Pystlle Rhaeader (Wales UK)

An exhilarating place. Can get busy over Bank holidays and nice weather. This is a must visit.

Cascade d’Andriamamovoka (Madagascar)

This waterfall is located in the Ranomafana National Park (Fianarantsoa province). Also in the Namorona River I found a smaller waterfall with unknown name, if it has one.

Chutes de Poubara (Gabon)

This small waterfall is located in the Haut-Ogooué province, near Bitono and close to the lianas bridge of the same name. Not very impressive, I’ve submitted it because it seems there is no other Gabon waterfall in the page.

Bigar Waterfall – Romania

A world unique waterfall Part of Cheile Nerei-Beusnita National Park, a protected area with iconic waterfalls and unique lakes, Bigar Waterfall is located in Aninei Mountains, exactly on the 45th north Parallel. If it wasn’t for this indicator and the long car queue on the road, you might just miss it. What makes this waterfall […]

Borosa River Canyon (Spain)

Along this river in the Sierra de Cazorla Natural Park (Jaén province) water is all around, with rapids and small waterfalls, some of them strangely shaped, following one another. Even some wildlife can also be seen.

Praslin Waterfall (Seychelles)

In the Vallée de Mai National Park (Praslin island) I really don’t know if this waterfall has a specific name.

La Misere Waterfall (Seychelles)

In the Mahé Island. Stunning location.

Islette Waterfall (Seychelles)

In the Mahé Island, close to Port Glaud. A waterfall without an easy point to be entirely seen but that shows the different amount of water flowing before and after heavy rains. First shot was taken 3 days after second.

Port Glaud Waterfall (Seychelles)

In Mahé Island. See Islette Waterfall to appreciate how different may be the waterfalls before and after heavy rain.

Cascade Waterfall (Seychelles)

Not just a cascade, but a cascade (or waterfall) called Cascade and located in the Cascade town (Mahé Island).

Cascada de Linarejos

The waterfall with some water.

Arroyo de Martín Pérez (Spain)

The Jaén province in Andalusia features quite a number of water related attractions, mainly in the Despeñaperros and Sierra de Cazorla Natural Parks or close to them. If visiting Cascada de la Cimbarra, the Arroyo de Martín Pérez stream flows in the nearby and along its course some small waterfalls are located.

Cascada del Pozo Airón (Spain)

Close to Pozo de los Humos in Pereña de la Ribera (Salamanca province) is the smaller Pozo Airón, also quite seasonal and rainfall depending. Here it’s shown with a medium to low level of flowing. In the same stream, Arroyo de los Cuernos, above and below Airón there are two other waterfalls apparently not accesible […]

Cascadas de Tobera (Spain)

The village of Tobera in the Burgos province is settled among small waterfalls.

Cascada de Las Pisas (Spain)

This waterfall was still waiting for the snowbreak but just the walk along the river is worthwilling. It’s located is Villabáscones (Burgos province).

Cascada de Orbaneja (Spain)

Some additional pictures with plentiful of water flowing. It was so much that not having a wide-angle lens it was not possible (or I didn’t find the right place) to catch the whole waterfall in a single picture.

Cascada de los Tilos (Spain)

This waterfall is located in La Palma Island (Canary Islands). Here it’s picture in the dry season with little amount of water falling. It used to be much more spectacular. Not at its best but I still find a certain beauty in this fall. I think that each waterfall has its own features and that […]

Cascada Chorro Grande (Spain)

Another waterfall with several parts and no in-place point that allows an entire view. This indeed can be got only in the distance from the other side of the valley (image not yet available). Location is La Granja (Segovia province) and height 80 or 100 m depending on the source.

Cascadas del Nacimiento del Río Mundo (Spain)

Having two parts and different points of approach, this waterfall provides several perspectives and varied images. In addition, the entire scenic environment is full of waterways in the form of small falls and rapids. It’s in Riópar (Albacete province) and the total height is about 100 m.

Nonsuch Falls

Nonsuch Falls is often said to not exist. Even some of the locals are unable to tell you where to find it. However once you make it to this mysterious water fall you will be happy you did. A naturally created 200 feet water fall preceded by several cascading pools. This is more about the […]