Favorite on Maui

Aaaahhh… Alelele; love this waterfall on east Maui, with the ~40 foot drop, generally small and Cold pool, gorgeous black lava rock formations and steep canyon walls where Makani comes whipping down so fiercely. And yes there are many larger, longer, higher, more majestic and even more easily accessible waterfalls on the island. We love […]

Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls is located in the Indian state of Goa. It is one of the tallest waterfalls in India with a height of 310 m (1017 feet). Dudhsagar Falls is located on the Madgaon-Belgaum railway line on the Mandovi river near the Goa-Karnataka border. Dudhsagar Falls is located in Mollem National Park and Bhagwan Mahavir […]

Chai-Aig Falls, Scotland, UK

Chai-Aig Falls is located in the town of Achnacarry in Scotland.

Pierce Mill Falls, District of Columbia USA

Pierce Mill Falls is on the river near the mill of the same name, inside Rock Creek National Park in Washington DC. It once fed the waterwheel used for grinding the materials for making flour and whiskey.

Au Train Falls, Michigan, USA

Au Train Falls in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, between Marquette and Munising.

Cedar Falls, Ohio, USA

Cedar Falls in Logan OH

Haviland Falls, Vermont, USA

Haviland Falls is located in the township of Bennington, VT. It was by happy chance that I spotted the falls as I drove through town. I immediately pulled over and scouted where to get some shots. Being located inside the town, it had a nice backdrop, making it quite unique!

Blackwater Falls, West Virginia, USA

Blackwater Falls is located in the township of Davis, WV. When I ventured to see them, there was a sudden snow storm in the mountains, and the temps were down in the single digits, but braving the weather was worth it! Great trails, and gorgeous falls, especially with the winter coat.

Bushkill Falls, Pennsylvania, USA

Bushkill Falls is considered the Niagara of Pennsylvania. It holds true to its nickname! Although privately-owned, the admission into the park is worth it. Plenty of trails to hike and various levels of falls to appreciate. The falls are located in the Pocono Mountains, skirting the Delaware Water Gap National Park.

Sawkill Creek Falls, Pennsylvania, USA

Sawkill Creek Falls is located just outside the Delaware Water Gap National Park, in the town of Milford. Getting to a viewing spot is a bit tricky, but worth the short excursion to reach the falls.

Raymondskill Falls, Pennsylvania, USA

Raymondskill Falls is located in the Delaware Water Gap National Park. The hike is fairly easy, though it does go downhill a bit to get to the viewing areas. There are several lookout locations to get different perspectives of the various levels of falls.

Buttermilk Falls, New Jersey, USA

Beautiful falls nestled in the woods of the NJ side of the Delaware River in the Delaware Water Gap National Park. If the road is open, you can drive right up to the falls (there’s parking nearby), but sometimes the road is closed, so you can take a nice and relaxing 2 mile walk to […]

Pystlle Rhaeader (Wales UK)

An exhilarating place. Can get busy over Bank holidays and nice weather. This is a must visit.

Cascade d’Andriamamovoka (Madagascar)

This waterfall is located in the Ranomafana National Park (Fianarantsoa province). Also in the Namorona River I found a smaller waterfall with unknown name, if it has one.

Chutes de Poubara (Gabon)

This small waterfall is located in the Haut-Ogooué province, near Bitono and close to the lianas bridge of the same name. Not very impressive, I’ve submitted it because it seems there is no other Gabon waterfall in the page.

Bigar Waterfall – Romania

A world unique waterfall Part of Cheile Nerei-Beusnita National Park, a protected area with iconic waterfalls and unique lakes, Bigar Waterfall is located in Aninei Mountains, exactly on the 45th north Parallel. If it wasn’t for this indicator and the long car queue on the road, you might just miss it. What makes this waterfall […]

Borosa River Canyon (Spain)

Along this river in the Sierra de Cazorla Natural Park (Jaén province) water is all around, with rapids and small waterfalls, some of them strangely shaped, following one another. Even some wildlife can also be seen.

Praslin Waterfall (Seychelles)

In the Vallée de Mai National Park (Praslin island) I really don’t know if this waterfall has a specific name.

La Misere Waterfall (Seychelles)

In the Mahé Island. Stunning location.

Islette Waterfall (Seychelles)

In the Mahé Island, close to Port Glaud. A waterfall without an easy point to be entirely seen but that shows the different amount of water flowing before and after heavy rains. First shot was taken 3 days after second.