Apsley Falls in Full Flow

Taken 24 May 2009. The Apsley Gorge below the falls is also very spectacular and the falls are very easy to access, being only 1km from the Oxley Highway. Great camping and picnic spot too.

Thundering Tia Falls

I was here recently after heavy rain and the falls were thundering.

Ebor Falls in heavy rain

Ebor Falls. Taken May 2009 after heavy rain.

Moonabung Falls

Moonabung Falls (50m) near Maitland NSW. Taken after heavy rain in September 2008.

Norfolk Falls

Norfolk Falls, 50 metre high fall in Coolah Tops National Park, NSW, Australia, November 2008.

Wollomombi-Chandler Falls in full flow

Wollomombi-Chandler Falls. 24 May 2009

Manning River Falls

One of a series of falls on the Upper Manning River, Barrington Tops NSW, Australia. Taken April 2009

Jerusalem Creek Falls

Jerusalem Creek Falls, Chichester State Forest near Dungog, Australia taken February 2009

Bakers Creek Falls in full flow

Bakers Creek Falls May 2009

Mena Creek Falls

Just happen to get to Mena creek falls near Innisfail, Queensland just after some heavy rains. It is quite a sight to see.

The Fitzroy experience

Fitzroy is indeed worth a look, it’s almost up there with Ellenborough Falls. The walk along the western rim is a lovely walk and, as suggested, it has some wonderful views and you cross over another waterfall and then reach The Grotto, a small but beautiful cascade that drops into a glade. I thought I’d […]

Dangars Falls – Great When Wet

I’ve been to Dangars Falls many times but I’ve never seen it totally dry. Once I was there just after a peak flood and it was spectacular. Sadly, my pictures are on some old film. However, I often used to drop it during my time as a rep and, on this occasion, there was quite […]

The AGONY And The ECSTACY (Mathinna Falls)

It bode ill. “I can’t remember the last time it rained,” the man in Devonport had said. And there I was looking forward to photographing waterfalls. Things change though; by the time I reached St. Helens two days later I listened to the news and they said Mathinna had had 52 mm. Fate had dealt […]

Morialta Falls

The walk from the car park to the base of the falls takes around 15 to 20 minutes, has a slight gradient all the way, and is very enjoyable in all seasons. There is a boardwalk and platform at the falls. It is also wheelchair accessible and the paths are smooth all the way with […]

Cooling Off (Millaa Millaa Falls)

We arrived at Millaa Millaa Falls on a hot and humid afternoon feeling pretty frazzled. However, one look at the inviting water and we were in. After getting over the initial shock at how cold the water was, we played happily for some time before emerging with our core temperatures somewhere closer to normal and […]

Kalambo Falls

I first visited Kalambo Falls in 1956 when I was working as a Government Medical Officer in the nearby town of Abercorn in the Northern Province of Northern Rhodesia, as Zambia was called then. During several subsequent visits at that time I never ceased to be amazed by the sheer beauty and wonder of it […]

“About the Falls” – Correction

All 3 components of the falls are quite beautiful, but the Horseshoe Falls are, in fact, Canadian. Here is some dry, but interesting history: The International Boundary line was established by the Paris Peace Treaty of 1783 and later in the Jay’s Treaty of 1794. The was also agreed to at the Treaty of Ghent […]

Yarrabilgong Falls

Perhaps better known as the “other” waterfall in the Coomera Gorge in Lamington National Park, this 150 metre drop is spectacular in it’s own right.

Coomera Gorge

It would be possible to devote an entire website to the waterfalls of Lamington National Park in Queensland. One of the more spectacular ones is Coomera Gorge, where Coomera Falls (on the left) and Yarrabilgong falls drop into the headwaters of the Coomera River. These falls (along with several others) can be accessed from the […]

Zambia 2003

I stayed with my friend, a retired school teacher, in Choma for 2 weeks. She had a nice two bedroom brick house. When one lives with a Zambian for two weeks, it is a good idea to give the hostess enough money to buy good food for both of us, as I couldn’t exist on […]