterfall, Minoh Falls. This 33 metre high and 5 metre wide waterfall, which looks much higher than it actually […]

Mac Mac Falls Mpumalanga South Africa

The Mac Mac falls are part of the waterfall route in Mpumalanga South Africa which I visited. These waterfalls were found by the pioneers in this area.

Pelverata Falls in Trouble

They are beautiful but Gunns want to log and clearfell around the falls and over the track – STOP THEM

Gloucester River

The Gloucester River tumbles in a series of waterfalls from the Gloucester Tops into a very wild gorge. Apparently there is a much bigger fall downstream of this one that takes plenty bravery to reach.

Rocky Creek Falls

Rocky Creek Falls are the tallest and biggest in Coolah Tops but you have to not be scared of heights to get the money shot of them. They are an impressive sight after heavy rain.

Cox’s Creek Falls

Cox’s Creek Falls are hard to photograph requiring a scramble down into a very muddy and slippery ravine to get a photo that only shows part of the falls. It’s worth the effort, though you have to be keen.

Norfolk Falls

This photo of Norfolk Falls, Coolah Tops National Park, was taken after heavy rain. Taken from the same vantage point as the photo previously posted it is interesting in comparison and shows the rewards of getting out battling humidity and mud to get some good shots.

Shine Falls

We visited this waterfall located between Napier and Wairoa in the holiday break between Christmas and New Year. It is a fantastic sight and well worth the two hour return walk to see it. The walk to the falls is through Department of Conservation land which they have fenced off to try and protected the […]