Cascada de los Litueros (Spain)

This is a better look of this waterfall that deserves a more positive rating.

Cascada del nacimiento del Río Cuervo (Spain)

This is a better look of this waterfall that deserves a more positive rating.

Cascada del Pozo de los Humos (Spain)

This is a better look of this waterfall that deserves a more positive rating.

Cascada de Gujuli (Spain)

This is a better look of this waterfall that deserves a more positive rating.


I was told this is the tallest waterfall in South Africa. I went in September, which is the dry season, and it was a wispy trickle. The canyon it is in, however, is impressive in its depth. I stayed at a homestay in Magwa village and went to the falls with a guide. Would not […]

Forest Falls

A small, shady waterfall in South Africa.

3.5 is harsh!

Hi folks, I don’t know how hard it is to get a 5 on your rating scale, perhaps the rain dampened your experience, but this waterfall is spectacular, in every way. Does popularity lower the rating? It’s nice to have a place to oneself, but the visual impact of the geology itself is stunning.


Chances are you’ll get this incredible waterfall all to yourself. It’s a bit off the beaten path in an area already fairly remote to crowds. This massive fall plunges several meters to a beautiful rivershore. You can climb half way up to a shelf and be photographed with the falls.


This is a beautiful part of the world and you would find yourself fortunate to be traveling here. The falls themselves are nothing special – and you can’t get very close without a boat, but if you are in the area, it’s worth a stop.

Heffley Creek

A rarely-visited, almost secret “locals” waterfall. Worth the pleasant riverside walk in, but I wouldn’t drive hours out of my way to see it.


This waterfall is fun to visit because you can get right up to the base and capture it from a variety of angles. Very short trail in a cool rural community.


Nice spot to cool off on a hot drive. Near Canal Flats, BC. Easily accessible from a FSR and short trail.

Deer Creek

This waterfall is located at the end of a short trail off of Deer Creek FSR in Castlegar, BC. It is located in second growth forest and rarely visited. It is quite pretty for its remote location

Two Paraguayan Waterfalls in Alto Paraná department

La cuenca del río Paraná contiene una gran cantidad de saltos (waterfalls). Algunos son de fácil acceso como los que les presento en este post. El primero es Saltos del Monday, muy cercano a la Triple Frontera con Argentina y Brasil y el segundo, Salto del Ñacunday, a menos de un km de la desembocadura […]


For many years this underrated waterfall was listed as the third tallest in the book ‘The Top Ten of Everything’. But, then, after Cascata de Yumbilla was discovered and measured [whereby it became third tallest], Ramnefjellsfossen dropped to fourth. Whatever? I viewed this waterfall on a clear day in early June 2017. A sublime experience […]

Mary Ann Falls – Nova Scotia

Mary Ann Falls is a 20-footer located in Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Highlands National Park. DRIVING DIRECTIONS: from Ingonish, take the exit off the Cabot Trail that is signed for Warren Lake and Mary Ann Falls. Drive up the dirt road to the parking area, about 6.5km away. The falls is a 5-minute hike from […]

Wildcat Falls – Pisgah National Forest, Haywood County, North Carolina

Wildcat Falls is located in Pisgah National Forest in Haywood County, North Carolina. The falls are a short hike from Highway 215 and close to The Blue Ridge Parkway. The falls is 50-60 feet high, easy to get to, family friendly and has a unique old concrete logging bridge that runs over top of it. […]

Walker Falls – Pisgah National Forest, Buncombe County NC

Walker Falls is a 45-foot cascading waterfall in Buncombe County, North Carolina. The falls are located on Walker Branch in the Pisgah National Forest near Barnardsville, North Carolina. The falls is viewable on the side of the road. To view the falls, from the intersection of NC 197 and Dillingham Rd. in Barnardsville and go […]

Twin Falls – Pisgah National Forest, Transylvania County, North Carolina

Twin Falls in Pisgah National Forest is a beautiful setting with two nearby 100-foot tall waterfalls that can be viewed at the same time. The quickest way to reach it is a 4.5-mile miles round trip, returning by the same route on the Avery Creek and Buckhorn Gap Trail. The Avery Creek Trailhead is on […]

Toxaway Falls – Cashiers, North Carolina

Toxaway Falls on the Toxaway River starts with a smaller cascade, then becomes a long, steep slide and cascade into a pool at the bottom with a fairly high water volume. It then proceeds over a series of smaller slides and cascades over the bedrock. It is located on U.S. Route 64 near Cashiers, Jackson […]