Bijoux Falls

Bijoux Falls is a roadside waterfall along Highway 97, accessible through what has to be one of BC’s tiniest provincial parks. The park doubles as a rest stop and picnic site. The word “bijou” means jewel in French. The waterfall appears to be two-tiered, or at least that’s what’s visible of it. Wikipedia makes the […]

Osprey Falls

Osprey Falls has to be one of the more bizarre waterfalls in British Columbia. At only 15 feet, it’s certainly one of the shortest waterfalls in Wells Gray Park. But it also happens to be over 1000 feet wide, on the Clearwater River. I only had the chance to view the falls from the campground. […]

Nairn Falls

Nairn Falls is the final roadside waterfall on the Sea to Sky Highway from North Vancouver to Pemberton, and it has a character unlike any other waterfall along the journey. The fall is about 36 metres tall. This waterfall primarily falls in two tiers, with some smaller cascades. Because the end viewpoint gives you in-your-face […]

Canim Falls

Canim Falls is quite an impressive waterfall. Here, a branch from the Canim River (which originates from Canim Lake) plunges around 23 metres. Under decent conditions, there will usually be two separate falls at different angles, which adds to the scenic factor. When there’s heavy rain, Canim Falls can become one of the most stunning […]

Hard Hill Falls

Hard Hill Falls is a 12 foot high waterfall on Mill Creek in the Ozark National Forest, Arkansas. It has a beautiful pool water at the base which typically is 30 feet by 60 feet. It has a con-coved bluff shelter under the drop that surrounds three sides of the pool. 20 feet above the […]

Fourmile Falls

The hike to this waterfall is a long and strenuous one starting from a trailhead north of Pagosa Springs. It can be hiked in a half day. Viewable at a point along the trail to the base of the waterfall are two waterfalls, Fourmile Falls, and Fall Creek Falls. The trail also can be taken […]

Calamity Falls

This set of falls is rarely visited. Most people just pass on by because they don’t even know they are there. They are spectacular. You access it from the West Fork Trailhead. From the Forest Service Office, Drive north on US Hwy 212 towards Red Lodge for 0.3 miles. Turn west (left) onto the West […]

Rock Creek Cascades

These are the coordinates that of where I was when I shot this. It is on the road that goes to the Trailhead for Glacier Lake in the Beartooth Mountains in Montana. From Red Lodge take Hwy 212 south to Parkside/Greenough Lake Campgrounds, then take road 421 toward the trailhead. It is quite a drive […]

Sentinel Falls Yosemite NP

I took this shot so many years ago and not certain this is “Sentinal Falls” in Yosemite NP but I think so. Magical. This was taken roadside from the Valley. 0 CommentsOnly logged in users can post a comment Please login or sign up to comment

Green Mountain Creek Falls

Green Mountain Creek Falls is a small 20 foot falls on the slopes of Grandfather Mountain. It isn’t the tallest, or the most scenic, but its easy accessibility and location make it a nice falls to visit. It is located just off US 221, which parallels the Blue Ridge Parkway for a few miles on […]

Simple Tips for Making an Excellent Waterfall Video

Waterfall videos are probably one of the most challenging categories of landscape videos in terms of filming and editing. A wet and slippery environment and the loud noise of the falling water make it extremely hard to catch the ideal picture. The next stage is post-production, which, basically, can either ruin the magic of the […]

Misty Falls

Misty Falls is a remote 37 foot tall waterfall that is stunningly beautiful. It is located in the Hurricane Creek Wilderness within the Ozark National Forest, Arkansas. 2 CommentsOnly logged in users can post a comment Please login or sign up to comment

Multnomah Falls (Oregon)

One of Oregon’s best waterfalls. Oregon is such a beautiful state with many different places to visit. Don’t forget to go up and down the Oregon coast and visit many lighthouses, Cannon Rock and Thor’s Well. Crater Lake National Park is an awesome view also. Painted Hills is incredible. 0 CommentsOnly logged in users can […]

Broadmoor Seven Falls (Colorado)

There is a fee to enter to see the falls, but totally worth it. You can even climb stairs or take an elevator to get a full view of the Seven Falls. 0 CommentsOnly logged in users can post a comment Please login or sign up to comment

Cumberland Falls (Kentucky)

Best waterfall in the state of Kentucky. The gorge that the Cumberland River cuts through is so “Gorgeous” LOL. While there, don’t forget Eagle Falls nearby. 0 CommentsOnly logged in users can post a comment Please login or sign up to comment

Devil’s Kettle Falls (Minnesota)

One of my favorite falls in Minnesota because of the beautiful hike and you can visit the Upper Falls of Brule River along the hike to Devil’s Kettle Falls. The other reason is that there are two falls that make up Devil’s Kettle Falls and one of the falls drops into what appears as a […]

Upper Tahquamenon Falls (Michigan)

Located in upper peninsula Michigan, this is one huge waterfall. While you are there, don’t forget the lower falls too. Highly suggest Spray Falls if you are in that area. 0 CommentsOnly logged in users can post a comment Please login or sign up to comment

High Falls at Pigeon River (Minnesota)

This is as far as you can go in Minnesota without crossing into Canada as the giant falls basically fall from Canada into Minnesota. There are dozens of great waterfalls north of Lake Superior in Minnesota. Get a state park pass online ahead of time and spend a few days in Minnesota. Make sure you […]

High Falls in Rochester (New York)

Located in downtown Rochester, New York, this waterfall is cool with a great back drop of the city and at the right time of the day you can capture a rainbow on camera. 0 CommentsOnly logged in users can post a comment Please login or sign up to comment

Middle Falls of the Genessee River (New York)

Located in Letchworth State Park, the Upper and Middle Falls are worth visiting. Such a beautiful river flowing through an enormous gorge. 0 CommentsOnly logged in users can post a comment Please login or sign up to comment