Unnamed Waterfall – South Klondike Highway near Skagway, Alaska

This waterfall is next to the highway, approximately 10 miles north of Skagway, Alaska on the South Klondike Highway.

Salmon Falls – Ketchikan, Alaska

Salmon Falls lies adjacent to Salmon Falls Resort, 16 miles north of Ketchikan on North Tongas Highway.

Lower Reid Falls – Skagway, Alaska

Lower Reed Falls is located in Skagway, adjacent to the historic Gold Rush Cemetery. The falls is named after Frank Reid, who killed the gangster Soapy Smith in July, 1898.

Pitchfork Falls – Klondike Highway, Skagway, Alaska

Pitchfork Falls is a 2,000-foot cascade into the Skagway River, viewable from the Klondike Highway between Skagway, Alaska and the border with British Columbia. The falls goes underneath a railroad bridge of the White Pass and Yukon Railway.

Icy Falls – Tracy Arm Fjord, Alaska

A cruise on Tracy Arm Fjord out of Juneau is the only way to view this waterfall on the way to the Sawyer Glaciers. The name Icy Falls was told to us by the cruise captain, so it may not be the official name.

Horsetail Falls – Richardson Canyon, Alaska

Keystone Canyon is a 300 foot deep, 3 mile long gorge along the Richardson Highway, produced by the Lowe River near Valdez, Alaska. Horsetail Falls is one of two major falls in the gorge, the other being Bridal Veil Falls.

Bridal Veil Falls – Keystone Canyon, Alaska

Keystone Canyon is a 300 foot deep, 3 mile long gorge along the Richardson Highway, produced by the Lowe River near Valdez, Alaska. Bridal Veil Falls is one of two major falls in the gorge, the other being Horsetail Falls.

Maligne Canyon Waterfalls – Jasper National Park, Alberta

Maligne Canyon is a slot canyon located in the Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada. The canyon measures over 160 ft deep, and only 6 ft wide in spots. Popular for sightseeing and exploration, the area contains waterfalls and underground stream outlets. Two of the unnamed waterfalls are shown.

Bridal Veil Falls – Banff National Park, Alberta

Bridal Veil Fall is a waterfall on the Icefields Parkway in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. It originates in the Huntington Glacier on the slopes of Cirrus Mountain. Its waters drain into Nigel Creek, then into the North Saskatchewan River. It is a class 4 waterfall, with a drop of 1,200 ft and a width […]

Urriðafoss – Iceland

Urriðafoss is one of the largest waterfalls by volume in Iceland. It has a drop of only 12 feet, but is 750 feet in width. It lies on the River Þjórsá, on Route 1 just east of the intersection with Route 30.

Systrafoss – Suðurland, Vestur-Skaftafellssýsla, Iceland

The 260-foot waterfall Systrafoss is located just past the ring road in the village Kirkjubæjarklaustur. Systrafoss is fed by a small lake called Systravatn. In summertime, melted snow feeds the lake creating this waterfall. Systrafoss means sister falls and is named after a monastery that was located in Kirkjubæjarklaustur in the medieval time.

Steinbogafoss – Suðurland, Iceland

Steinbogafoss is the third major waterfall about ½ mile upstream of Skógafoss. The falls drop about 25 feet in a uniform curtain-style plunge that spreads to about 65 feet in width.

Manafoss – Norðurland, Austur-Húnavatnssýsla, Iceland

Manáfoss is a small waterfall near Blönduós in the north of Iceland. The river Laxá á Ásum drops down about 6 feet. Manáfoss is located 5 kilometers south of Blönduós. Take road 731 to the farm Sauðanes. Take a small road to an old power station, turn right through a fence opening, then turn left […]

Kolufossar in Kolugljúfur Canyon, Iceland

At the head of Kolugljúfer gorge, cut by the river Víðiðalsá is the 25-foot waterfall Kolufossar (Kolufoss). The gorge is about 1 km in length and 150 feet deep. To get there, from Route 1, between Blönduós and Laugarbakki, take route 715. At the T-intersection drive towards Vididalstunguheidi. Take the exit towards the farm Bakki […]

Hundafoss in Skaftafell National Park, Iceland

Hundafoss is the tallest (78 feet) and first of three waterfalls encountered on the Bærjargil stream along the popular trail to Svartifoss in the Skaftafell region of Vatnajökull National Park,

Hrafnabjargafoss – Norðurland eystra, Iceland

Hrafnabjargafoss is a 15-20 foot waterfall in the north of Iceland in one of the largest rivers in Iceland, Skjálfandafljót. From the Ring Road (Route 1) near Akureyi, take Route 842 south and continue on F-26 about 2 miles south of Aldeyjarfoss. Turn left the sign to Hrafnabjargafoss, then drive (high clearance recommended) or hike […]

Fosstorfufoss on the Skógá River

The 35-foot Fosstorfufoss is the second of many waterfalls on the Skógá River, upstream of Skógafoss and ¼ mile past Hestavaðsfoss. The hundreds of steps to the top of Skógafoss is the most difficult part of the hike.

Fossárfoss (Sveinstekksfoss) – Austurland, Iceland

Fossárfoss aka Sveinstekksfoss is a 50 foot waterfall on the Fossá River, the last fall before it empties into the Atlantic Ocean. It is located on Route 1, Northwest of Djúpivogur.

Mögáfoss in Fjadrargljufur Canyon, Iceland – 20180811 102552

Fjarðarárgljúfur is the name of a canyon in the Southeast of Iceland not far from Kirkjubæjarklaustur. There you can find the beautiful 130-foot Mögáfoss (unofficial name). The canyon itself is worth visiting, having a depth up to 325 feet and is 1¼ miles long. The canyon was created by erosion from the glacier fed river […]

Hestavaðsfoss (Hestavadsfoss) – Suðurland, Iceland

Hestavaðsfoss is the first of many waterfalls on the Skógá River above Skógafoss on the Laugavegur trail. After hiking up the several hundred steps to the top of Skógafoss, proceed another 200 meters to Hestavaðsfoss. The steps are the what makes the hike tiring.