tributary creek falls to Uncompahgre River south of Ouray

This waterfall is among several on the “Million Dollar Highway” south of Ouray. It can be seen a few miles south of Ouray from the highway looking across the Uncompahgre River canyon to the west. Along this route of highway Bear Creek Falls plunges within yards of the highway crossing Bear Creek.

waterfall along Cunningham Creek (east side)

This series of cascades is along Cunningham Creek south of Howardsville on the east side of the creek. It descends from Green Mountain. On the opposite side of the creek is a series of cascades descending from Silver Lake. Howardsville is a mining ghost town east of Silverton. Further south up Cunningham Creek is Mountaineer […]

Telephone Creek Falls

Telephone Creek Falls in Zion National Park is located at the Temple of Sinawava viewpoint. Sometimes misnamed Temple of Sinawava Falls it is located on Telephone Creek. Be sure to visit it during the month of March when there’s snowmelt from the higher elevations. The rest of the year it may be dry or a […]

South Clear Creek Falls

South Clear Creek Falls can be reached by a 5 minute short walk from the campground on highway 149 which runs between Creede and Lake City. There is a sign at the campground marking the trail. There are four waterfalls all worth a visit in the area, also North Clear Creek Falls, Lower North Clear […]

Stewart Falls

Stewart Falls can be viewed from the chairlift ride from Sundance ski resort. At the top of the chairlift ride there are views of Provo and Salt Lake City. One of the photos shown here was taken from a stop on the chairlift ride with a telephoto view.

Mine Creek Falls

Mine Creek Falls can be seen from the entrance to the campground on the north side of the Tioga Pass road across from Ellery Lake. The trailhead to the historic ghost town of Bennettville begins at “Junction Campground” on the north side of the Tioga Pass road. The photo of the falls shown here was […]

Brazos Falls

Brazos Falls is the tallest waterfall in New Mexico. Flowing after the snow melts above the falls, it may be only a week or so to see it roaring down the gorge in the Brazos cliffs. It sounds like a jet engine at a distance when I viewed it at its peak flow. You may […]

Whitmore Falls

Whitmore Falls on Henson Creek is reached by taking the Henson Creek road west from Lake City past the Lake City mining district and on up past the historic ghost town remnants of Capitol City. There is a pull off and a sign with a short hike down the trail to a viewing point of […]

Silver Falls

Silver Falls is reached by the East Fork Road (East Fork San Juan River) off highway 160 above Pagosa Springs. The falls are located directly south of Wolf Creek Ski area and Alberta Peak on your map but about 3,000 feet lower in elevation on Waterfall Creek (8,235′) on the Colorado River side of the […]

Neal Creek Falls

Neal Creek Falls is reached by the forest service road from Pagosa Springs at Piedra Road heading north up to Williams Creek Reservoir. There is a pull off on Piedra Road (631) on the north side of Neal Creek and you can see the falls from the cliff edge looking down to the falls. You […]

falls along Cunningham Creek

These falls can be seen on the west side of Cunningham Creek in the Silverton area. In a series of cascades below King Solomon Mountain and Silver Lake they can be seen from the road heading south up the creek from ghost town remnants of Howardsville east of Silverton. Further on up the road beyond […]

Barr Creek Falls

Barr Creek Falls is located within the Prospect State Scenic Viewpoint near Medford. There are several other beautiful waterfalls within this park all within a short hike of others.

Cinnamon Creek Falls

Cinnamon Creek Falls is reached from Silverton going east along the Animas River past the mining ghost town remnants of Eureka and on up the road towards Animas Forks. The falls can be viewed from the road looking across the Animas River.

Ingram Falls

Ingram Falls at the end of the San Miguel River valley can be viewed from the town of Telluride. The Pandora mill site of Idarado Mining Company is just a short distance up the road from town and from that location you can also see the highest waterfall in the state of Bridal Veil Falls. […]

Ellery Lake Falls

Ellery Lake Falls is at the top of Tioga Pass Canyon and east of Ellery Lake by the eastern entrance to Yosemite. There are campgrounds at Ellery Lake in the Inyo National Forest. The historic mining ghost town of Bennettville in the area is worth a visit. The falls can be viewed from several pull […]

Dishuitan Waterfall

This is one of the biggest, highest and most spectacular waterfall in China, located in Guizhou, Guanling as one of the 18 waterfalls in the Huangguoshu Waterfall series. Located 6 km Upstream, westwards to Huangguoshu waterfall, it consists 3 major falls with a total of 410 meters. The following pictures is taken in 2015 at […]

Rainbow Falls (Yellowstone National Park)

My friend and I hiked into Rainbow Falls in Yellowstone. It’s about 1/3 mile downstream from Terraced Falls, but the access is NOT easy. It took us 6 hours to hike (climb) only 2 miles! This hike has no marked trail and requires bushwhacking both down and up in extremely steep terrain (583 feet elevation […]

Namo Falls (Guam)

This is a small, pretty waterfall with stunning sorroundings since it’s located in the Namo Falls Botanical Park, near Agat and Santa Rita.

Sauðárfoss (Iceland)

This waterfall is close to Garðáfoss and both are quite similar for their winding courses that don’t allow to see all the tiers. At least I was unable to do it. Coordinates are: 63.6655762, -19.8087862.

Salto Escondido (Argentina)

This waterfall is very popular in the Misiones province and it’s located in the Provincial Park of the same name (Cainguás department). It’s oficially 64 m. high… yes, I know that it seems to be a bit excesive looking to my photos, but it’s obvious that it was not my best day as photographer. I […]